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Baby Clothes for the Fifty Shades of Grey Mom

Updated on July 15, 2015

FIfty Shades of Baby Clothes

Fifty shades of grey is the super popular erotic novel filling the gap left by the Twilight books. The series follows Anastasia Steele and her romantic involvement with the older Christian Grey. Anastasia "Ana" is a 22 year old college student who ends up on an on again off again non-relationship with a mysterious man. Christian Grey has a secret, a secret so dark Ana has to sign a waiver just to find out.

But if you are here you probably already know all that. It's no shock that the largest group of readers all women. Some of these adorable 50 shades of grey onesies and bibs may just ring true.

"I'm the result of my mommy reading fifty shades of grey"

Image Source:

my mommy pretends christian grey is my daddy

Fifty Shades of Grey Baby

Below are some amazing baby outfits inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey.

Tess of the d'Ubervilles

Read Online Free

The book Christian Grey gives to Anastasia Steele. Tess of the D'Urbervilles is a reaccuring theme in the Fifty Shades books. The BBC put it 26 on thier The Big Read survey.

Free for kindle users. No really amazon actually has lot of free books you can read online for free.

Fifty Shades Film

It appears Focus Features has the rights to make the film. Lauren Watson, Kristen Stewart, Emily Browning, Mila Kunis, Minka Kelly, Emma Watson, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Olsen, Amanda Seyfried, Alexis Bledel, and Nina Dobrev were considered to play Anastasia Steele

Generation Grey Babies

It's not surprising the leading demographic for the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is the same women who were reading Twilight 5 years ago. E.L James used inspiration from the vampire series when creating 50 Shades and at one point the story the story was even a straight Twilight FanFic. When readers pointedout the abundance of "mature" content" James re worked the story into the book we have today. That same "mature" content is what has made the book such a huge success. Supposedly there is a spike in birth rates about 9 months after each book is released. True or not the book does tend to spice things up.

What's your favorite 50 shades of grey baby set?

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    • meganst profile image

      meganst 5 years ago

      These are so cute!!!

    • profile image

      applejacking 5 years ago

      great product selection. thanks for share.

    • mrsclaus411 profile image

      mrsclaus411 5 years ago

      These are cute and funny.

    • CoolFool83 profile image

      CoolFool83 5 years ago

      Such an interesting lense! Well done.

    • Didijudy profile image

      Didijudy 5 years ago from Canada

      I always learn something new on Squidoo. Thanks for sharing the info. Great lens!

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      Didn't know about this. Thanks!

    • blessit3 profile image

      blessit3 5 years ago

      That made me giggle!! Good Job!

    • Rosetta Slone profile image

      Rosetta Slone 5 years ago from Under a coconut tree

      Wow! I had no idea this was a 'thing'. How funny!

    • Jogalog profile image

      Jogalog 5 years ago

      Cute - but I'd never get them for my baby. I'd be too scared of the questions from older children about what it meant!

    • Isabellas-cabin profile image

      Isabellas-cabin 5 years ago

      I never would have thought about the kids getting clothes from this! So cute!!

    • babynstar profile image

      babynstar 5 years ago

      Oh my goodness!

    • profile image

      weallmatter 5 years ago