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Why do I feel itchy in my armpits after applying a roll-on antiperspirant?

  1. Anjili profile image82
    Anjiliposted 5 years ago

    Why do I feel itchy in my armpits after applying a roll-on antiperspirant?

  2. maryhoneybee profile image60
    maryhoneybeeposted 5 years ago

    If you're applying it directly after shaving your armpits, then that could be the cause, because the pores are open. Otherwise, I'm not sure. Maybe there's just something in the ingredients that your skin is sensitive to.

  3. duffsmom profile image61
    duffsmomposted 5 years ago

    You may have a slight allergy to some element in the anti-perspirant.  Give your underarms a rest.  After bathing dab white vinegar in your armpits.  It changes the Ph in that area so bacteria doesn't grow, so no bad odor.  The vinegar smell dissipates so don't be worried about that.

  4. alancaster149 profile image86
    alancaster149posted 5 years ago

    Washing, finishing with a cold splash should clear any residue from previous sprays. But in my view the anti-perspirants interfere with the body's natural breathing. In this 'modern day and age' with male and female staff sharing offices etc., it seems ordinary sweating is out. After a while you sweat with nerves, worried about being 'fingered' for body odours. You apply more anti-perspirant and it builds up, leading to itchiness. It's a product of the environment in shared premises, and men are not the only 'sufferers'.
    I don't have to worry now I'm a 'state employee' (pensioner), but I do have to keep up standards where I work part-time for the MCC at Lord's - in and outside the Lord's Museum at County fixtures and Test Matches at their ground in St. John's Wood, London NW8. It's nowhere near as bad as in an office, though.