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How to Fix a Flat Butt in 3 Weeks

Updated on December 14, 2017

What To Do With a Flat Butt

If you have a flat butt, it may seem like you were born into an era of women with full buttocks. Everywhere you look you may see well defined round bottoms beneath jeans, skirts and shorts. Each time you open a magazine there are photos of french knickers with a pert full derriere!

So how do women with flat butts get that curvy womanly posterior that they crave? Below are tips and advice to help you achieve the look you are aiming for and also a list of women who are proud of their flatter toned buns.

Exercises to Get Rid of a Flat Booty

The best exercises to achieve a well toned full posterior are squats and weight lifting. Often it isn't that the buttocks aren't a correct size, it is that they aren't toned and tight, they are just saggy and loose. Doing these exercises will make the most of what you already have.

By toning the underlying muscles, the muscle mass you do have on top will be more defined.

Butt exercises

Padded Panties

If you don't have the time or the inclination to wait whilst your exercise routine sculpts your body, consider a pair of padded panties. These will give you the shapely bottom you are after. The smooth lines work well with jeans or under a skirt or a dress helping you create the look you're after.

Also, consider a pair of non-wedgie panties. One of the untold dilemmas of the flat butt syndrome occurs because there is no defined bottom and panties can ride up within minutes of putting them on. Now, some bright spark of a designer has come up with wedgie free panties. Woohoo!

Eating for a Fuller Booty

Although it is tempting to think that eating more will give you a larger bottom, it will in fact make you larger everywhere. If the rest of you gains weight, you may end up with fat in all the wrong places.

Having a smaller waist will give the appearance of a full bottom. Eat healthily and exercise to tone the muscles you have and minimize any fat around your mid-section.


Choosing Clothes for Small Bottoms

If you are concerned about the lack of definition in your tush, and want to select clothes to make it seem fuller, you have several options. Although this is completely opposite to what you might think. Instead of trying to cover it up flaunt it.

Jeans. Select a pair that has large pockets or decorations on the pockets, these will make your bottom appear larger.

By making your middle smaller you will create the illusion of a larger backside.

To the right is petite Paris Hilton.

Big or little booty, which do you prefer?

See results

Medical Procedures for the Butt

There are of course medical procedures which can give you a fuller more attractive shaped bottom. These should only be done by someone who is medically qualified, as deaths have occurred because of such procedures.

  • Butt lifts and butt augmentation
  • Gluteal implants
  • Lipo injections
  • Body contouring

What Causes a Flat Butt

There are various reasons why women may have a flatter appearance on their bottom. Some women are genetically disposed to this. Does your mother have a flat tush? Some families, mine included, all have flat bottoms.

Lack of Mass

As well as fat tissues, the muscles in your butt provide the rounded shape some women have. Working with weights as illustrated in the video above, will help muscle growth and retention in this area. As well as a lack of mass, a less than perfect derriere can also be a result of a sedentary lifestyle. Your body will lose muscle mass gradually and this too will have a detrimental effect on your backside and the amount of strengthened muscle. This can be caused by sitting with poor posture for a long period of time, such as with a rounded spine and hunched shoulders. Consider purchasing an ergonomic chair if you spend many hours seated.

Slouching forward forces a flatter appearance on the butt, this may be due to a posterior pelvic tilt which causes your back and shoulders to form a C shape to maintain a center of gravity. Below is a video with some stretches to help this problem.

Stretches for posterior pelvic tilt

Small but Toned Butts

Although it is easy to think that everyone aspires to have a Brazilian style butt, this isn't the case. There are many famous people who have very small flat posteriors. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, Gyneth Paltrow proudly possess a less than copious set of buns.

I too am 'booty challenged' and let me tell you, this is a passing phase. I wouldn't trade my petite backside for a full posterior. The thought of carrying around all that extra baggage, 'No thank you'!

© 2013 Meredith Davies


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