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How To Make Dress With Flounces in Women Fashion | Sewing Pattern For Flounce Dresses

Updated on December 22, 2012

Women Fashionable Flounce Dress


Flounces On Dresses

Flounces on women fashion dresses are fabrics that looks like waves on clothes that are formed by cutting pieces of fabric to sew to one side, that makes it hang freely to form waves around the free edge.

You can find flounces especially on women clothes such as, on dresses, cuffs, collars blouses, hemline or neckline, sleeves and many other areas on women's garments.

You can use different ways to make flounces as there are different styles of flounces. There are neck flounce that can be use in form of a bow, there are flounce collars, curved band flounce.

There are other names that people use to refer to flounce. Some people call it frill, others call it ruffle. But flounce is different from those two fashion styles, although they may look slightly similar. Flounce in fashion actually date back to the 1920s.

Flounce is a fashion style that is part of a decorative fashion technique. In today's fashion world where everyone want uniqueness for their products, fashion designers can take this advantage to use this retro look brand for their clothes design enterprise.

Beautiful Women Jacket Flounce Pattern

Download this flounce pattern to sew this beautiful jacket
Download this flounce pattern to sew this beautiful jacket | Source

Other Flounce Ideas

You can allow your imagination to direct you on different ways to use the flounce. The best thing is practice, use old clothes, bedsheets that you no longer use or even old newspapers.

You can attach flounces on children fancy dresses, women skirts, collars and cuffs. You can even decorate your curtains with flounces.

Fabrics to Use For Flounce Making

In dressmaking, there are different fabrics you can use to make different styles of apparel. in the same way, to bring out the best shape for your flounce design you should use certain fabrics.

The best option is to use a fabric that can hang very well so that the desired shape can be seen. Fabrics such as wool, silk or cotton will flounce well, chiffons, muslins or geogettes will show good waves too.

Most flounces shapes do show both sides of the sewn fabric, therefore try to sew right sides to both sides of the flounce fabrics.

You can also design your clothes to show flounce edges such as zig zag, machined, bound or picot edges.

Flounced Women Dress Video


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