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Exciting Halloween Costume Ideas for your Little One

Updated on July 15, 2011
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If you ask kids around what their most favorite time of the year is, most of them would answer Halloween. After all, this is the time when they can dress up as scary ghouls and go on exciting trick or treat adventures. This is why, even as early as now, you and your kids are already planning what their costumes would be for this year. To give you some exciting and fantastic ideas, check out these options below.

Little Cowboy

The Mysterious Gypsy

For girls, the best idea would be to wear two to three layers of skirts, placing them on top of each other. Match this with a peasant blouse and lots of colorful jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and bangles. Now for the boys, they can wear loose pants, tucked neatly into their cowboy boots. Have them wear shirts, which they have to leave unbuttoned, and accessorize with gold necklaces. Do not forget to wear a scarf, one on the head and another around the waist.

Ahoy Matey Pirate

Bandanas, eye patches, hooks, and pirate hats are just few of the items you can use to dress up your little pirates. Think of Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean or imitate the look of the pirates in the movie Hook. For a special touch, do not forget to have your kids bring a small treasure box in lieu of the traditional trick or treat bag.

Styles of Cowboy Boots

Wild West Cowboy/Cowgirl

Have the kids wear jeans and flannel shirts. Top these with vests or jackets. Stick badges onto their vests and jackets. Put gun holsters around their waists. Of course, do not forget the boys or girls cowboy boots and the cowboy hats. Accessorize the kids’ look with leather chaps, bandanas, and lassos. For the boys, you can also stick or draw a fake moustache to make them look more like real cowboys. For added effect, given them stick horses to ride on.

Hilarious Toilet Costume

Not at all scary but outright humorous, the toilet getup is one unique Halloween costume that would surely elicit laughter from your neighbors. To make this costume, you can use large cardboards, draw the shape of a toilet and cut them out. Paint the costume with white paint.

The Mummy Returns

This is probably the easiest costume to do as you only need rolls of gauze or tissue paper to do the trick. Wrap your kids with these but just be sure that you do not do this too tightly as not to inhibit blood circulation. Be sure to leave enough space around the eyes, nose and mouth so that the kids would not experience any difficulty in seeing or breathing.

Thinking of Halloween costumes is always fun and exciting not only for the children but also for the parents who cannot wait to see their kids in these fabulous outfits. Remember, with a little creativity, you do not need to spend much just to create a wonderful costume that would surely be a big hit.


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