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Foot Scrub Soak

Updated on June 28, 2012

Having time for you is the key to happiness and having a clear mind. Everyone should take some time out of their busy days to relax and enjoy something for themselves. If you enjoy going to spas and beauty salons, this may be something you can enjoy once a week at home, at a fraction of the cost. You can save a lot of money by mixing up your own concoction and preparing a home, spa-like experience is really easy. Lighting up some candles, listening to some soft music, dimming the lights, can all help to ease your mind of stress. Stress plays a big role in our lives. From work, cooking dinners, taking kids to practices, you name it. We all do it, we are all tired, and most important we need to take a “ME” break. To sit down, breathe deeply and relax.

Here is a really simple way you can accomplish this in the comfort of your home. It only takes minutes to make and gives your health long lasting benefits.

Enhance your home spa experience with this foot scrub soak.

-fill a basin with warm water.
-add some stones to the bottom of the basin. (Acts as a foot massage).
-add some flower petals (Can be real or fake).
-essential oils can be added, for relaxing purposes.
-basic scrub recipe that can be made at home. (With ingredients from your kitchen).
-any oil you have on hand (Olive oil works great).
-keep on hand some clean towels. (They can be put in the dryer to be nice and warm).

Basic Scrub Recipe (With ingredients from your kitchen).
For a foot scrub I usually love to use salt, it adds a more vigorous scrub feel. If you find it is too rough on your feet, you can always substitute it for sugar.

-In a bowl, add some salt or sugar.
-Then add your oil, about half the amount of the salt / sugar. (Depending how you may like it, you can always add more and less oil).
-Optional: essential oils. Peppermint is a good choice, it is cooling and refreshing at the same time. (You may also add some vanilla extract). The scent will help ease you mind from worries, and help you relax. It will calm your nerves and send you to a happy place.
-Mix everything together, and there you have it. A homemade foot scrub, ready in seconds. That will make your feet, nice and smooth and feel fresh at the same time.

*A bonus would be: if someone else would give you a foot massage at the same time*
Since we all know that may not be possible at all times, that is why we add those stones to the bottom of the basin. It acts like a foot massage. Just rub your feet back and forth on them, and it will help to relax your feet.

-Money saved by not going to a spa.
-You can give yourself a relaxing foot scrub anything time you want. (Day or night).
-Easy to make yourself at home.
-Removes dead skin cells and refreshes the skin.

-You have to take some time to prepare this basin and scrub. (Shouldn’t take too long, add some water, and mix the ingredients, how long can that take?)

-Soak your feet, for about 10min in the warm water, while rubbing your feet against the rocks at the bottom of the basin.
-Then remove one leg at a time, and add some scrub to your hands, and massage it over your feet, the balls of the feet, in between the toes, working your way up your leg.
-Now repeat the other leg, while this one rests back in the water.
-After you are done, towel-dry your feet, and legs really well.
-If you wish, you may apply a little oil to your hands and massage it into your feet and legs. This will provide added moisture, and give you a really soft, silky feeling. (Of course you will want to add some socks, to help penetrate the oils into your skin. With the added heat from the socks it will really make your skin nice and soft).

My advice is for you all, is to try this scrub at home.

It will clear your mind, release tension and help you relax!



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