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Create Shimmering Designs with a Glitter Tattoo Kit

Updated on August 25, 2013

Glitter Tattoos Are a Fun Way to Add Bling to Your Skin!

Whether you are heading out for a wild night on the dance floor or looking for a neat activity for your kids, a glitter tattoo kit is guaranteed to add fun.

We all know that face painting is a major hit with children. Temporary tattoos and henna tattoo are very popular with people of all ages. Well, you can take it to the next level and add some "bling-bling" to your skin with some glitter tattoos that are sure to get you noticed.

These kits will come with everything you need to get started, and are very easy to use. In fact, many can be used by children and will be rated for ages 8 and up. They will often have a number of stencils, glue, and glitter. A glitter tattoo can last for up to 7 days, even after showering.

You can even create your own templates to make your own tattoo designs. Now how fun is that!

(Image Credit to Jill Saperstein - Licensed via Creative Commons with Attribution)

Glitter Tattoo Kits for Kids

We all know that kids are nuts over things like face painting and temporary tattoos. Heck, I can remember how excited I got if the prize in my box of Cracker Jacks was a temporary tattoo.

These activities have gotten so popular that you see them everywhere. I see face painting at all of the church picnics, at birthday parties, and even at the state fair. My daughter and her friend went to the fair last night and both came home with matching face painting designs. Over the Summer, we attended a birthday party for one of our friend's children, and they had a face painting artist come to the party.

If you want to add a fun activity your next birthday party or get together for your children, then consider one of the fun glitter tattoo kits below. They are sure to please.

Glimmer Body Art Party in a Box Glitter Tattoo Kit - Blossom
Glimmer Body Art Party in a Box Glitter Tattoo Kit - Blossom

The Party in a Box Glitter Tattoo Kit is ideal for ladies and little-ladies alike. It contains everything you need to make your own glitter tattoos quickly and easily.

The kit includes the glue, two brushes, 4 different glitters, and a dozen stencils. The stencils measure 3 inches by 2 inches. There are 6 designs of butterflies and 6 designs of flowers.

These glitter tattoos are waterproof and will list from 3 to 7 days. Both the glitter and glue has been tested by a US dermatologist to ensure that it is safe for the skin.

Give this Party in a Box Glitter Tattoo Kit a try at your next party.

Glimmerart Pop Classic Boy and Girl Professional Glitter Tattoo
Glimmerart Pop Classic Boy and Girl Professional Glitter Tattoo

If you are looking for a glitter tattoo kit that will have designs that will keep both boys and girls happy, then look no further. The Pop Classic Boy and Girl Professional Glitter Tattoo Kit contains everything you need. You get cosmetic glue, four cosmetic glitter colors, two brushes, twelve adhesive stencils, and an instruction card to get you started.

The stencil designs in this kit provide a variety that will keep both the girls and boys happy. They can choose from a dragon fly, peace sign, skull and crossbones, sea horse, lizard, cherries, stars, lips, and more!


Glitter Tattoo Kits for Adults

Glitter tattoos aren't just for kids. Many teens and adults are adorning their bodies with glitter tattoos. They are lots of fun, draw attention, and can make you stand out in a crowd.

If you are looking for a little extra flash on the dance floor or at the night club, a glitter tattoo is a great way to get noticed.

They are also waterproof, so you can wear one to the pool or the beach and not worry about it washing off right away. In fact, they will last for around 7 days.

Teens and adults don't want kiddie-designs for their tattoos. So take a look at the kit below that offers some adult-design stencils. There is also a great set of additional stencils that can give you even more choices.

LIL DIVAS Glitter Tattoo Kit with 6 Large Glitters & 12 Stencils for Temporary Tattoos - HYPOALLERGENIC and DERMATOLOGIST TESTED!
LIL DIVAS Glitter Tattoo Kit with 6 Large Glitters & 12 Stencils for Temporary Tattoos - HYPOALLERGENIC and DERMATOLOGIST TESTED!

