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Girl Backpacks For School

Updated on September 11, 2014
High Sierra Loop Backpack
High Sierra Loop Backpack | Source

Girl School Backpacks - So Many Options!

All girls need backpacks for school this time of the year. With the Back to School activities in full swing, many parents are looking for the best deals on everything, from notebooks, to backpacks, and sneakers.

Backpacks are a necessity for today's students to carry books and school supplies. They come in many styles and colors for everyone's taste.

How to Choose a Backpack for School

When it's time to buy a backpack for your child you may want to consider these tips on how to choose a backpack for school.

- Wide, padded straps and a padded back are the best choice since it will help distribute weight more effectively. Single shoulder strap backpacks may look cool, but their use is suspected of causing back strain.

- More compartments may help distribute weight from the backpack. Having multiple compartments may also help your children find items that may be lost on the inside of the backpack.

- Choose the smallest possible backpack to hold your child's items. Backpacks which are wider than your child's torso are not recommended; they should also rest against the curve of your child's back but not more than 4 inches above their waist.

- Lightweight nylon or canvas might be the best choice for material. Leather backpacks may be durable but they are considerably heavier and may retain water if they get wet.

Girl JanSport Backpacks

These are my daughter's favorite backpacks, so I thought I'd share them with you.

What Backpack Do You Prefer?

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Which Backpack Features Should You Look For?

- Some backpacks are made with wheels; however, your child's school may not allow this type of backpack. Check with your child's school before purchasing this type.

- Backpacks with zippers that open 2/3 of the pack enable students to remove items without emptying the bag entirely.

- Zippers which can be locked will help protect your child's belongings as well as keep items in the backpack.

- An internal frame would also be a good feature to look for. These backpacks will not be bulky like camping ones but will provide stability, support, and comfort.

- Two more features that would assist in distribution are a waist belt and sternum strap. Both of these items will help keep the weight distributed evenly which will save your child from having excessive shoulder pain.

Tips on How to Carry a Backpack

When you choose a backpack, teach your children the proper way to wear it. You'll want to explain to them that wearing the backpack on one shoulder can cause curvature of the spine, shoulder pain, and cause them to lean to one side. Wearing a backpack improperly can also cause tingling in the neck, arm, and hands.

You'll also want to recommend that your child carry only necessary items in the backpack to reduce the weight. Ask them to tell you if they begin experiencing pain, numbness, or tingling so it can be addressed as quickly as possible.

These tips on how to choose a backpack for school can be used no matter what your child's age. Backpacks are necessary for children of nearly all ages but that doesn't mean your child has to suffer when carrying one. Teach them how to use a backpack properly after you purchase it, to avoid any chance of injury.

Girl Rolling Backpack

Some girls don't want to carry their backpack (because it's too heavy, or because it wrinkled their clothes, or just because they want to be different ) and a rolling backpack is the perfect solution.

What Type of Backpack Does Your Girl Love?

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      Kumar P S 5 years ago

      Nice collection ! Thanks for sharing.

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      I think Skip Hop is a winner here!

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      mountainstevo 6 years ago

      Excellent tips for choosing a back pack - love it!

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      Cynthia Davis 6 years ago from Pittsburgh

      Nice selection of backpacks!

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      Great ideas for girl's backpacks! Blessed by a Squid Angel :)