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Woman’s fashion – feminine romantic ethnic bohemian clothing style

Updated on May 28, 2012

I love feminine ethnic bohemian look and think that this style suits my face / figure. I describe this style as clothes with embroidery, soft feminine lines, unique styles and an overall carefree look. In this hub, I will cover some of the key items to looking ethnic feminine bohemian. This style is suitable for women of all ages, body types and ethnic groups.

Ethnic sandals (flats, no heels) – Ethnic sandals are cornerstone to the feminine ethnic bohemian style. You can pair these sandals with shorts / skirts of different lengths or dresses in the summer for an effortless casual looks. These sandals are absolutely essential for the summer and will basically go with almost all of your summer clothes. Those with wider feet can wear these kinds of sandals as long as they select the ones that resemble the gladiator sandals (the shoes should cover most of the feet to give it a slimmer look).

ethnic sandals:  most pictures in this hub is from the clothing retailer: freepeople
ethnic sandals: most pictures in this hub is from the clothing retailer: freepeople

Ethnic high heel sandals – High heel ethnic sandals are important in the feminine ethnic bohemian look because it can add height and make you more visible to the crowd. These sandals can be paired with bell bottom pants, maxi skirts and long dresses. You don't want to pair high heel sandals with very short bottoms because it would look awkward.

Loose dolman sleeve tops (with embroidery) – Dolman sleeves can easily add femininity and softness to your whole look. Invest in several loose dolman sleeve tops for the summer. You can wear these tops with shorts and bohemian sandals for a very causal look in the summer. You should also curl your hair to look ultra feminine and romantic with the dolman sleeve tops.

Dress with embroidery – Dress is a very important piece of clothing in the feminine ethnic bohemian style. You should select several different dresses with different prints to add to your wardrobe. It is also important to select a variety of styles to add to your closet. The feminine ethnic bohemian style is based mainly on dresses so you should shop around for a lot of unique dresses to up your style factor.

Loose sweater – Loose sweaters are great pieces in which you can layer. This piece should be added to your wardrobe because it is so versatile. You can layer it over a dress in colder weather. Or make a statement piece by itself by layering it over a tank top and complete the look with some tights and nude colored fringe boots.

Hobo handbag (no logo, slouchy) – handbags are important accessories that will complete a look that you are going for. For the feminine ethnic bohemian style, you have to choose a hobo handbag that is suitable for the whole look. In general, you want a handbag that is free of logos and has a slouchy look. Those bags with fringes tend to work well with most outfits too.

Loose chiffon material tops – Loose chiffon material tops are very feminine because of its material. It is so soft, delicate and flowy. You should have at least one of these types of tops to pair it with a maxi skirt. It will create that bohemian look instantly. If the chiffon top is one color, pair it with a multicolor printed maxi skirt. If the chiffon top has lots of colors, details or decorations, pair it with a solid color maxi skirt. Either way, you will catch other people's attention instantly.

Embroidered tops – Embroidered tops are effortless chic for those that are going for a feminine ethnic bohemian look. They can be paired with almost anything to create that instant bohemian look. Those that have embroidery near the sleeves, neckline and bottom are the best ones for the style you are going for.


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    • susan54 profile image

      susan54 5 years ago

      Jin1128, VOTE UP! I love your fashion style same as mine. I love bohemian style, it look very cool on me with my flattop haircut. I had a lot of women stop me out shopping today asking about my hair