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Gems are really Fun

Updated on March 29, 2016


Gems and jewellery has been one of the fastest growing sector in India.Gemstones give good luck.They adorn woman body and provide her charm.They are beautiful stones.

Knowledge of using right gem stones at the right time in a right way is very helpful to achieve success in everyday life.Gem stones are for for various purposes,to adorn ourselves,to protect ourselves.I too wear them.

I hope that persons with astrological mindset will find this hub most useful and interesting.


Gem stones adorn us.According to an English dictionary the meaning of the word 'Gem' has been given as-'a precious stone when cut and polished with or without a design engraved on it,being of outstanding quality,beauty,the best,the choicest.

Since the dawn of civilization,gem stones have been favoured by Royalties,nobles and women to adorn themselves.They are also used for increasing wealth,power and popularity and also for averting diseases and disasters.


Gems are repositories of cosmic power.

Gem stones are used to avert the evil effects of planets.This is dependent on the colors and vibrations of the planet.All the planetary gem stones are highly sensitive and radioactive crystals and are perfect in filtering out their particular rays.

Human body is a composition of minerals,chemicals and its performance is according to proficiency or deficiency in the body of cosmic rays received from the planets.

A study of Gems-Auspicious and Inauspicious

According to Brihat Samhita a Ratna or gem which is endowed with good characteristics ensures good luck to kings(and so to others also) and with bad ones,brings disaster.So the examination of gems is very essential.

It is said that Gems came out from the bones of Balasur(a demon in Hindu Mythology).Some have expressed that they came from the bones of sage Daddhichi.Another view,that is now acknowledged universally and has been proved by the geological surveys,is that the wonderful variety of Gems(which are now mined in plenty)is caused by the characteristic qualities of the earth.

According to Acharya Varaha Mihira the Gems are as follows:

Diamond,Blue Sapphire(Neelam),Emarald,Agate,Ruby,Bloodstone,Cat's Eye,Amethyst,Vimlaka,Conch,Azure Stone,Yellow Sapphire(Pukhraj),Brahma Mani,Jyoti Rasa,Sasyaka,Pearl and Coral.


Mines of Diamonds and other gems were in existence in India in the ancient time.This is borne out by the description of decorations at Ayodhya when Shri Rama was to be crowned.

A Diamond is believed to be beneficial to its owner,if it cannot be cut by any other substance,is light,cleaves through water like a ray of light,is glossy and similar in lustre to lightening,fire or the rainbow.The Diamonds that show scratches,are mixed with colored substances,have double facets,are burnt,discolored lustreless,covered with bubbles,perforated,split at the points and ablong in shape are considered inauspicious.

Some are of the opinion that women wishing to beget sons should not wear a Diamond:but Varaha Mihir says a Diamond that is triangular,trigonal or like the buttocks,is productive of good results to women desiring male children.



For Rubies Varaha Mihir has said that they are born of sulphur,Kurvinda and Crystal.Those got out of sulphur exhibit the lustre of bees,lily or rose apple.Those that are got from Kurvinda are of pale lustre and mixed with mineral substances,those from crystal are lustrous,multi-colored and pure.

The general qualities of all excellent Gems(Rubies) are smoothness,lustre with rays,purity,sparkle,heaviness,fine shape,brilliance within and bright redness.

Stones are defective if they are impure,of dull lustre,full of scratches,mixed with mineral substances,broken,not attractive and mixed with gravel.

The Ruby obtained from the head of a serpent which has the hue of a bee or peacock's neck and which shines like the flame of a lamp is known to be of inestimable value.A king who wears this serpent gem will never have troubles arising from poison or diseases.



Pearls look very beautiful.Pearls are got from:

1. Elephants

2. Serpants

3. Pearl oysters

4. Conch shells

5. Clouds

6. Bamboos

7. Whales and

8. Hogs but the best pearls are those that come out from Pearl-oysters.

The pearl born out of the root of elephant's tusk was very valuable and lustrous.The pearl obtained from whales resembled a fish's eye.It was large,pure and of great value.

It was said that the pearl was produced in the clouds of the seventh layer of the wind in the sky in the manner of hail stones.Such Pearls never reached the earth.

The Pearl from bamboo resembled Camphor or Crystal and was flat and uneven,and that from Conch was round,lustrous,beautiful and moonlike.

All the above categories of Pearls were considered to be extremely valuable.


