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Gold Heart Locket for Mother's Day

Updated on September 18, 2014

Beautiful Gold Heart Lockets For a Special Mother or Grandmother

Looking for a beautiful gold heart locket for someone you love? Then you will find a lovely selection of gold heart lockets here to choose from.

Lockets are great places to put small pictures of you and your love, or a small little memento that will them of who gave them that beautiful locket.

Duragold 14k Yellow Gold "I Love You" Heart Locket with Pink Rose Pendant Necklace, 18"

A heart locket, a piece of jewelry that can be worn close to the heart for many years, has been an eternal symbol of love for centuries. Given to show how much you care, it is a lovely gift to give your valentine on Valentine's Day or a thoughtful gift to give a wife, mother, grandmother or daughter on Mother's Day, a birthday or anniversary.

14k Gold Filled Heart Lockets

14k Gold Heart Lockets

"I Love You" Heart Shaped Lockets

White Gold Heart Lockets

Gold Tone Heart Lockets

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Gold Heart Lockets for Mothers Day

Gold Heart Lockets for Mom

Fit in a picture of yourself and/or your kids and give a heart shaped locket to your mother to show her how close to the heart she is to you all the time, and how much you hope your are in her heart too. Being a mother I know such a gift would warm me to my very toes.

Lovely Embossed Gold Mom Heart Locket w/ Mother of Pearl - Exquisite craftsmanship, love the yellow gold over the mother of pearl look

This locket has a gold frame with mother of pearl set in the frame, across the middle is a molded wording of MOM with a heart in place of the O. This is one of the most unique Mom Lockets I found, and it fits so nicely here due to its shape, and that is would be such a nice gift to give to your mother, od any other mother in your life such a your wife, a daughter, grandmother or sister.

Gold Heart Lockets for Grandmother

14k Yellow Gold Filled Tricolor "Grandma" Heart Locket Pendant Necklace

This antique looking heart locket has Grandma engraved diagonally across the front of the locket, with flowers above and below the wording. The engraving is finely done, with good detailing and looks just right. The locket itself is of great quality, strong and it is easy to insert a picture into it.

This would make a fine present, that would be appreciated by any grandma, just slip a picture of one or more of her grandchildren into it, and she can have a look at them at any time.

14k Gold Filled Heart Lockets

14k Gold Filled Heart Locket

14k Yellow Gold Filled Engraved Heart Locket, 18"

14k Yellow Gold Filled Engraved Heart Locket, 18"

This warm gold filled locket with its sparkly border of Cubic Zirconia is both elegant and glamorous. A lovely, romantic gift for a girlfriend or wife, a little small at .79" x .79", it is every bit as wonderful as you would want for a gift to someone special.

14k Gold Filled Heart Lockets

Not quite as expensive as pure gold, this new form of gold plating will last without peeling for a long time. The quality for gold filled products is incredible, the gold is bonded into a sterling silver, and will keep looking good for a long time.

14k Yellow Gold Filled Engraved Heart Locket, 20"

14k Yellow Gold Filled Engraved Flowers Heart Locket, 18"

14k Gold Heart Lockets

14k Gold Heart Locket

14k Yellow Gold "Forever In My Heart" Heart Locket with Pink Rose

Duragold 14k Yellow Gold "Forever In My Heart" Heart Locket with Pink Rose

A beautiful and romantic gold heart locket necklace with an engraved rose and a scripted with the phrase "Forever In My Heart" as well as a lovely engraved scrolls on the edge. The locket measures 1 inch by 0.78 inch, and comes with an 18 inch necklace.

14k Gold Heart Lockets

These pure 14k gold lockets are classic designs, a great gift for nearly anyone. The simple smoth finish is easy to take care of, and the lovely accesnts make each one a nuique piece. I love the one with the small diamond in the center, makes me think of a spark of love in the heart.

14k Yellow Gold Heart Locket Necklace with Diamond-Accent, 18"

Genuine IceCarats Designer Jewelry Gift 14K Yellow Gold Key Heart Locket

"I Love You" Heart Shaped Lockets

"I Love You" Heart Shaped Locket

14k Yellow Gold "I Love You" Heart Locket with Pink Rose

This has a delicate engraving of a finely colored rose and the words "I love you". Love the scroll relief pattern framing the engravings. The Locket opens up easily so that you can put a picture or something else inside.

Duragold 14k Yellow Gold "I Love You" Heart Locket with Pink Rose Pendant Necklace, 18"

Gold "I Love You" Heart Shaped Locket

Want there to be no ambiguity of what you mean when you give someone a heart shaped locket, then these lockets say it all. the engraved "I love you" could not be any clearer.

1/20 Gold Filled 20mm Enameled I Love You Heart Locket - Chain Included

14k Gold I Love You Heart Locket Real Goldia Designer Perfect Jewelry Gift for Christmas

White Gold Heart Lockets

The beauty of white gold is hard to beat

14k White Gold Heart Locket Necklace with Diamond-Accent, 18"

This elegant, smooth faced white gold heart pendant comes with a small diamond in the middle. It looks beautiful, and would make a wonderful gift to someone close to your heart. Simple enough to wear anytime, yet elegant to wear on special occasions.

White Gold Heart Lockets

Elegant and simple enough to wear all the time, anywhere!

White gold always looks lovely. these elegant, classic white gold lockets just prove how lovely white gold can look in any jewelry it is shaped into. I think of all the heart lockets I have chosen, these come in a close second to the mother of pearl/gold combo above. The white gold makes these heart lockets look extra special, subdued yet with a clear, and hopefully heartfelt message of how much you care for the one you get it for.

Klassics 10k White Gold Diamond Heart Locket with Floral Design Pendant Necklace, 18"

14k White Gold Polished Heart-Shaped Reversible Floral Locket

Gold Tone Heart Lockets

Cheap heart Lockets

Gold Tone Heart Lockets on Amazon

If you want a golden looking heart locket, but have a limited budget, these gold tone heart lockets should fit the bill. Though not as lasting as the gold fill heart lockets above, these gold tone lockets are still beautiful and could with some care last for some time.

Jeff Black, Gold Heart Locket - One of my favorite Jeff Black songs

This lovely romantic song by Jeff Black is something worth hearing, with or without a gold heart locket. And if you are giving a golden locket for Valentine's, I sure hope it is appreciated as much as this fellow does the one he got from his love.

Check out the Gold Heart Locket lyrics, or download the song from Amazon.

This is a fun informal video of a live performance at a the Bluebird Cafe.

Vintage Gold Heart Locket on eBay

Gold heart lockets have been given as memento gifts fort some centuries now, so there are quite a few antique, and definitely many vintage heart lockets to be found.

If you love some of the detailing that was more common in vintage lockets, then maybe you should look into getting a vintage locket instead of some of the newer styles.

eBay always has a nice selection of antique and vintage heart lockets, you can find some really lovely pieces there, sometimes a real treasure, but do be aware of duds too. Another point to be aware of is that Vintage Look does not mean the piece is Vintage, so do check the wording, and description carefully.

What do you think of these gold heart lockets? - Please give a thumbs up!

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    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      What beautiful lockets - my favorite is the white gold with the diamod accent.

    • wrapitup4me profile image

      wrapitup4me 5 years ago

      These are lovely lockets. Can't go wrong getting her one of these.

    • chas65 profile image

      chas65 5 years ago

      Being an antique dealer for years, I have always loved heart lockets of all kinds. These are some beautiful examples.