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How to Choose the Best Green Concealer to Amazingly Cover Redness and Acne Scars

Updated on January 15, 2015

Green concealers do wonders in hiding your dark circles and redness.

Green concealers do wonders in hiding your dark circles and redness.
Green concealers do wonders in hiding your dark circles and redness. | Source

Choosing The Best Concealer: The Basics

Are you having difficulty in choosing what concealer is best for your skin color? Have you no idea what concealer color you should use to achieve that even, flawless, glowing skin tone? If you are, then I'm here to gladly help you out.

Choosing the right concealer isn’t about how much it costs or how cute it looks. A common myth about cosmetics, or any commodity for that matter, is that costly is quality. That might be true in some instances, but there are definitely products out there that are at a very affordable price, and at the same time, are also very good. So, how will you know which concealer is best for you? First, you need to learn the basics – which concealer color covers what.

Green concealer counteracts redness

Green concealer counteracts redness
Green concealer counteracts redness | Source

You might not know that there are five (5) concealer colors existing in the cosmetics department. These are:

1) Pink. Pink concealers or carnation-hued concealers can bring life to very pale and dull skin. They add a touch of rosiness and brightness to those with very light to pale skin. They work wonders to skin that looks dehydrated and ashen that happens when, say for example, you’ve been out all night.

2) Peach/Salmon. Salmon, peach, apricot-hued or orange-based concealers counteract blueness and darkness in your skin. Concealers in this tone are best used for dark circles under the eyes, veins, or bruises. Tip: For darker skin tones, go for a concealer that is actually closer to orange for better coverage.

3) Green. Green concealers have the most important job in concealer department. They cancel out severe redness in almost everything – pimples, rosacea, broken blood vessels, blemishes, or even when you get red rings around your eyes which may look very Twilight-y if not given proper attention.

4) Yellow. Yellow concealers are the most versatile when it comes to concealing. They neutralize light to moderate redness, deep purple tones, scarring, and they also act as a great highlighter for your brows and cheekbones.

5) Lavender. The lavender concealer is perhaps the least used concealer among all. They’re great for counteracting yellow skin tones or basically any yellowness in the skin. Lavender concealers can also bring out your eyeshadow’s true colors when used as a primer.

Now that you know the basics, we’ll focus on one concealer color – green.

As previously mentioned, green concealers do wonders in hiding your pesky blemishes. They not only hide the color of your imperfection, but its swelling or inflammation as well. Using green concealers is key to help you achieve that wonderful, even, smooth, and flawless skin. But, how do you pick the right green concealer for you?

First: Find the right shade

Just like any neutral concealers, green ones also come in different shades. When you’re trying to pick a shade, go for a green that is similar to your skin tone. For example, if you have a darker skin color, choose a deeper shade of green concealer. If you choose a concealer with a lighter shade than your skin tone, it actually highlights it rather than concealing it from others’ prying eyes.

Second: Find the right formulation

Concealers, just like foundations, are in liquid, stick, or compact form. In order to correctly and naturally cover your blemishes, you have to choose the right type of concealer according to the area you intend to use it and its intensity. If you want light coverage and you want to cover up a wide area of the face, use a liquid concealer. For areas that have a lot of movement, like the eyes, a liquid concealer is best used because it gives off a lighter finish. If you want fuller coverage, go for a compact or stick concealer. If you want to cover up smaller areas (i.e., zits, pimples, etc.), a stick concealer with a drier and thicker formula is the right choice.

Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer Stick in Green.

Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer Stick in Green
Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer Stick in Green | Source

The Best Green Concealer: Recommendation

If you’re still having a hard time finding the perfect product, here are some recommendations which are backed with glowing reviews from satisfied customers.

Palladio Cosmetic Herbal Treatment Concealer in Green

The green concealer from Palladio is definitely a steal because of its price and quality. Those who have purchased this concealer stick said that the concealer blends well with foundation. It has great coverage – it covers redness and acne scars completely – and it glides on naturally to the skin as opposed to other products that appear cakey when applied. It is also reviewed to last a very long time and requires minimal touch-ups to the most troublesome areas. The Palladio green concealer is recommended to be used after putting on your foundation so that it has something to blend into, not like when putting it directly to the skin which just gives off a green cast because it was more difficult to blend the product. A customer also gave a suggestion of applying the concealer lightly and to just build up the coverage if ever needed. Adding more product is easier than subtracting too much from the first application. Click here for more product details and consumer reviews on Amazon.

Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer Stick in Green

The green concealer stick from Physicians Formula is also a great buy aside from the Palladio concealer. According to its satisfied users, the consistency of the product is very creamy which makes it easier to blend. In contrast to the Palladio stick which needs to be applied on top of your foundation, the Physicians Formula concealer is better applied and blended on bare skin then topping it off with foundation and then an optional flesh-toned, sheer coverage concealer. Because the Physicians Formula green concealer has great coverage, a review has stated that you don’t need to pile on as much foundation or neutral concealer which results to lesser product usage. Click here for more product details and consumer reviews on Amazon.

Finding the right product is important, but so is knowing how to use it correctly. Without proper execution, your concealer may just appear to be so cakey and unnatural; it defeats the purpose of concealing your imperfections. All in all, if you have the right concealer, and you pair it with the right foundation or powder, nothing is stopping you from pulling off that glowing and perfect skin.

Which green concealer has been working best for you?

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