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freckle removal - laser treatment

Updated on July 19, 2011

Freckle Removal

Freckles are a perfectly natural feature of some people's faces. However, there can be a degree of stigma attached to them and many people eventually investigate the possibility of freckle removal.

For some time, the main option for removing freckles has not been to actually remove them but to use a cream which lightens them, or rather, makes them appear lighter. Now however, there are treatments available that can remove freckles.

the main treatment available for freckle removal is laser treatment; results are usually seen around 2 weeks after the treatment has been done. As the pigmentation that causes freckles is usually close to the surface of the skin in many cases, this is relatively easy to remove. However, some freckles are deeper in the skin and hence much more difficult to remove, however, even with these, it should be possible to lighten their appearance.

the light from the laser itself usually only penetrates around 1mm into the skin which is why it is more effective for those freckles near the skins surface.

The treatment should not be painful although some people do experience a degree of discomfort during the treatment so it is important to discuss this with the specialsit before going ahead with the procedure. Usually after the procedure has been carried out, it is likely that the patient will feel a slight burning type sensation around the area, possibly for a few hours but this should ease. The area which has been laser treated will form a crust which will remain for up to a fortnight before peeling off. When this happens, there will be a pinkinsh area for a while before it reverts to its natural colour.

Providing that the area to be treated is not too large, this treatment should be able to take place in a single visit.

Laser technology is now in an advanced stage and there should be no serious problems although you should always ensure that you consult a qualified skin specialist before going ahead with any procedure, for your own safety.

Alternatively of course, you could always make the best of them and don't forget that some people really do find freckles an attractive feature - you might just learn to love yours and ignore all freckle removal advice!


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