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The Best Fleece Jackets

Updated on February 10, 2011

Are you thinking about getting into a fleece jacket this Winter? Fleece jackets can be some of the warmest and comfortable pieces of clothing that you can wear. Fleece Jackets have been around for quite a while and are worn all over the world. They are even quite stylish and come in many different styles and colors.

The most common fleece jacket is the solid colored jacket that has a partially zippered neckline. This allows you to zip the jacket all the way up to your chin if you so desire. A fleece jacket is very warm and can be worn throughout the winter months in all except very cold climates. They are especially useful in the fall when you don't want a heavy coat to wear or carry around, but still would like a jacket that keeps you warm if the weather turns chilly.

Common Fleece Jacket
Common Fleece Jacket

Brands Of Fleece Jackets

One of the most popular brands of fleece jacket is North Face. North Face has been making the fleece jacket since 1968 and was started in San Francisco by Douglas Tomkins and Dick Klopp. They have retail stores all over the world, including thirty four in the U.S., and they manufacture nearly fifty percent of all of the smaller backpacks that are sold in the United States. Another major manufacturer is Columbia Sportswear, a company that began in 1938 and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. There are many other manufacturers, some of them fairly high priced and some of them at discount retail prices.

Types of Fleece Jackets

Lightweight Fleece Jacket: These are the most common type of fleece jackets, made out of synthetic wool, and generally mostly available in one color varieties. They generally incorporate 100 weight fleece into their design and aren't bulky, allowing plenty of breathing room. These are great for athletes who are generating a lot of body heat.

Mid-weight Fleece Jacket:  These are heavier than their lightweight siblings, and are actually the most widely used fleece. These offer both protection against the cold and the ability to still wear a lightweight fleece jacket.  These are usually 200 weight wool, and are used as an outer layer in temperatures that are moderately chilly, but still breathable enough for physical activity. 

Heavy Weight Fleece Jacket:  These jackets have 300 weight wool, and are intended for colder weather where a lightweight and breathable jacket isn't really a factor. This is a great jacket to use for skiing, camping or cold weather activities where during the day when it isn't super cold. 

Windproof Fleece Jacket:  There is also the windproof fleece jacket which can be any of the previous three types of fleece jackets, but incorporate a material on the jacket which keeps the wind out. This is especially useful on days when there are mild or medium breezes that come up suddenly. These jackets cost a bit more than their counterparts without the wind protection, as it should go without saying.

Pricing Fleece Jackets

You can get a lightweight or medium fleece jacket for fifteen or twenty bucks if you know where to look. The best time to buy is the beginning of spring when the stores need to get rid of their inventory of winter items and you can find deals at some stores like fifty or seventy five percent off in some cases. Do your shopping carefully, watch the newspapers and circulars and you're sure to get a great deal. 


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