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Game of Thrones Hoodies

Updated on March 14, 2013

Hooded Sweatshirts featuring Game of Thrones HBO TV Show Logos by House

Game of Thrones Hoodies are awesome wear if you want to show of your affiliation with either Targaryen, Stark or Lannister. Whatever House you chose to support(I just love the dwarf so I'm a Lannister boy) there is a cool hoodie for you here. I've selected a couple of the best designs, of good materials and with cool prints.

Game Of Thrones Khaleesi Hoodie

Khaleesi (brown)hoodie - Baby Pink XX Large (52" Chest)
Khaleesi (brown)hoodie - Baby Pink XX Large (52" Chest)

Made out of a cotton and polyester mix this hoodie features a very large print of the Targaryen logo on the back and house Targaryen on the front. It's very cool and detailed with the dragons and I sure wouldn't mind sporting this one around my neighbourhood. It's very popular and there is only one left in stock right now so if you like it you have to be fast. Good luck.


More Game of Thrones

The writer is a ridiculously huge fan of Game of Thrones but also the Songs of Ice and Fire series and the Fantasy genre in general. Because of his Dutch heritage he started a website about how much he loves Game of Thrones or "Spel der Tronen" in Dutch. If you don't speak Dutch it's pretty boring I'm afraid but you never know when a dutchie comes along.

Deze Spel der Tronen site is gevuld met reviews van de opeenvolgende delen in het Lied van IJs en Vuur en willekeurig nieuws dat er te melden is omtrend de HBO successerie en natuurlijk ook het meest recente nieuws wat betreft de lancering van de nieuwste delen in het Lied van IJs en Vuur van George R.R. Martin.

Game of Thrones on YouTube

Couple of pretty cool videos on Youtube with Game of Thrones footage by fans and critics. There is some awesome stuff here to look through if you are a fan of the books or tv-show.


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