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Find Tattoo Designs Online

Updated on November 18, 2009

Choosing a tattoo design

You’ve decided that you want a tattoo but do you know what design you want? I f there’s a tattoo studio near where you live they will have thousands of designs available, everything from the traditional styles favoured by members of the armed forces and bikers to the latest feminine designs. The days when you would probably have been afraid to go into the studio have long past, though you may find that certain studios are frequented by a particular clientele such as bikers or Goths. But many studios nowadays are welcoming to all new clients.

What if you want a design that’s personal and unique to you? Many tattooists are very talented artists as well, if you can tell them exactly what you want or even show them a rough sketch there’s a good likelihood they will be able to transform it into a stunning tattoo design. No doubt this is likely to cost extra but you will get just what you heart desires.

woman's lower back tattoo
woman's lower back tattoo

Draw your own tattoo design

Maybe you’re a talented artist yourself, in which case take your own drawings along to the tattoo studio and have them turned into tattoo designs. Remember not to copy anything from books, magazines or anywhere else for that matter. Most pictures you see will be subject to copyright. This means that the original artist or the owner of the copyright is protected by law from theft of their designs, so for you to use them without permission would be theft.

Traditional tattoo design or modern?

Whatever style of tattoo design you decide you want the choice these days seems almost infinite. From the traditional skulls and roses, through the patriotic featuring national flags, the dolphins, fairies and pixies beloved of so many women and girls, to the myriad varieties of Tribal designs. Modern tattoo techniques are so good you can have portraits of people; either friend’s family or celebrities tattooed on your body and the results can be almost photographic in quality.

Where to place your tattoo

The choice of tattoo design will depend to some extent on where on your body you want the tattoo. You’re not short of choice considering that the average human being has around somewhere between sixteen and 20 square feet of skin from which to choose.
There are still not many people who choose to have a tattoo on their face, but it seems acceptable to have a tattoo applied almost anywhere else.

Location, location, location.

The position of your tattoo might be influenced by what you do for a living, if you’re a rock god then the choice is yours alone. If you’re a mere mortal than you may want to choose allocation which can only be seen in private or which can be covered by clothing when necessary. Many women have tattoos on their lower back or abdomen both of which are easily concealed when the need arises. Arm band or wrist tattoos can be concealed by sleeves or wrist watches.

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