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Find Plus Size Swimwear Online

Updated on July 4, 2012

Where to find Plus Size Swim Wear Online?

Swim Season is Around the Corner

When swimming season is upon us, it's tempting to get out of doors as soon as possible, and to get moving with swimming and other activities. For the plus size woman, this can be a bit daunting, however. Self-consciousness over swimwear can prevent many from getting some great exercise, when swimming is one of the best ways to tone up and trim down. It's a vicious cycle, not wanting to go out in public in swimwear, and thus, not getting the exercise that might make it less frightening to do so in the future.

Tankinis with Swim Skirts - Plus Size Swimwear Can Be Pretty

Most people conjure up hiddeous images of ugly suits, but fashion is in with plus size swimwear.

Trendy Plus Size Swimwear is In

Plus size swim wear for many years meant ugly swim dresses, or it meant wearing a traditional swimsuit, which all too brutally conforms to every last bulge. Not my cup of tea! Fortunately, recent fashion trends in the world of swim suits has led to some very complimentary designs. Separates are fashionable in all sizes, so check out some of those featured here, and explore some of the top plus size retailers, such as iGigi, Torrid, Lane Bryant, and Catherine's, and you should be pleasantly su

Tankini and Skirtini

Tankini and Skirtini

NW Sales Connection offers the tankini/skirtini combinations featured at the right: bright, cheerful, and sensible plus size swimwear, sold through Amazon. Whereas a traditional swimdress is pretty form fitting at the middle, the plus size tankini is loose, giving especially good cover to those women who carry extra weight in the middle. Likewise, the plus size skirtin provides great cover, and gives a feminine frilly look.

For the new mom, or for the mom to several children, who struggles with getting rid of baby fat, this is a feminine style in plus size swim wear, perfect for giving that extra boost of confidence to enjoy the out of doors activities that were enjoyable before pregnancy. Furthermore, if you are a member of Amazon Mom, many of these plus size swimwear selections at Amazon have a reminder displayed on their pages, namely that these selections are eligible toward earning additional months of free Amazon Prime shipping benefits! Priced comparably to the plus sized swimsuits offered through Catherines, Torrid, and others, this is a great value in contributing to Amazon shipping discounts.

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