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Glitter Makeup Looks, Tips and Tutorials

Updated on June 25, 2014

Glitter Makeup Tips

Glitter makeup is a wonderful tool for women to use to generate appreciation and attention for the beautiful eyes of those incorporating this look.

The eyes isn't the only use for glitter, as it can be applied to other parts of the face as well. Glitter isn't only used for going out and looking good either, as it can be used as part of makeup used for Halloween or other costume events as well to accentuate the overall mask you're creating.

A primary strength of glitter makeup is not only does it make you look great, but it adds dimension and sparkle to your own eyes, resulting in the illusion you're in a good mood and, because of that, will be good company.

That's not to say our mood shouldn't line up with our look, but if we're having a down day, it won't show with the wonderful glitter helping to hide a frown.

Glitter Makeup and Your Mood

Another wonderful benefit of using glitter on the eyes is the positive reaction most people give to it.

So even if you may be having a down day, adding some glitter will perk you up after the positive responses to your sparkling look.

When people enjoy the glimmer of your eyes, most of the time you will respond with a glimmer inside, changing your mood if it needs to be.

Glitter and Your Natural Eye Color

When using glitter around your eyes, it has the fantastic effect of enhancing the natural color of the eyes, bringing out the color in a way that makes them stand out more than usual.

It's hard to explain because of the different use of makeup, glitter, and the color of the eyes. But try it with a before and after look, and you'll see clearly how the color of your eyes appear differently in the sense of bringing it out more.

Again, this depends upon things like the color of the foundation you use, the makeup, and the glitter. A little experimentation will reveal to you what works best.

How to Apply Glitter Makeup

You can apply glitter makeup with your fingers or a brush. In the case of a brush, using an application flat synthetic brush is preferable.

The best of these would be a taklon brush you would use when applying concealer. They allow you to be very precise when applying glitter in areas you want it concentrated.

On the other hand, when wanting to apply glitter to other parts of your face such as cheeks, brow bone and eyelids, using an eye shadow brush will work better there.

Your Glitter Makeup Look

As mentioned earlier, it depend upon what your purpose is as to how you create the look you want using glitter as part of the design.

When wanting to use it when going out, you want to be careful not to overdo it unless you're going somewhere where it wouldn't be inappropriate or clash with the social setting you're in.

For example, it may be fun in some settings to wear glitter on your lips, while other times it could be a disaster.

With your eyes, for special occasions it would be better for most women to apply the glitter on the inner corner of middle of the lid of the eye.

The point is to take into account where you're going and who you're going to be with before making the decision on how much and where to apply glitter.


Choosing Glitter Color

Glitter isn't just about having something shiny on your face, as the shades and color chosen will determine if the look you've chosen is successful or not.

As always, consider the outfit you wear and your natural coloring. Take the same considerations you would when deciding on what color eye shadow you're going to wear.

Even glitter should give the impression it is matching your skin tone. If you have a warm tone, lighter colors like white, yellow and gold do well, while with a cool skin tone colors like navy and silver blend nicely.

And if you're not sure, remember blending warms and cool colors usually produce an awesome look.

Glitter Textures

One element sometimes not paid attention to as much as it needs to be, is the type of glitter texture you use. Some ladies will overdo it here, usually when applying a thicker or blotchy glitter texture.

The only way to learn in this regard is to experiment with different textures to see how they look.

Some like metallic textures will even stick better to the lid, so trying out a few things before stepping out is a must. It's also a lot of fun.

And if you're doing it for a Halloween costume situation, much of this won't apply, depending on the type of costume character you're portraying, as you have a lot more freedom to have, shall we say, a not so subtle appearance.

Keeping Glitter on Your Face

One of the challenges and concerns of those applying glitter to the face is the fact it can easily fall off if you don't take preventative steps to stop it. You can manage this in a number of ways.

If you glittering up your eyelashes, you can use lash glue help it stay in place. It's not a danger to your eyes, as it's used to apply false lashes.

