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How to Fight Skin Aging?

Updated on September 11, 2013

5. Red Wine

The dark skin and seeds of the grapes which are used to make the rich flavour of red wine is rich in polyphenols. You would want this in your body because it is an antioxidant that also contains resveratrol. Their action creates a series of repairing action in the cells. But this benefit should not be an excuse for you to chug down bottles of wine because moderation is the key to obtain the real benefits.

6. Nuts

Nuts earned their place in the hall of anti-aging food options because they contain healthy amounts of fatty acids. It contains protein and B vitamins which can make your skin and hair healthy. So instead of grabbing a bag of chips, why not snack on some nuts instead. You can also add it to your salads or baked goods to make your recipe more interesting.

7. Chlorella

This may not be your ordinary food options that you can shop at the grocery, because you can actually find chlorella from dense green algae. It contains high antioxidant and anti-aging properties thanks to its chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants which can help your body remove toxins more effectively. Vitamin C and beta carotene also adds to its list of nutrients in chlorella that can also fend off the premature aging. You can incorporate chlorella into your diet by adding its powder form in your water or juice.

8. Tomatoes

This is one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen but it is also touted to be among reliable sources of anti-aging properties. Tomatoes have the richest source of lycopene which can help prevent UV damage of the sun on your skin while giving it a natural skin rejuvenation treatment at the same time. This means you reduce your risk of developing sun spots and wrinkles. You receive its anti-aging effect better when you cook them, so be creative!

9. Oysters

What makes these sea creatures an excellent solution to your aging problem is their rich content of zinc. This particular mineral aids in the synthesis of protein and collagen formation of the skin. These will make the skin more supple, smooth and younger looking, and that improvement is from the inside out.

10. Noni Juice

To get its anti-aging properties you have to make sure that you get the pure noni juice. Aside from its more popular action of preventing tumour formations, noni juice also promotes collagen regeneration. It can also rid the body from free radical damage with its rich amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols.

10 Foods that can Fight Aging

When it comes to fighting the signs of aging, do you also stop and think about what you are eating? You can have a variety of cosmetic enhancements, both surgical and non-surgically, done on you but unless you become disciplined with what you eat, can real change be achieved. Anti-aging treatments will hold no effectiveness if you are also filling your body with junk.

Remember, the improvement must come from the inside because this will eventually, and without doubt, reflect outward. Since your diet can be the biggest culprit in aging you prematurely, here are ten food ideas to turn the clock backwards.

1. Whole grains

There is a multitude of benefits that whole grains provide to your body. But these can help fend of aging because they keep your blood vessels in excellent condition. This means better circulation in your body so that nutrients and all of the good stuff you are taking in can be properly distributed all throughout the system. To get its optimum effect, you need to have three servings of whole grains every day.

2. Turmeric

You may not have expected this particular spice to be an anti-aging solution, but this is actually a must-have if you want to keep yourself looking and feeling young. Thanks to its curcuminoid pigments, Turmeric can stimulate the body to synthesize its own antioxidants. This good stuff can get rid of the damage created by free radicals which can ultimately make the skin more youthful and rejuvenated. You can incorporate turmeric in your diet by adding it to smoothies, eggs or sautéed vegetables.

3. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is probably the sin that you want to commit. It can taste so good that it can leave you thinking that it is criminal, but in reality there is a handful of anti-aging benefits with dark chocolate. However, if you really want to get the good stuff, you have to make sure that it is 70% cocoa and that you only eat it in small doses. It prevents the appearance of wrinkles because it nourishes the skin with more protein and B vitamins. These types of chocolates also contain high concentrations of flavonols which can reduce inflammation, one of the main culprits of aging.

4. Green Vegetable Juice

Many people are now considering juicing as part of their health regimen. This is a very interesting way to bring a variety of vegetables into nutritious concoction of anti-aging goodness. This will provide the body with a healthy serving of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients which all contribute to cell repair and regeneration.

Dark Chocolate: Sin That You Want to Commit


To Maximize Dark Chocolate Benefits

Let's admit it. None of us are eating dark chocolate just for the health benefits, right? But, we can adjust our consumption to maximize the dark chocolate health benefits by following these 4 steps:

  1. The darker the chocolate the better. Choose higher percentages of cocoa. This maximizes the antioxidants.
  2. Eat moderate portions. Dark chocolate is high calorie.
  3. Avoid dark chocolate with extra calories, such as with nougat, caramel, marshmallow, etc.
  4. Do not consume with milk.

Facial Creams for Women at 40?

After keeping a good diet, it’s also important to focus on what you apply on your skin. For your eye cream and moisturizers, it would be best for you to store them in the refrigerator because the temperature will make them more beneficial upon application. The coolness of the cream can help reduce puffy eyebags, mask visible veins and lighten dark under eye circles. Creams that are formulated with ceramaides or niacinamide can help strengthen the moisture barrier of your skin.

Adding serum to your daily creams and moisturizers can help improve their wrinkle-fighting effects. Use serum twice daily along with your other trusted products for optimum results.

The Craze for Medical Aesthetic Treatments

Evolution of Medical Aesthetics

Medical aesthetics is becoming the anti-aging solution of choice by many today instead of invasive cosmetic surgery procedures.

Aiming to look younger without undergoing the knife is one of the main reasons why people seek medical aesthetic procedures such as laser treatments, anti-wrinkles injections and fillers.

Top 5 Medical Aesthetic Procedures (2011-2012)

Non-Surgical Procedures
Botulinum Toxin Type A
Hyaluronic Acid
Laser Hair Removal
Chemical Peel
Data Source: American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

If you could change one part of your body, what would you change?

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Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore

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