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Glitzy Snood Cap for Party-Goers

Updated on February 19, 2015

I review hats, caps and scarves for cancer and alopecia patients

on ChemoWraps and Gift for a Cancer Patient and Abbey Caps. For a special occasion look I recommend a glitzy sequin covered snood. it's up to you - wear it in cap or beret style.

Wear this party cap alone to top off

your celebration outfit. Suit your scalp - if it is hardy, wear the cap alone, but if it is still sensitive from treatment, wear an undercap (below) beneath the sequined snood. Position it and then pin it to the under-cap.

How to wear snood over an undercap or liner

1. slip on a soft cotton undercap (below)

2. position the snood symmetrically over the undercap, or tilt it at an angle

3. anchor both caps by pinching one thumb under both caps/two fingers over caps

4. raise both caps slightly from head

5. weave long pearl or studded pin or brooch pin through both caps

How to create a snazzy bun or ponytail look whether or not you have hair

1. Pop this on over an under-cap.

2. Pin anchor it off-center in front.

3. Gather the back into a pony tail (high/low).

4. Wrap tail with hair elastic.

5. Tie scarf around snood tail.

6. Wrap scarf ends around elastic banded snood.

7. Tuck or pin ends into bun, and tuck snood tail into the center of the bun.

8. Use another pin if needed.

6. properly pinned, you are good-to-go for the day or evening

Add a contrasting folded scarf over the snood for individualistic style

1. gather excess snood fabric into a rosette at side front.

2. secure rosette in elastic hair band.

3. lay folded overscarf just behind rosette.

4. wrap overscarf around your head, bringing ends around to rosette of secured snood.

5. tie overscarf ends just above rosette.

6. tuck in ties or let hang or secure with a brooch or hidden pin

Beret styling

  1. position snood on head
  2. pull excess to front side
  3. pleat or fold excess
  4. secure with long straight pin or brooch

Choose Some Snoods, Liners, and a Hat With Selected Sequin Designer Trim

Black Under Scarf Tube Cap (Hijab Accessory)
Black Under Scarf Tube Cap (Hijab Accessory)

This cap liner comfortably covers a tender scalp. It can be worn alone daily or used as a sleep cap.

Paired with the red snood the liner will protect the irritated scap.

Soft Jersey Sleep and Chemo Cap, Comfortable Fit Hat Liner, Many Colors & Sizes Available
Soft Jersey Sleep and Chemo Cap, Comfortable Fit Hat Liner, Many Colors & Sizes Available

This versatile undercap comes in 18 color variations, including stripes for your perky moods.

Made of finest t-shirt type fabric (like old fashioned undershirts) it's the least intrusive liner and is soft as can be.


Don't you think that cancer or alopecia patients deserve some glitter in their lives?

See results

Are you ready for a glittery sequined hat? Please share your thoughts.

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    • Lorelei Cohen profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 3 years ago from Canada

      I had never heard the term Snood before and didn't have a clue what it was. Now I know.

    • marvins profile image

      marvins 3 years ago

      I am sharing this lens with one of my friend. great squidlens :)

    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 3 years ago

      Especially for a New Year's party, I think a glitzy cap would look great.