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Frog Tattoos for a Unique Option

Updated on June 23, 2015

Frog Tattoos

Ever thought about having a frog tattooed on you? It may surprise some, but it's actually a fairly popular theme for those desiring unique ink designs.

As with all creative endeavors, the use of a frog as subject matter isn't as straightforward as you would think, and supplies a variety of looks to the user.

Frogs are fun in that they can be offered up in some very humorous poses, as you'll see below in some of the photos.

Others are edgy, something most wouldn't think of when making a decision about what type of frog you would want.

Some even choose to have a more realistic looking frog, included in its natural environment.

Whatever the reason, frogs are a plausible choice for those looking to enhance current ink or maybe for the first tattoo they have placed on them.

Frog Tattoo on Neck

I really like this first frog tattoo, but question the placement. Neck tattoos are a difficult because of the inability to hide the tattoo in situations that may not be appropriate. For example, certain places you may apply for jobs.

Stacked Frog Tattoos

This is one of those funny tattoos which frogs are great material to use. Stackable frogs. How funny! This is sure to be an attention getter.

Group Frog Tattoo

Here's another group of frogs, and it's a lot of fun to look at. Having them grouped more than stacked shows an alternative to using more than one frog in your design. Each one has a place, and is somewhat dictated by where you put it.

Tribal Frog Tattoos

Tribal designs are used in almost every tattoo theme I've ever seen, and that includes frogs. Here are three very different tribal designs to consider. The bottom one may be borderline tribal, but I think the look justifies it. Either way, it's an option you may want to consider.

Chained Frog Tattoo

This is one of those I was thinking of when talking about an edgy frog tattoo. What would you call it? Bull frog, rather than bull dog? Pretty cool how the chain appears to be fastened to the skin. The shadow of the chain is also very compelling. I like that better than the frog itself.

Red Eye Frog Tattoo

This tattoo was one of those that include more of a realistic look. It's the Red Eye frog, and is done really well. I like how the frog is hanging on the foliage.

Smoking Frog Tattoo

This last frog tattoo is too funny. The lazy frog relaxing on the share smoking a cigarette is hilarious. Definitely a conversation piece. Did you catch his fingers about to sway away the bug on the toe?

For me, the frog tattoo theme is especially powerful for humor and delighting people. It has other strengths, as you can see from the photos above, but they definitely are terrific for themes that will make people laugh.


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      Princess 2 years ago

      salut!c'e9tait juste pour dire que j'aimais beaucoup ton taf, suortut les travaux of9 tu creuses la lumie8re comme e7a, c'est vraiment super beau! :)