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7 Easy Tips to Get Rid of Wrinkles Under Eyes

Updated on August 26, 2013

Wrinkles Under Eyes

The eyes are arguably the most attractive feature of the face. But at the same time, they also bare the first signs of aging. Wrinkles under eyes can appear as soon as your mid-20s. As you squint, a little crow’s feet show up as well. Things get worse as time goes on and the next thing you know, you have to face the inevitable fact that you have to live with wrinkles under eyes. It is quite frightening and depressing just thinking about these unalterable results of the aging process, but there are actually ways on how to get rid of wrinkles under eyes. There are even home remedies that will help you remove under eye wrinkles and help you maintain beautiful skin.

What Causes Wrinkles Under Eyes?

First, it is important that you understand what causes wrinkles under eyes. The primary cause is sun damage. It speeds up the ageing process, causing your skin to break down and become more susceptible to wrinkles. Age is also a major factor. As you get older, your skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity, making it easier for wrinkles to form. Some lifestyle habits also contribute to having wrinkles under eyes such as smoking, squinting and not getting enough sleep. Your facial expressions are also to blame for having wrinkles.

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Under Eyes

1. Moisturize the skin around your eyes.

Dry skin is more likely to suffer from wrinkles under eyes. It is a good habit to moisturize the skin around your eyes using a facial moisturizer. You can also go natural and use cucumber slices. Cucumber has high water content, making for an excellent natural moisturizer. Just place cucumber slices over your eyes for 15 minutes. Do this as often as you can.

2. Use eye creams.

To help your skin retain its elasticity, use eye creams that contain Vitamin C or retinol. These ingredients promote the production of collagen, the protein responsible for the skin’s ability to bounce back. There are many eye creams that claim to get rid of wrinkles under eyes so make sure that you choose carefully.

3. Wear sunscreen.

As mentioned earlier, sun damage is the number one cause of wrinkles. Protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun by wearing sunscreen with at least SPF 15. Apply sunscreen around 20 minutes before you head outside and make sure that you re-apply every couple of hours.

4. Use protective gears.

Some seemingly innocuous things might be the cause of your under eye wrinkles. These include squinting and not carrying an umbrella when you head outside. Make it a habit to use protective gears when you have to expose yourself to the sun. Wear sunglasses to help you prevent squinting your eyes. Also carry an umbrella or wear a hat to protect other parts of your body from the UV rays of the sun.

5. Eat healthy.

You might doubt the link between food and wrinkles but all experts will tell you that a great way to have healthy skin is to start from the inside. Eat foods rich in antioxidants such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. Avoid a salty diet as it causes water retention, leading to bags under eyes.

6. Eliminate bad habits.

If you have bad habits such as smoking and not having enough sleep, don’t be surprised if you look a lot older compared to your neighbor who is 10 years older than you. These bad habits make you look pale and tired all the time. Smoking causes your skin to break down prematurely, and lack of sleep makes you look like a mess the next morning. So take little steps until you are able to change these bad lifestyle habits.

7. Opt for medical treatments.

Of course, there are medical treatments that will help you remove wrinkles under eyes. These treatments range from microdermabrasion to fillers, and Botox injections to surgery. These treatments will put a dent in your pocket and some require numerous sessions to see optimal results. If you are willing to spend money, consult with your doctor and ask which treatment you should use to get rid of wrinkles under eyes.

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    • profile image

      Tressie Dawson 4 weeks ago

      Nice post! The content is really very informative and useful. One friend of mine had wrinkles under her eyes. She used Lifecell skin cream and it really worked for her. Thi sis an amazing product and works on wrinkles and fine lines. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Mashiya 5 years ago

      It's a very informative tips really Thanking you