The GlitZGlam Glitter Tattoo kit contains 12 stencil patterns that kids, teenagers, and adults would all be happy to wear.

The tattoo stencil patterns include, a long stem rose, cascading hearts, cascading butterflies, a heart & wings, lips, a diamond, and many more.

This kit contains everything you need. It contains more colors than most kits, with 6 extra large glitter colors. There are also two high quality cosmetic brushes and the body adhesive included in this kit. It is hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types.

These glitter tattoos will also be waterproof, so they are great for a day at the pool or the beach.

95 Pc - Glitter Tattoo Stencil Sample Pack includes glue
95 Pc - Glitter Tattoo Stencil Sample Pack includes glue

Check out this great selection of stencil patterns that will give you lots of options for your glitter tattoos. There are 65 three part vinyl adhesive stencils in this kit. They are one time use stencils, but only cost approximately 27 cents a piece.

There are some great adult designs here, so give them a closer look.


Make Your Own Glitter Tattoo Stencils

The glitter tattoo kits are great, but you may feel a little bit limited by the number of stencil designs that they have to offer. Yes, you can go out and buy sets of additional stencils that will provide a number of new designs.

But what if you want something really unique that you cannot find a stencil for? Maybe you want to do a glitter tattoo of your favorite grade school, high school, or college sports team. Maybe you have an artistic flair and want to design stencils based on your own work.

Well, creating your own glitter tattoo stencils is easier than you might think, and you can do it with some simple materials that you may already have around your home.

What you need:

  • A sheet of clear contact paper. This is the tacky paper that you might use to line your drawers or cabinet shelves with. It is often sold in many drug stores or retail stores like Walmart.
  • An X-Acto knife. These are available at many craft stores.
  • A thin permanent marker.
  • A pair of scissors.

Here is how you create your stencil:

  • Cut your contact paper to size, making sure that you leave at least a half inch margin on the sides.
  • Draw your design on the contact paper with the permanent marker. If you have an existing design, you can even overlay it on the contact paper and slowly trace it with the permanent marker. A fine tip marker works best. You can allow the design to bleed through onto the contact paper this way.
  • Use the X-Acto knife to precisely cut out your template on the contact paper. Use a piece of cardboard or an old magazine beneath the contact paper, so you don't damage your work surface.
  • Peel the contact paper from its backing and apply to your skin in the exact location you want your glitter tattoo.
  • Use the ingredients in your glitter tattoo kit to complete your tattoo, using your own custom template.

(Image Credit to Michelle Brunner - Licensed via Creative Commons with Attribution)

What's In The Box Video

Here is a What's In The Box video showing the contents of the Ybody Glitter Shimmer Temporary Tattoo Party Kit. This isn't one of the cheapest temporary tattoo kits on the market, but it is one of the highest rated. With an average 4.5 out of 5 star customer rating, it is sure to please.

There is a variety of 30 self-adhesive stencils in this kit, and 8 glitter colors for your designs. This kit is made for parties, and everybody is guaranteed to love them.

Get a first hand look at everything this kit contains by watching the video below.

Here is a video showing the contents of the Ybody Glitter Tattoo kit. The contents of this kit are typical for what you will find in most other glitter tattoo kits.

Temporary Tattoos and Children

There has been a debate stirring amongst some of my friends and about temporary tattoos and applying them to children. Some of us believe that these sparkling temporary tattoos are a fun activity for children's birthday parties. They are temporary, and the kids really seem to love them.

Another one of our friends was opposed to any kind of temporary tattoo on their child, because she feels that it will predispose them to end up getting a real tattoo in their early adult years.

What do you think?

Should parents allow their children to get these temporary glitter tattoos?

Would you allow your child to get a temporary or glitter tattoo?

See results

So what do you think about these glitter tattoos and glitter tattoo kits?

Look like fun?

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