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Find Your Peacock Wedding Dress Here

Updated on September 23, 2014

Elegant and Unique Peacock Wedding Dresses

Your vision of a peacock wedding dress may be a traditional white dress embellished with peacock feathers, colors, or peacock inspired gems and sequence. Or you may be looking for a dress that will shock and awe your wedding guests. The peacock theme lets you express your style and individuality on your big day. Many of these can be custom made so you can have a truly one of a kind peacock wedding dress.

Long Graceful Ruffled Feathers

This dress is the traditional white with a skirt and train inspired by peacock feathers. It has a sweetheart strapless neckline, beading above the waist, and is made of chiffon, satin, and taffeta. It's made to order to your size. It can also be ordered in most any other color including red, purple, pink, blue, or black.

Long Flowy Chiffon White Wedding Dresses with Rhinestones

Strapless Chiffon White Wedding Dress with Blue Crystal Rhinestones - This chiffon gown is long and flowy with a stunning peacock feather design and rhinestones across the bodice. The top is sweetheart shaped with one shoulder and you can choose from an assortment of white and ivory colors.

Second Dress: Another long and flowing dress, this one has spaghetti straps. The rhinestones and beading are silver for a more subtle peacock feathery affect across the bodice. The bodice is boned and the dress is lined.

Sexy Peacock Bridal Gown with Real Feathers

This is a peacock wedding dress that will wow and stun your guests. This can be custom made with different dress and trim color options. It's made of green-turquoise satin with blue colored rhinestones and sequins on the strapless bodice. The long bottom of the dress is adorned with feathers.

Short Dress with Tulle Skirt

For the beach, informal, or to change into for the reception, this short colored strapless dress with a peacock design is perfect. The feathers start on the bodice and trail down the skirt. Tulle skirt. Sizes 4 to 16. Comes in several colors including champagne and blue.

Wedding Shoes

Peacock shoes to go with your wedding dress.


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