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Rock your flare or bell bottom jeans to the max!

Updated on December 22, 2011

Flare or bell bottom jeans are still very popular; almost all clothing retailers offer many styles of flare jeans for their customers. The flare jeans were popular in the sixty's, seventy's, eighty's and are coming back in style today. When paired with the right tops, shoes, accessories and hairstyles, it looks amazing and makes others think you have a great sense of style. These jeans are great for the summer and lots of people will think your vintage or retro style factor is very high. This hub is all about flare or bell bottom jeans and how to look your best in them.

Heels are essential for flare or bell bottom jeans. You can wear stilettos, wedges or high heel sandals with the flare jeans. These jeans are very flattering on those with long legs or taller stature. However, it is essential for everyone to wear heels with these jeans because it just looks so much better. Do not ever wear a pair of sneakers or flats with them unless you are over 6 feet tall.

For the top, it is good to wear a button up shirt or a dress shirt and tuck it into the jeans for the best results. For these particularly kind of jeans, it is absolutely essential to tuck the shirt in. In general, you should select a lighter color for the shirt because it tends to look better by bring the light to your face.

If it's cold, the shirt and jeans combination is not sufficient. Complete the whole look with a blazer for the best effect. Black blazers that fall just above the hip bone are the best bets in this case. Longer blazers will shorten the legs which are not recommended in this case. Instead of a black blazer, you can also complete the look with a little fake fur vest that is just above the hip bone.

Accessories are essential in fashion. In the case of the flare or bell bottom jeans, you will need some accessories to spice up the whole outfit. To start off, you can select a variety of handbags. You need to know the kind of look that you are going for and pick the handbag accordingly. For example, if you are going for causal or hippie looks, a hobo handbag is probably the best bet. On the other hand, if you are going for a more formal look with shirt and blazer, a nude colored satchel (nude goes with almost anything) would be more appropriate. Other than your handbags, you can also accessories with scarves in colder weather. A light colored scarf would contrast with the black blazer and give a great overall look. In this case, I recommend a lavender colored scarf to go with a black blazer. That is a very appropriate and flattering color combination.

I am going to give you several outfits that I put together for the flare or bell bottom jeans. Here is the first one, light colored flare jeans, platform high heel wedges, light chiffon shirt with a little bow, short black blazer and Louis Vuitton Alma purse. This look is semi professional and can be worn to some offices.

The second outfit is very causal and can be worn in the summer. Here are all the components, light colored flare jeans, platform high heel wedges, feminine short sleeve shirt, a wide tan colored belt and a cross body purse. This look is causal and can be worn for school, dates and other causal settings.

The third outfit is vintage looking and reminds us of an earlier time. Here are all the components, blue flare or bell bottom jeans, high heel wedges, a yellow short sleeve tee, a crochet cardigan with no sleeves that is two or three inches below the hip, a colorful handbag and a wide headband. This is hippie and has a little bit of bohemian look to it as well. This is a great look for causal settings and shows off your vintage retro styling very nicely.


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