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Frye Fey Tall Riding Boots

Updated on March 3, 2013

New Frye Tall Style For Women

Ladies, it's time to meet Fey Riding boot , new Frye masterpiece and fantastic addition to popular equestrian collection. Women into class and quality know Frye riding boots are the benchmark for not only great looking, but also comfortable, timeless boot styles. Fey Riding boot is one you can pull out of your wardrobe and pair with what you got on today, tomorrow and the day after. No lack of stunning features - tall shaft, amazing leather, great lines - this new Frye number will impress you at the very first sight.


Frye Fey Riding Boot Shopping

Frye Fey - Attention Grabbing Women's Boot

There simply is no answer to which style deserves more attention, but it is clear Frye new riding boot gets plenty of it. What's the secret? Like any product, it all begins with the material used in its creation, and this boot is made of the most luxurious leather. Also, if more of it it's on display, easier it is to grab the attention, so with 18" tall shaft Frye Fey leather boot is totally on the show! Next comes the way it is made, and there is no doubt this Italian made number displays top craftsmanship.What makes it all work is the style - which is perfect in every way!

Frye Fey Riding - Why Get Frye Fey Pull On Riding Boot Now


Not owning a horse is a lousy excuse for not reserving some space in your closet for a pair of Fey riding boots. Even if you do own a similar pair of boots you adore, having Fey as an additional style will bring new zing, turning your outfits into something different. As you will alternate the wear of the boots, the new pair will also add time to the life of the pair you already own, so they can look great and serve you for longer. Not to mention that Fey is an ultra stylish, comfortable pull up boot that you can rely on when putting new looks together. That's why your hunt for perfect riding boot should end right here.

Stand Out In A Crowd Wearing Fey Riding Boot

The truth is that wearing this tall gorgeous boot will make you stand out, regardless what are you wearing with it. One of the great advantages of riding boot style is that you can combine it with most outfits, especially if we are talking about tall sleek boots. Wearing slim leg pants, skirt or dress, pull on Fey boot is the winner of any crowd. Test it For yourself


* Tall riding boot

* Great pull on style

* Asymmetrical collar

* Top quality leather upper

* Leather outsole

* Soft leather lining

* 18" Shaft

Frye Fey Women's Riding Boot

Colors and Sizes


* Dark Brown Brush Off


*Comes in full or half size

* To check the size availability please click on the availability button below

Frye Fey Women's Boot

Materials and Fit


* Luxurious leather upper

* Durable leather outsole with rubber insert


* Fit specialist advises it fits true to size and width

* Boot shaft fits true to size

* Moderate arch support


Frye Fey Women's Riding Boot - Measurements


* 18" Shaft height

* 16" Circumference

* 1" Heel

Please note: measurements may vary by size slightly

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    • MobileMakeup4U profile image

      Edita 5 years ago from Auckland NZ

      Nice riding boots.