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Cute Kids Animal Slippers

Updated on September 6, 2013

Kids Animal Slippers Make Great Gifts

Are you looking for cute animal slippers for kids? Then you've come to the right place. This page includes a variety of fun animal slippers from around the web. Whether you're looking for wild animals like lions and tigers and bears (oh, my!) or whether you're looking for silly animals that pop up when you walk or turn into stuffed toys you can play with, you're sure to find something here that your kids will enjoy. They make great gifts, too!

(Image of kids lion slippers by Discovery Channel Store)

Cuddlee Pets Animal Slippers

Soft designs can be matched with cuddle pet pillows

These fun Cuddlee Pets slippers are designed with the same fun characters included in the Cuddlee Pets pillows, backpacks and blankets. So your kids can have a complete matching set!

Cuddlee Pet Bunny SlippersCHECK PRICE

Cuddlee Pet Teddy Bear SlippersCHECK PRICE

Cuddlee Pet Slippers - DogCHECK PRICE

Stompeez Pop-Up Animals - As seen on TV

Do your kids want animal slippers that move when they do? Fun Stompeez have faces that pop up when kids walk, making them a lot more fun than boring ol' regular bedtime footwear! These as-seen-on-TV products are very popular with kids and make a great gift.

Wild Animals for Your Feet

Wear an endangered species

These cute kids footwear designs feature a variety of wild animals and are available from the Discovery Channel Store. The Discovery Channel Store has thousands of nature-related products and great educational toys. Use this link to get $10 off orders of $50 or more at the Discovery Channel Store.




Green TurtlesCHECK PRICE



Pawggles Animal Slippers for Kids - Colorful plush toys you can wear

Pawggles aren't just designed to keep your feet warm. They're designed to be played with, too. When it's time to be awake and dressed, these cute Pawggles are fun plush toys. But when the temperatures drop and you need to warm your feet, you just pop them open and they become slippers.

My Daughter Loves Her Stompeez!

(photo by Lisa Howard)
(photo by Lisa Howard)

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    • KillahBabe profile image

      KillahBabe 4 years ago

      I love those slippers, especially Pandas :)