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Funky Long Johns and Thermal Underwear Gifts

Updated on January 1, 2012

The Practical Xmas Gift for Dads, Grand-dads, Brothers, Boyfriends, Cousins and Husbands

As the winter draws in there is nothing worse than being cold in the nether regions and thanks to a few enlightened companies cottoning on (excuse the pun) to an essential item for men in the winter, you can now lay your hands on some funky thermal underwear for the guys in your life. No longer needing to settle for the very plain white and black colours, brands such as Uniqlo, Xuba, Bjorn Borg, and Frank Dandy are developing exciting lines of thermal underwear.

Purple Zebras by Xuba

Left to right:; Filippo Monteforte/Agence France-Presse - Getty Images; Giuseppe Cacace/Agence-France Presse - Getty Images.

IT was one thing, while picking through the detritus of fall fashion for end-of-season bargains, to discover that Club Monaco has been trying to convince men that the latest things to be wearing are long johns. There were waffle-knit thermals, thin-ribbed sweats and, displayed boldly on one mannequin, a very expensive cashmere "onesie" in a navy-and-white Fair Isle knit.

A look from Club Monaco.

It was quite something else, last week, when the actor Jude Law was photographed at a London airport wearing a loosely structured jacket and T-shirt over what appeared to be white fleece underpants bearing the distinctively sloppy shape of long johns.

Are people really wearing these things? In public?

Read Full NY Times Article Here

Xuba Long Johns

Red Xuba Long Johns

Frank Dandy - Leapord Design Long Johns

Frank Dandy Leapord Print Long Johns
Frank Dandy Leapord Print Long Johns

Achieve maximum comfort (and sexy looks) every night of the week with this great-fitting long john underwear from Frank Dandy. The Gladuar Long Johns from Frank Dandy feature a wild animal print in fun shades of orange in black. Topped with a premium jacquard microfiber waistband, the Frank Dandy long john underwear also features flatlock stitching for durability and comfort. Combed cotton and spandex are combined to provide incredible softness that you'll love slipping into.

Frank Dandy - Pill Design Long Johns

Ed Hardy - The Godfather of Tatoos Applies His Work to Long Johns

World famous tattoo artist, Don Ed Hardy is considered by many to be the Godfather of Tattoo. His tattoos and artwork are recognized worldwide. A chance meeting between fashion icon Christian Audigier and Don Ed Hardy developed into an apparel brand that started the tattoo fashion phenomenon. Inspired by a lifetime of artistry, the brand and its likeness rose to exceptional popularity in record time. The appeal of Ed Hardy is timeless and continues to evolve as a lifestyle fashion brand that celebrates classic American tattoo art.

Ed Hardy offers colorful, trendsetting designer t‐shirts, designer hoodies, rhinestone tees, and the latest fashions for men, women and kids. Ed Hardy has the most updated figure flattering women’s fashions, and new, colorful men’s clothes with a wide selection of beautiful women’s sweaters, fashionable designer hoodies, rhinestone tee shirts, designer tees, and so much more. Ed Hardy tattoo clothes come in a variety of designs and styles with fashions for everyone.

There are great Ed Hardy kids clothes, as well. The kids tattoo clothes offer sizes ranging from baby to boys and girls up to size 16, with designer tees, rhinestone t‐shirts, designer hoodies, jeans, dresses and even fashionable school supplies.

Uniqlo Stripe Heattech Long Johns in Wine

Uniqlo Online Shop

Uniqlo Heattech Camouflage Long Johns. The camo colours are amusing and the heattech clothing is very warm. Plus, it doesn't cost much, either.

The Heattech thermal technology is from Japan and absorbs moisture from the body, trapping it inside the fabric itself and using it to create a more efficient and effective thermal than barrier to the cold than regular cotton. For a full nerdy technical break-down of how this works - click here.

Bear in mind that the camouflage long johns are waffled and rougher than the other styles. This means that they won't let outer garments easily slide over them. If you are wearing jeans, this probably won't be a problem, as long as they aren't super tight. But if you are wearing a rougher fabric over them, they won't slide and give very easily - which will make it difficult for you to bend down and sit. If you want something more slippery, try the White HeatTech Half Length long johns (USA Customers can try the plain Men's White HeatTech). They have a silky feel and will allow the outer garment to slide more easily over them.

Uniqlo Men's Heattech Waffle Long Johns

Uniqlo's Unique Heat Technology

Uniqlo Heattech Camouflage Long Johns

Heattech Camoflage Long Johns

Which will you choose?

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Long Johns By Bjorn Borg

Long Johns by Stripes Gear - Crazy Pant - $49.95 (Canadian)

Stripes Gear is an innovative company that is dedicated to providing functional, hardy gear that has an element of fun to it. The founders of Stripes Gear looked around at thermal gear and thought it could do with a bit of brightening up.

We want you to be warm and comfortable, but we also want you to smile to yourself. We want you to enjoy using and wearing our gear, safe in the knowledge that it is doing its job.

Stripes Gear is vibrant and fun, a lively change to single tone long underwear. Wear them walking the dog, skiing and paddling. Wear them in the garden, or at work.


These babies are bound to make you smile. The premium striped thermal pant, with a krazy twist. Guaranteed to make your friends howl with laughter when you drop your drawers in the day lodge. The funnest long johns you have ever seen.

The Premium Thermal Pant - Retail Price: $49.95 (Canadian)

Made of 100% premium polypropylene these babies will keep you warm while looking funky. They make a great base layer but are good for wandering about doing some shopping or walking the pooch. This is the Stripes Gear classic.

Wide banded waist, so you don't know it's there

Action gusset for greater movement and comfort

Tailored cut to ensure they really fit your body

Made with premium Shoeller polypropylene

Weight: 175g

Star Print Thermal Long Johns - Next Online - US Small Regular to XX Large Long - $27

Brushed fabric for extra warmth.

Ideal for skiing.

Bottoms to fit: Regular inside leg 31"/79cm.

Bottoms to fit: Long inside leg 33"/84cm.

46% cotton 27% polyester 27% viscose.

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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      The pair with the flying eyeballs almost constitutes assault with deadly fashion. I now know how to defeat the Zombie Apocalypse. Force the walking dead to wear the flying, burning eyeball design.

    • meggingmad profile image

      meggingmad 3 years ago

      They are becoming a fashion statement to wear out.