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Gay Pride Bracelets, Rainbow, Triangle or Lambda

Updated on March 3, 2014

Gay Pride Bracelets come in all shapes and sizes

Gay Pride means to be proud of being gay and taking a stand against discrimination, hatred and even violence against transgender, bisexual, gay and lesbian people. It is a sign of dignity, equal rights and affirmation of the people that are so sexually oriented. The name is used by many organisations, communities, rights movements and media that want to associate themselves and stand for sexual diversity and gender variance. An alternative to bracelets are gay pride rings

The most famous symbol of gay pride is the rainbow. If you want to express Gay Pride wearing rainbow colors is usually effective. Then there is the Greek letter Lambda, the original symbol of the Gay Activist Alliance of New York. It's not entirely clear what it stands for but it's the Greek letter L of Liberation and also represents unity. Other popular symbols of Gay Pride black triangles(lesbian) or pink triangles(gay). These aren't as widely recognized and a little bit more subtle however there is great historical significance behind them as gays were forced to wear these as identifiers in Nazi camps. If you want to read a great article on Gay Pride symbols go here Article on Gay Pride Symbols


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    • flycatcherrr 4 years ago

      I just got it that the triangle is a derivative of the lambda - or it is the other way round?

    • The Gutter Monkey 4 years ago

      I'm not gay, but I am COMPLETELY pro, not only gay rights, but people being outspoken about their homosexuality in general. The bigotry over homosexuality may be dwindling down (finally!) but it's still alive and well, and mostly due to people not realizing that homosexuality is extremely prevalent in normal society, and not just some weird, monstrous thing.

      Personally I'm an atheist (another quickly rising outspoken minority) and I know that the more outspoken you become about these "hidden" things, the better it is not just for you, but for your entire community as well. When people realize that the people that are "different" are actually the people you know, it helps them come to the conclusion that that way of being isn't so scary, strange, or unusual as they have it built up in their minds.

    What's your opinion on Gay Pride Bracelets?

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      Rainbow Pride Bead Puka Shell

      This barcelet is made out of white puka shells that are accented by cute rainbow colored puka shell beads. Can be worn as either a bracelet or ankle bracelet, It is elastic and will stretch to fit up to 10 inch ankles or wrists.

      Gay Pride Silicone Bracelet Embossed

      Very affordable and simple silicone bracelet. It's rainbow colored but has the word PRIDE embossed on it.

      Gay Rainbow Sisters Gay Pride Silicone Bracelet Embossed
      Gay Rainbow Sisters Gay Pride Silicone Bracelet Embossed

      Gay Pride Bracelet

      Silicone Bracelet

      One Size Fits Most Adults


      White & Rainbow Pride Bead Puka

      Lot of white beads with some rainbow puka beads. This is a more subtle gay pride bracelet and it can be worn around the wrist or the ankle whichever you prefer.

      House of Harlow 1960 Gold Plated

      Since Feminists and Lesbians have started reclaiming the black triangle from Nazi abuse it is being worked in elegant jewelry designs. Not as flashy as the rainbow design it is a very powerful design nonetheless that any woman would be proud to wear.

      Torque Black Tone Bracelet

      Very simple geometric design that signifies Lesbian Pride in a powerful way, yet isn't as widely recognized. Personally I love the minimalist geometric design of this Gay Pride bracelet.

      Triangle Torque Bracelet Black Tone BA23 Geometric Wrist Cuff Bangle Fashion Jewelry
      Triangle Torque Bracelet Black Tone BA23 Geometric Wrist Cuff Bangle Fashion Jewelry

      Triangle Size: 1.5 inches. Bracelet Width: 2.75 inches.

      Makes a perfect gift.

      Search Magic Metal Jewelry for more jewelry styles.


      Greek Letter "Lambda" "Juliet" Beaded Bracelet

      Beautiful beaded bracelet with a Lambda hanger. Cute and chique and showing Gay Pride. Available with many different color beads; white, yellow, red, teal, black, pink, green and grey.

      Greek Letter "Lambda" 5 AB Crystal Charm Bracelet

      Elegantly designed Greek Lambda design. Hand painted plated charms on the chain with 5 swarovski crystals. The bracelet is about 6 inches and adjustable up to 8.