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Style and Fashion in – Are you a trend setter or follower?

Updated on April 9, 2013

It’s quite easy to turn on the television or open a magazine to see what the stars are wearing and what is considered cool this year, but is it a good idea to follow those trends or should you set your own?. Lady Gaga is a trend setter but can you really follow that trend?

Have you heard the saying “be different to be remembered”, following that saying while you’re dressing or accessorizing is something I cherish. What a Hollywood star on TV wears might not work for you in your own circle of friends or everyday life. Being creative in how you dress and accessorize can create a style you call your own.

Who says your purse has to match your shoes, your gold rings have to all be yellow gold or white gold, your scarf has to be the same color as your outfit or your belt has to match your shoes. Be creative; set a style and a trend that you can call your own. Stacking rings on top of each other made of different gold tones is quite a popular concept.

Layering clothes of different tones can be quite attractive and stylish, if your evening dress is a simple black dress, add a wow factor of a bright red purse and you’re an instant trend setter amongst your group. By just following a particular trend being set by someone else, takes away the joys of dressing up and the exciting feeling you get when you are creating a look of your own.

It is said that a beautiful woman is one that is confident in the way she looks and feels. Feeling confident comes in truly loving what you look like in the moment. Wearing clothes that fit you properly provides comfort, accessorizing those clothes with something that makes you smile when you take that final look in the mirror, gives you the confidence you need which intern translates to beautiful. Forget the term “less is more”, the new term is “more is more”, stack gold necklaces on top of each other, stack a few bands on top of your engagement ring, add bangles on top of charm bracelets and cover a few fingers with large cocktail rings. You are today’s Marilyn Monroe, you are diva!

A trend is a style set by someone that gets followed by many, be the one, not the many. Be the person that understands what makes you comfortable, what makes you feel sexy, what really fits your style and follow it. Don’t ignore the popular trends out there, pick and choose the little pieces and ideas that you can translate into something you call your own.

Remember, you are beautiful, love the skin you’re in, dare to be different but most importantly, dare to be comfortable and confident, your comfort and your confidence is what makes you a trend setter not a follower.


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    • Pascale1973 profile image

      Pascale Skaf Saliba 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I agree, this is one of the reasons I promote individual style, thanks for the comment Johann.

    • Johann Tetreault profile image

      Johann Tetreault 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      I say screw the trends.