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Foldable Flats

Updated on September 16, 2014

Pack a pair of foldable ballet flats & give your feet a break

Foldable flats are one of those "where did you get those??" items. Be warned, you WILL be asked that question if you pull these out of your bag, at the office, on the bus, wherever. An adorable, affordable bridesmaid gift, they also are awesome for everyday wear and appropriate at every age. The idea's so simple, yet genius -- I wish I'd thought of it! I'll have to take comfort as a wearer, and in sharing here the growing range of colors and styles available now in foldable ballet flats.

(photo: my own ~ Don't judge me for buying so many Corso Comos! They are super comfy, were on sale in these adorable ice-cream-shop colors, and one was a gift for someone else ;)

Corso Como Foldable Flats

Among my favorite flats ever are my black crinkle patent Corso Como Ballasox. These are the luxe edition of foldable flats, made of real leather with a sewn-in "sock" type liner for comfort. I would sleep in them if I could, and they look ultra cute with virtually everything I wear. (Oddly, I was sent one shoe with significantly more crinkle to its texture than the other, but I was so enamored that I didn't even care.) If I could afford this shoe in every color & pattern, I'd go for it in a heartbeat. My fantasy would be to put one under the Christmas tree for my mom & every sister-in-law. For fall 2014, I'm especially coveting the sparkly "jeans" color and rusty looking "ruby."

Also from this brand: The Gilda comes in pretty platinum and classic black plus some fun colors like tomato and mind. The Salome has a glittery look and is offered in black, purple or a coppery brown that's quite autumnal.

Sidekicks Foldable Flats

Appreciated for their affordability and color choices, from metallics and neutrals to bold red & purple, these pleather foldable ballet flats are a perfect companion for work or play. Besides the gold shown, you can find these in pink and silver metallics, though reviewers say the silver is fairly dark. There's black, too, and a "tan" hue that looks more like a mid brown.

Isotoner Foldable Flats

Isotoner roared into the foldable ballet flats market with this satin street slipper, for when you want to get your ballerina on. Especially cute? The hot pink and the "lace" pattern. And brides will appreciate the cream and white renditions.

Dawgs Foldable Flats

You can't go wrong with a pair of cute red shoes, and Dawgs obliges with these foldable ballet flats. Also in black, white or snake pattern. Tip: I generally find patent finishes much easier to clean than matte ones.

Dr. Scholls Foldable Flats

At the discounted price, these are shoestring-budget friendly and still get the job done. Theoretically these should be hanging in every drugstore, but I haven't seen them in mine. Web to the rescue!

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What do you think: Are foldable flats the next frontier in cute shoes for women of all ages? Or are they not your style?


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    • Wedding Mom profile image

      Wedding Mom 5 years ago

      These shoes are very cute! The variety of designs would win the heart of buyers. Keep it up!

    • verymary profile image

      Mary 5 years ago from Chicago area

      @anonymous: my foldables are black patent finish too & I love 'em. I may get the Sidekicks in purple or metallic. thanks for the review!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Love the sidekicks brand. I own the flip flops and they are better than expected. They have actual molded rubberized .25 inch soles not that cheap compressing foam on other brands. These will last! Used them to runwalk four blocks to a concert and put my heels on at the door. Folded these up in the pouch they fit nicely inside a clutch that was 9x6inches. The black matches better since the soles were black plus the patent finish looks more expensive:)