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Gmarket Haul 03

Updated on May 20, 2013

I found it extremely hard to resist the temptation of gmarket. I spent more than 3 days browsing this huge online shopping site for my latest haul; before I finally decided that enough is enough ^^

The main reason for this haul was because I urgently need a new moisturizer & shower gel. But in the end, I bought few other items and the total weight came up to a whopping 6kg.

I picked up the package from my local post office yesterday, was pleasantly surprised when I carried it as I thought it's very light - as light as a feather (haha, am I exaggerating here? - I think because I was so excited, I couldn't care less that the package was quite heavy!). My local post office is only 10 minutes walking distance from my place; and I excitedly carried it. As soon as I arrive home, my arms were shaking and this morning, I woke up with sore arms ^^

Despite sore arms, I'm very pleased with this gmarket haul: very fast shipping, all goods are as described on the site, and the quality of the items are excellent.

So this is the box (normal-sized box, and it looks pretty light ^^):

The Box
The Box

The box was full and here's a peek of what's inside the box:

All items wrapped nicely. I honestly was a bit worry with the bath cleanser, worry that they would spill. Fortunately, the seller bubble-wrapped the cleansers tightly.

All items unwrapped. Total items ordered: 18 items; I received 2 freebies from 2 sellers; one is a cute pearl earring from the seller who sells a pouch bag and another freebie is a Milk Talk Gift Set from Etude House.

Happy Bath Body Wash

Happy Bath Body Wash - Tropical Dream, Natural Real Mild, Natural Real Moisture

What a bargain - $15 + shipping for 3x 990ml bottles of high quality Happy Bath Body Wash! Happy Bath is under Amore Pacific, one of the largest cosmetic manufacturer in Korea, so its quality can be guaranteed. And they are using natural ingredients. Fantastic! At the moment I am using Natural Real Moisture. The body wash is a bit watery, but it smells fantastic.

Etude House

Etude House Haul - White Moistfull Cream 50ml, White Moistfull Cleanser 150ml, Sun Guard Aqua Drop SPF33PA++ 70ml, Sun Guard Aqua Drop SPF33PA++ 70ml, Cuticle plunger and Pink Hair Band

I love Etude House and been using their moistfull cream for almost 2 years now. But I've never used their cleanser at all. So this time, I thought I shall give it a go and purchase the white moistfull cleanser. So far I love it! It has a thick consistency, after using it, it makes my face really supple and smooth.

Since I run out of sunscreen, I also purchased their Aqua Drop sunscreen. I haven't got a chance to use it yet.

As I spent more than 30000Won, the freebie is a cute Milk Talk Body Wash Set. It comes with three different flavours (they really smell like chocolate, strawberry and banana milk!).

Magic Cleaning Sponge

Magic Cleaning Sponge

This is one of my best buy ever - 50 pieces of magic cleaning sponge for only 13300 Won (around $13). With international shipping, it's around $20 which means 4cent per piece! In here, 4 pieces of magic sponge cost us $5!

Magic cleaning sponge is a sponge which cleans with water. It cleans stains, dirt, even mould on any smooth surface. It doesn't use any chemicals, so it's totally safe.

To use: soak the sponge with water, squeeze excess water. Scrub (gently) the sponge on the surface that we want to clean. Rinse the sponge to remove the stains / dirt. Then soak it with water again - squeeze excess water. We can reuse the sponge until it diminishes.

Brief Info about this Gmarket Haul

  • Estimated Weight: 6.50kg

    Actual Weight: 6.13kg

    A very rare occasion that I didn't have to pay extra shipping fee / got refund. I thought the actual weight will be more because the estimated weight for Happy Bath item is only 500gr. Since I bought 3 x 900ml items, the actual weight would be around 2.8kg. I was prepared to pay extra, but thankfully the other items estimated weight were higher than their actual weight =)

    Order Date: 9 September 2012

    Dispatched: 13 September 2012

    Received: 18 September 2012


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