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Acne Prevention and Treatment

Updated on March 26, 2013

One of the most common skin conditions that affect a majority of the population all over the world is acne. It is an embarrassing and uncomfortable skin condition that feels like you have no control over. There are many different methods on the market today to try to get rid of acne. Everyone wants to get rid of their acne quick and simple, without the hassle for good. But is that really possible? Yes it can be possible, I believe the best way to achieve clear and radiant skin is work and time. The methods on the market are there to help aid the process and can only help to a certain extent. After many times of trial and error on myself my skin is finally coming around and is getting better. Of course my skin is still not perfect but compared to what it was before my skin has improved a great deal. Outlined below are the ways that has helped me improve my skin. Please keep in mind that not all techniques work for everyone, everyone’s skin is unique and different. This is just an outline with ways to improve your skin from my own experience, and of course there are other methods as well that I have not listed most likely because I have not tired it or it had no effect on me. For the best result of how you should treat you skin, consulting a dermatologist or your doctor for optimal results.

First thing that everyone should do is know their skin type. This is very important because in order to use the right products to clean your face properly without damaging your skin you need to know what type of skin you have. Someone with dry skin will treat their skin differently versus someone that has very oily skin. The basic skin types are: normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive. I personally have combination-sensitive skin type, my T-zone is oily and the other areas of my face is dry, after I shower my skin gets dry if I do not moisturize right away, and also after a few hours of washing my face my skin starts to get very oily. My skin is also quit sensitive, if I use the wrong beauty products, change my diet, or don’t get enough sleep I still break out. I thought I had dry skin before, but I did notice all these other things as well which I concluded to me having combination and sensitive skin and I confirm with my dermatologist so that I did not treat my skin wrong due to wrong diagnosis.

One of the best natural acne treatments is water, drinking lots of water keeps your skin dehydrated and also cleanses your skin from the inside out, basically flushing out the toxins in our body and skin. Drinking close to 8 glasses of water a day is not only good for your skin but your overall health. Almost 70% of our body is liquid so keeping dehydrated just makes sense since you are constantly disposing liquid out of your body through different ways. Water also helps carry nutrient to cells which includes the skin therefore helping skin stay radiant and hydrated. Also drinking plenty of fluids is essential to our muscles, which means it helps your skin look more vibrant and youthful. Listed are just a few reasons of why we need to keep our body hydrated, there are plenty more reasons of why everyone should drink enough water daily! Green tea is another great fluid that will help not only to get your fluid into your body but also as an anti-oxident.

Next is remembering that sunlight is good for your skin, of course with the right protection. You should never expose your skin to direct sunlight and over exposure to sunlight this can cause skin pigmentation, wrinkles, skin cancer, and other damages to skin cells causing harm. But with the right protection getting sunlight in good moderation is good to you; it will give your skin a nice radiant glow, helps clear up our skin (acne, rashes, boils, eczema, ect).

As I was researching about acne light therapy treatment I learnt a lot of new things. Sunlight was once a cure for people that suffer from acne prone skin. Even the dermatologists today still encourage their patients that suffer from acne to get more sunlight but of course you should wear sunscreen. Sunscreen can sometimes block our pores and we are back to square one with acne problems but if you choose water-based sunscreen then it will not clog your pores causing acne. You should wash your face often as you can when you have sunscreen on and reapply the sunscreen.

Pillow cases are something that we do not think about too often, but now is the time to think about it. You sleep on your pillow every night. Even if you wash your face and hair before going to sleep your face and hair will build oil over night and that will be transferred to your pillow case. So wash your pillow case often so that the old oil from your face and hair do not get transferred back onto your face at night while you sleep.

This brings me to my next point, which is washing your hair before going to sleep. If you do not want to wash your hair with shampoo that is okay, just rinse your hair out of all the oil and if you really do not want to wash your hair then you can tie it into a ponytail. Your hair builds oil over the day and also gets dirt or dust particles trapped, we do not want this to be transferred to our face while we sleep.

Pillow cases and washing your hair is a good start but you should also think about hygiene for everything else in your life like making sure you wash your hands often or avoid touching your face since it is impossible to wash your hands constantly. Wash your face as often as you can as well and make sure all your make up products are clean as well!

If you can try to sleep on your back because sleeping is your sleeping on the side means more contact with your pillow and your hair and so we all know the rule of gravity. Sleeping on your face will mean your skin is stretched backwards inside of to one side. Getting a full eight hours of sleep is the key! When you are sleeping your body is repairing anything that is wrong with it including acne.

Even though this is said many many times, exercise is another important thing to having beautiful clear skin. Exercise is just as important as drinking plenty of fluid. If you get enough exercise, you can sweat out all the dirt that is trapped inside our pores. Plenty of exercise will increase blood circulation leading to glowing skin and also can reduce stress. And remember to wash up after exercising so that more dirt does not get trapped in your pores!

Eating right is also very important, foods and drinks that is high in anti-oxident is best. Food that are high in anti-oxidents are lemon, tomatoes, berries, green tea, and there are many more. (Avoid food that is high in fat)

Facial steaming with lemon is really good for your skin, you can just boil a pot of water and with lemon and use a towel and just put it over your head over the pot of water for 5 minute of the pot and 2 minute off the pot. Make sure the water is not too hot as well or you will burn yourself.

Try to only wear make up only when it is necessary, I know this is super hard to do this sometimes. But this is best for your skin. If you do wear makeup wash your face properly, make sure there is no more make up left on your skin. If you do use cleansing wipes, wash your wash afterwards. A lot of cleansing wipes will leave residue on your skin and can cause a pH imbalance.

The last suggestion that I have to do not stress about your acne, the more you stress the more you will break up. Stress causes acne, so if you stop stressing then your skin will stop stressing and your acne will slowly start to go away.

We’re all beautiful =]


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