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Free Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Updated on May 9, 2011
Free Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening
Free Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Why use free home remedies for teeth whitening?

Have you ever wonder why do a great number of people continue to use free home remedies for teeth whitening?

I mean it used to be that going to your dentist is the only real alternative to whiten your teeth. But I bet you're much like me and are none too keen to visit the dentist, right? I would fix the dental appointment for a later date after which just plain "forget" about it altogether. While talking to friends, I realized that I'm not alone. Apparently, they are doing the same thing. Somehow, lots of individuals have got this phobia of going to their dentists similar to me. They will find all sorts of excuses to cancel or postpone the appointments even though they should get their teeth whitened.

Aren't you glad that home teeth whitening products practically flood the marketplace now? At least I know I was only too thrilled to try them out. If nothing else, I have one less fear to face when I cut down the number of sessions required at the dental office. I could also use these home teeth whitening solutions on my own time at home. Plus, I save some money because it isn't so costly as a consultation with the dentist.

Yet, there continues to be folks who depend upon the good old free home remedies for teeth whitening associated with days gone by. I'll confess I'm one of them. You might question whether these traditional approaches still help the people in the present day. Let me tell you the results remain to be as effective as they were before.

Would you like to learn what a few of these basic free home remedies for teeth whitening are?

1. Bicarbonate of Soda

You'll find a number of men and women even now bleach their teeth with bicarbonate of soda. What on earth is bicarbonate of soda? You almost certainly know it as baking soda or cooking soda and already have it lying in your kitchen somewhere as cooking supplies. Otherwise, you can easily get bicarb at grocery stores or drug stores. Simply mix the bicarbonate soda with water and gurgle it on a regular basis. Using the solution routinely will keep your teeth shinier and whiter since it gets rid of unsightly stains from the teeth surface area. Or so it is believed.

2. Salt and Lemon Juice.

The solution may taste a bit weird when you first have a go but it's supposed to erase the yellowish tint of the teeth. In case your teeth look dull, you can apply this mixture on the teeth like some folks ceremoniously do so. When you do it frequent enough, it is supposed to reduce the dull color of the teeth with the acidic content of the lemon juice. For the best effect, you need to leave the remedy on the teeth a couple of minutes.

3. Dried Orange Peel with Bay Leaves.

Here is another one of those free home remedies for teeth whitening you can readily made yourself. Just mix and blend dried orange peel and bay leaves together into a teeth whitener paste to put on onto your teeth. Like other homemade remedies here, you have to do this often for it to be effective.

4. Inner-Side of Orange Peel.

The remedy requires the use of orange peel such as the last one but utilized in a different way. Ever notice the inner white side of the orange skin when you peel it? Most of us merely throw the orange peel away without much thought but that's one free home remedy for teeth whitening down the drain. You may give your teeth an attractive white sparkle by rubbing them with the inner white part of the orange peel. Don't expect instant shine given it could take up to a few weeks for results to show. In the mean time, just enjoy the freshness it leaves in your mouth.

There you have four basic but free home remedies for teeth whitening. They've proven their usefulness from the wisdom of our old folks. In fact, a variety of of the chemically made home teeth whitening products available in the market started off as homemade remedies. With research and improvement, they become what you see today as a branded item you can buy to use off the shelf.

You may wonder then why some folks still hold on to these home remedies? For starters, many of these home teeth whitening methods have no known side effects. Some people tend to be sensitive to the chemical compounds added into the over-the-counter products. Secondly, they are pretty convenient to use as you are combining or making use of supplies and materials you currently have someplace in the household. Speaking of which, it makes them literally free or nearly free considering that you won't need to spend extra money for it. So, will you be testing out these free home remedies for teeth whitening soon to see if they work better than the products you buy?


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