For lids or the inner corner of your eye, you can quickly apply a tacky lip gloss and apply the glitter immediately afterwards. This works quickly, and you can also use it for maintenance if the situation demands. Just be sure to have some extra glitter and tacky lip gloss on hand if you need to go to the ladies room for some fast repair.

As for the very end of the lashes, you can use clear mascara as the base to adhere the glitter to.

Glitter Makeup Cleanup

After the night is over and it's time to clean up, it's not as hard as you may think.

The best way to clean glitter that isn't close to the eyes is with a tape that peels off easily from your skin. One brand is Scotch Magic tape, which is gentle and easy to use. The glitter is removed with little pressure on the skin.

For your eye area it's best to use an eye makeup remover to clean up most of it. Whatever may be left can be removed with tape, but be sure to avoid touching your lashes, as even mild adhesive will give a good pull on them.

Glitter Eyes to Go Out With

Now we'll look at some examples of glitter eyes, with this first photo of a gorgeous and subtle look that is extremely attractive.

This is probably as minimalist as you can get when using glitter, and is a great example of how you can use it to go out in any social event.

One particular thing to notice is the way the makeup brings out the eyes, as mentioned earlier in the article. Beautiful.


Smokey Purple Glitter Eye Makeup

Here we have a completely different glitter eye makeup look, this time with the dark, smokey purple, which was used to accentuate the darker hair and skin tone of the woman. Contrast that with the above photo, where the light skin tone required a completely different hue.


Glitter Makeup Video Tutorials

Next we'll look at several video tutorials showing different glitter colors used on the eyes. It does remind me of one thing, and that is I'm aware that glitter makeup can include rhinestones, and in fact some women combine the glitter with rhinestones to accentuate the look.

This article was written to focus on the glitter part of the equation, even though rhinestones are a great way to create an awesome glitter look.

There is also a glitter lip tutorial for those that want to have a look that is totally glimmer and glitter.

Super Glittery Blue and Silver Tutorial

Glam Eye Makeup Tutorial

Quick and Easy Glitter Eyes Tutorial

3D Silver Glitter Lips: Tips, Tricks & Tutorial

Silver Glitter Eyes

In this glitter eye makeup photo it goes a little beyond the first two, with this one making a stronger statement.

This could be used to go out, but also would be a look that could be part of a costume party.

That's what's interesting about glitter makeup, there are designs like this that reside between a look that can be used to go out with, or one that could gravitate more to a Halloween mask.

Either way, this looks great.


Glitter Face Makeup

I wanted to include one photo of glitter makeup that is definitely for special occasions; occasions what don't usually entail a date, unless that date is one involving cosplay or a costume party of some sort.

You can use the methods mentioned above to hold this glitter in place so your face mask can remain intact during the day or night.

Enjoying this unique look reminds one of why glitter is so fun to use, no matter what the social situation is or demands.


Glitter Makeup

When viewing these glitter makeup photos and video tutorials, you can see so many women choose to use it in a variety of social situations.

It is versatile, can be applied sparingly or dramatically, and looks fantastic when done correctly.

All you have to do is get the right materials and practice a little to see what works best for your skin tone and hair, and you'll soon be a pro at it, garnering a lot of attention and appreciation for your compelling and sparkling look that lightens up the world a bit for all involved.


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    • profile image 

      6 years ago

      That's pretty wild glitter make-up for a person in the regular world!.. It looks like something I used when I was thirteen. Some teens might enjoy this, or maybe it could be used for Holloween make-up. It looks very eye-catching. I wonder how easy this is to wash off. I would also ask if there had been any reports of allergic reaction?

    • kristyleann profile image

      Kristy LeAnn 

      6 years ago from Princeton, WV

      I love glitter make up...or glitter anything, really lol :) I have green eyes so I'll have to try out that "smokey purple glitter" look...I bet that looks awesome with green eyes. :)


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