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Get Real Hip Hop Jewelry For Cheap

Updated on February 7, 2015

Hip Hop Jewelry has been extremely popular among rap artists over the past decade, and has become a symbol of success, shiny jewelry that displays wealth.

Hip Hop jewelry refers to the very extreme kind of ornamentation that hip hop artists often display, most often found in the form of large diamonds, heavy gold and platinum chains, and flashy belt buckles.

Is also characterized by its intricate beadwork and large over-the-top sizes. Hip Hop Jewelry is available in everything you can think of:

  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Chains
  • Bracelets
  • Grills and more

The broad appeal of hip hop jewelry is style, the human desire to be seen. Hip Hop Jewelry can be worn dressed up or dressed down, but no matter how it's worn, it's anything but understated.

Hip Hop Jewelry
Hip Hop Jewelry

Bling Bling

Hip Hop Jewelry is also known as bling bling jewelry. Bling-bling is a slang term referring to flashy jewelry. Is an ideophone intended to evoke the "sound" of light hitting silver, platinum, or diamonds.

When you have "bling-bling" it refers to obvious and appealing wealth.

The term has become so frequently used in terms of hip hop jewelry that it was officially introduced into the Oxford English Language Dictionary in 2003.

In hip hop culture the term makes reference to jewelry and ornamented accessories that are carried, worn, or installed, such as cell phones or tooth caps incrusted with jewels.

Bling bling may include thick gold necklaces, heavy pendants, and large, flashy diamond rings. Bling Pendants are typically diamond encrusted, and are made from either gold or platinum.

Iced Out

Jewelry that is covered in diamonds and made of rare metals is referred as "iced out", from the slang word ice which refers to the glitter or sparkle of ice and diamond and platinum jewelry.

These days you can get "iced out" for much less than you think. Bling bling it's made affordable with new bling manufacturing techniques.

Iced Out Hip Hop Grill
Iced Out Hip Hop Grill


In hip hop culture, a grill (also front or golds) is a type of jewelry worn over the teeth.

Grills are made of metal (often silver, gold, or platinum) that is sometimes inlaid with precious stones, they are generally removable,

The Hip Hop Jewelry's Flashy Style

In hip hop collections Bling Bling popular pieces include:

  • Crosses and Jesus pendants
  • Dog tag pendants
  • Gold or silver teeth or grillz
  • Watches
  • Belt buckles
  • Bullet chains
  • Spinner rings and pendants
  • Magnetic earrings
  • Celebrity artist fan jewelry

Hip Hop Jewelry For Cheap
Hip Hop Jewelry For Cheap

Hip Hop Jewelry For Cheap

Hip hop jewelry is now worn by a large percentage of youth around the world. Fans to bling like their favorite rappers.

Nowadays is possible to wear hip hop jewelry that looks like a million bucks, but may cost less than $100.

There are plenty of solutions for those who love the look of hip hop jewelry, but aren't so keen on the high price that accompanies it.

Many jewelers offer more moderate gold, silver, diamond, and other looks in jewelry at more affordable prices.

Designers have also begun creating hip hop jewelry that emulates the more expensive styles, but with alternative materials, faux metals, and faux stones that are far less expensive and more affordable for the everyday person.

These materials may include:

  • Plated Metals
  • Crystal
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Colored Stones

Liberace - King of Bling
Liberace - King of Bling

King of Bling

Liberace was a famous pianist of Polish and Italian descent. During the 1950s–1970s he was the highest paid entertainer in the world. Liberace created a very successful publicity machine which helped rocket him to stardom.

He began to expand his act and made it more extravagant, with more costumes and a larger supporting cast.

Liberace was the originator of ostentation, and trademarked him as the King of Bling.

Liberace gets a shout-out in "Bling: The Hip-Hop Jewelry Book" as a pioneer of the luxe life. Reggie Osse (coauthor of the book) says:

  • He was very flamboyant and had no hesitation in showing his wealth. The guy was just glowing with jewelry.

Consider Liberace's appetite for finer things: 400 costumes, more than half a dozen homes, 30 to 50 cars, at least 26 dogs, and a museum devoted entirely to himself.

That's not too far from today rappers who adorn their teeth with diamonds or show big necklaces with dollar signs. They're the Liberaces of today.

Images by
    Laguna3DGuy        Bling
    Volker Neumann     Bling-Bling
    feastoffools       Liberace
    thebestbradle      Grill


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      tiffanyjewelry 7 years ago

      Bling bling or jewelries is one of the stuff that hip hop must have. It enhance the overall physical attribute of a person.

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      jewellery channel 7 years ago

      hip hop jewellery has got its own charm...