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The Sexy Garter Belts

Updated on January 22, 2015

The Magic of Garter Belts

Why to use a garter belt, why it looks so sexy, why man fantasize about them?

The story of these lingerie items goes back to the 1800's and are still here today!

The garter belt has been a symbol of sexy woman for some time now (at least that is how we fantasize them), garter belts and stockings are that sexy secret that can give you your sexy boost. Even if no one knows your wearing them you would love feeling sexy and confident all day.

For years women were told that pantyhose were more comfortable, although I believe this was exploited by the industry to keep selling them. There are some woman that I know that tried them and enjoy that classy, sexy feeling all day long.

Give it a try to you might discover you like them too!

Sexy Lingerie Garther Belt
Sexy Lingerie Garther Belt

Where the Garter Belt Comes From?

The garter belt is basically a piece of clothing, narrow bands of fabric that hold the stockings and prevent them from falling down. In the 1800's through the early 1900s they were used all the way to bellow the knee since stockings were not that high (Victorian dresses were long, because ladies did not show more than the ankle).

In the early part of the 1920s woman were more liberated and begin to show more of their legs, so the garter belts began to look more like we know them today.

Why they wore it, in those days the stockings were made of silk and rayon, materials that with the use might fall down, which created a necessity to have a piece of clothing to keep the stockings in place.

It was not until 1939 were the nylon stockings were sold; this material helped to keep the stockings in place and still women used garter belts.

With the pantyhose in the 60's, there was no need for the garter belt, so it passed to a daily use to a more fashion, special occasion item.

Garter Belt
Garter Belt

The Garter Belt Today

With the appearance of stockings with silicon top to prevent them from falling off, and new stretch fabrics that hold the stockings to the leg, the use of a garter belt was relegated to a special occasion thing.

Also with less woman using skirts everyday, the garter belt was not needed, or even the stockings.

But why there are still used today?

Well, because of that special occasion feeling, because its lingerie, not seen everyday, looking and making feel woman more sexy, it's a very special surprise, to find out that the woman you are going out with, under that dress is wearing a garter belt, it just changes the way you look at her.

TV and movies also influenced how we look at garter belts, from old movies, or the sexy bond girl that wears them, we have noted as very sexy a woman that wears them, in some cases this has become a fetish, almost something to adore if found, and definitely something to fantasize about.

Sexy Garter Belt
Sexy Garter Belt

Garters at weddings

One of the definite place a woman wears a garter belt is at their wedding, this has been a tradition for some woman, the fact that its their day and they want to look their best is the reason why some brides decide to use a garter belt with their special lingerie.

In other countries like Mexico, it's a common part of the wedding ritual (at the reception) for the groom to take the garter from his new wife and toss it to his unmarried male guests. This is similar to the bride throwing the bouquet. This practice was also common in Europe.

Another plus of the bride wearing a garter belt and lingerie, is the expectation that it causes to the groom. Nowadays there are not many secrets between the groom and bride to be, but this special occasion lingerie can create a mood of enthusiasm and desire expectation on the groom, so it ensures a special wedding night.

Sexy Lingerie Garter Belt
Sexy Lingerie Garter Belt

Have you worn a Garter Belt?

See results

What about white lingerie with a garter belt, is it as sexy as black or red?

Sexy lingerie white
Sexy lingerie white

Another sexy model from Besame

Sexy Ivory Lingerie garter belt
Sexy Ivory Lingerie garter belt

What do you think about Garter Belts?

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