Emerald are beautiful.An Emerald of the hue of parrot's wings,bamboo leaves,banana trunk(greyish yellow) and of good quality(as smoothness,purity) was highly beneficial to people when they wore it at ceremonies inhonour of gods.

A women adorned with gem stones
A women adorned with gem stones

A noted Gemmologist Mab Wilson,in his book 'Gems' has given the following list of birthstones which he claims to have been widely prevalent:

Date of Birth
Sun Sign
March 21-April 20
April 21- May 21
May 22-June 21
Pearl or Moonstone
June 22-July 22
July 23-August 22
Sardony or Peridot
August 23-Sept 22
Sept 23-Oct 22
Oct 23-Nov 22
Yellow Sapphire,Topaz
Nov 23-Dec 21
Turquoise,Hessonite Garnet(Gomedha)
Dec 22-Jan 20
Pyrope Garnet(Tamra)
Jan 21-Feb 19
Feb 20-March 20
Gem stones according to Sun Sign

In the West there is a practice or a custom of wearing lucky gems according to the days of the week as indicated below:

Day of the Week
Gem stone
Pearl or Opal
Bloodstone or Amethyst
Olivine,Jade or Agate
Emerald or Sapphire
Lapis Lazuli or Turquoise
Gems according to days of week

Mystical and Divine Powers of Gems

The most important gem stones and their effects are given below:

1. Agate: A lucky stone for agriculturists and gardeners.It brings love and friendship to the wearer and ensures good health and long life.

2. Amber: It wards off infections and diseases.It should be worn as a necklace of Amber beads.It also brings happiness.

3. Amethyst: This is a lover's gem,signifying faithfulness and true love.A particular charm for lovers.

4. Aquamarine: It ensures happiness if given to a girl by the bridegroom.It is also a lucky stone for sailors.

5. Bloodstone: In the past,soldiers used to wear it as it was supposed to infuse the wearer with courage,and was reputed to have the power of stopping bleeding.This is not a stone for women.

6. Chrysolite: It will ward off sadness and evil passions.

7.Carnelian: A stone that ensures good fortune,robust health and a long life.

8. Coral: A lucky stone for brides.It brings happiness to married women.

9. Diamond: A very powerful gem-It is supposed to impart to the wearer wisdom,joy and courage.

10. Emerald: Very lucky if given as a gift by a lover.A symbol of kindness and love.

11.Garnet: It stands for constancy and fidelity.

12.Jaycynth: Endows the wearer with charm if set in gold.

13. Jade: The lucky stone of the Chinese,reputed to ensure good health and long life.

14. Jasper: A symbol of firmness and qualities of endurance.

15. Moonstone: It should be worn by sailors and those who travel by sea or land.It gives peace to a worried and anxious mind.

16. Onyx: This stone will ensure conjugal fidelity,especially for those born in August.

17. Pearl: Considered to be inspirer of of love since Cleopatra and Anthony.It is reputed to be able to abate fevers and soothe frayed tempers.

18. Ruby: The gem of love.It is supposed to drive away ghosts and dispel sadness.

19. Sapphire: Like all blue stones it is lucky for lovers.

20. Topaz: This stone stands for friendship and fidelity.

21. Turquoise: This stone is lucky for those who lead an adventurous life as it protects the wearer from danger.

Medicinal use of gems


Both the ashes and powder of Ruby are used for medicinal purposes.Ruby produces more blood and improves its circulation in the body,curbs troubles caused by excessive wind,and is beneficial for disorders and diseases of stomach.


It has been found very beneficial in diseases caused by the deficiency of calcium in the body.


If a paste is prepared by rubbing the Coral in a mortar in rose water and is applied on the belly of a pregnant woman,impending abortion is averted.


Emerald is used after being triturated in rose water.It proves beneficial in urinary troubles and heart diseases.

White Sapphire:

This gem stone gives relief in vomitting and cures troubles caused by excess of wind and phlegm.It is useful to cure burning in stomach,leporacy and piles.It is triturated in rose water,dried and then used.


Powdered diamond is forbidden for oral use.Only its ashes prepared in the prescribed manner should be used for medicinal purpose.Its ashes gives relief in and cures Tuberculosis,dropsy,diabetes,ulcers in anus,anaemia,inflammation.

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      Parul Srivastava 2 years ago from Lucknow,India

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