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Gold Makeup Looks, Tips and Tutorials

Updated on August 21, 2015

Gold Makeup Themes

Gold makeup is definitely a bold choice for the ladies, and can be used as a subtle look to go out on the town, or an outrageous look to make a statement or to attend a special event, costume or Halloween party.

Using gold as a makeup theme isn't only related to the face either, as some women choose to include gold flakes as part of the experience, making for an extraordinary vision for those fortunate enough to run into her.

The color gold, in association with real physical gold, has so many important meanings in history, including spiritual, status, financial and beauty, that I think when it's used as a makeup statement, it's taken in by the viewer, even though it may not be known why it has such a strong effect upon them.

Whatever the reason, gold is a wonderful makeup option, and really brings your look up a notch if worn for going out, and generates a lot of attention when taken to more fun and extreme levels.

Gold Makeup Designs

As for using gold makeup for going out, it can be used more than as a standalone color, as it can be blended with other colors to create an awesome and compelling look.

There are a lot of colors which can be used with gold as a makeup option. You can even use more than one in some circumstance to really go way out there. Although even that can be done in more subtle ways so it would be socially acceptable in many circumstances.

Add some glitter or gold flakes and you will not have to worry about going unnoticed anywhere, as it will definitely generate a lot of attention to yourself.

Gold and Black Eye Makeup

In the first photo it reveals a gorgeous combination of gold and black eye shadow with a complementing skin tone. How great is this for a beauty look using gold?

Adding the black to give it a cat eye look was very successful, offering a look that you could wear almost anywhere you have to go.

Below that is a good example of a subtle gold makeup look, accentuating the gold outfit. Very nice!


Loud Gold Eyes

Here we have a very different gold look, this time with the lower eyes being the recipient of most of the gold eye shadow.

I identify it as loud because it just jumps out at you the second you encounter it with your eyes.

If you want someone to talk to you seriously while looking you in the eyes, this would definitely be a look that would accomplish all of that.


Gold, Green and Blue Cat Eye Makeup

With this look it is an example of creating a wonderful set of eyes using a color combination including gold, green and blue, capped off by the brown eye brows.

This is really a bold look that includes the cat eye design, giving an even more compelling outcome.

The rest of the face needs very little with this look, as it's all about those gorgeous eyes, and there's no need to distract from them with anything else interfering with them.


Beauty Gold Makeup Tutorials

There are a couple of sets of gold makeup video tutorials coming up, with the first group dedicated to creating beauty with gold, creating looks that you could go out just about anywhere with.

In the first set there are gold makeup daytime looks, gold makeup for dark-skinned women, and gold makeup used in conjunction with other colors.

Neutral/Gold Daytime Makeup

Victoria's Secret Model Makeup for Dark Skin

Fun Blue and Gold Makeup Tutorial

Homecoming Makeup: Black and Gold

Glam and Party Gold Makeup Video Tutorials

The second group of tutorials will show how to design glam or party looks where are great for special occasions and costume or Halloween parties.

Included in these tutorials will be using gold flakes on the eyes, gold craft paper to create gold flakes on the face and body, as well as a very bold look which includes gold lipstick and loud gold eye shadow.

These are not advisable for the weak of will.

Twee's Gold Party Makeup

Spring Summer 2012 Makeup Trend - Gold Leaf

Golden Goddess (Halloween)

Gold Makeup for Black Women

Gold makeup themes are great options for women of color, as confirmed by this beautiful black woman with the gold eye shadow, complemented by the cute hat and accessories.


Crazy Gold Flakes on Eyes

With this next photo we have the wild use of gold flakes to create these very noticeable eyes. Pretty crazy!

What's interesting about this, is it's borderline in where you may want to wear a look like this. You could get away with a more traditional setting by standing out among people without being too out there, or you could go to an event that is more edgy, where you would actually be considered more low key.

Either way, it's a look that would garner a lot of attention no matter where or what it was.


Captivating Gold Makeup Look

In this last makeup picture showing gold designs, it reveals an awesome look filled with gold, using easy but effective use of a variety of elements to generate the beautiful countenance.

Although it would take some boldness for this in most social situations, it does have a nice touch of glamour in it, with my favorite part being the way the gold flakes are worked into the hair. Very nice.

The little touch of gold on the inner part of the eyes also blends well with the black on the rest of the eyes.

One thing to note about this particular look is the color of your hair, This works very well because the hair meshes well with the rest of the color scheme.

If you would like to recreate this look for yourself, you can go here for specific guidelines on how it was done.


Gold Makeup

Gold makeup has been popular for a couple of years, and there's no reason it shouldn't continue to be popular going forward.

As you can see from the photos and gold makeup video tutorials, it is an extraordinary color theme to use in a variety of situations, with some specific looks being able to work in more than one.

Whatever your motive or purpose, gold makeup includes a touch of glamour, and you'll surely be taken note of when you arrive anywhere in an awesome gold look.


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    • SmartAndFun profile image


      6 years ago from Texas

      Great hub, MakinBacon. I love gold makeup and always have. It suits my coloring very well and adds a hint of sparle and richness. I am older, in my late 40s, so naturally I don't go for any of the runway looks you're showing, but I have stuck with subtle gold makeup over the years, whether or not not it's deemed "in" or "out." I love it and I love the looks you're showing here, even the avant garde ones Thanks!


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