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Gold And Silver Frog Necklace Jewelry

Updated on November 8, 2011

A frog necklace or frog pendant will make a beautiful gift for anyone that collects amphibian art, ceramics and home soft furnishings.Many are finished in sterling silver, though there are plenty of gold pieces to choose from.

Of course there's an awful lot of choice on the market and the best way to decide on the right one is to consider the type of jewelry you or your 'frog gift receiver' usually wears. Gold or silver, precious or semi precious stones? There are so many combinations to choose from it is a little difficult but at east you'll have fun whilst doing so!

Happily, whether you're looking for yourself or another, you’ll find a great selection available via Amazon, the biggest and best online store on the Internet.

The best selling frog necklace is a crystal piece that comes packaged in a whimsical froggie gift box.

The price is more than reasonable and the box gives it an additional aspect – it weighs five ounces and at $12.99 or $5.99 from two different sellers.

The second bestselling is the gold matte frog pendant. It’s finished in either white or yellow gold and the price starts at $79.99.

It has diamond set eyes, the diamonds being genuine .01 cwt and the chain itself is 18 inches in length.

The gold is 10 karat and it weighs 1.7 grams. Though more expensive it’s a beautiful piece of frog jewelry and will make a wonderful birthday or anniversary gift.

The top selling frog pendant is a 10 karat white gold diamond accented piece. The diamonds are 0.08 carat, the chain is 18 inches and the diamonds are set about the body of the frog.

Currently selling with a significant reduction on its price, it’s the perfect frog gift for that someone special in your life.


A silver frog necklace is a budget friendly choice for those looking for frog necklaces and any one from the selection on the right will be welcomed by a froggie enthusiast.

The sterling silver cubic zirconia necklace is a lovely example of sterling sliver jewelry and will suit those looking to purchase something on a limited budget.

The silver marcasite frog pendant is another budget-friendly example and it’s a fine example of a more artistically designed piece.

The silver and enamel pendant is quite a fun piece and the added enamel gives it a more ‘froggie’ appeal. He sits on a 0.01 carat diamond and comes complete with an 18 inch chain.

A diamond frog necklace will of course cost a significant amount but they are a gift to treasure and certainly worth the purchase for a special occasion or event.

The best selling necklaces have already been featured above but there are a few others that are almost as popular.

The 14k yellow gold frog pendant is a fine example of a diamond set gold jewelry piece. The frog hangs on an 18 inch rope chain and the diamond carat is 0.04. A gift for those that have a fondness for tree frogs perhaps?

The 14k yellow gold diamond necklace is designed to be a frog prince and the crown and eyes are set with round 0.043 carat diamonds. A beautiful pendant for those that love the story of the frog prince – or expect to kiss a few before finding the right one.


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