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21 Good Tattoo Ideas

Updated on April 2, 2015

Your whole body is a canvas just waiting for some art to be painted on it, so why not paint it with things that you love most by getting some tattoos?

If you’re itching for some ink, but don’t know what to get, be sure to put a lot of thought into it because tattoos are very difficult to undo, and they hurt a lot more to have them removed.

In other words, tattoos are not for the impulsive!

Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

  • Opinions, opinions: When trying to come up with good tattoo ideas, make sure it is something that you really like, not something that is just in style, or you think others would like. When it comes to tattoos, of course it’s important that it looks good, but since it will be on your skin, your opinion is then only one that should really matter.

  • Location, location, location: If you have an idea where you want your tattoo, this can help in the tattoo design process. Choose carefully because some tats just don’t look good in certain areas. Your tattoo should look perfect (to you) on you! Also, keep your line of work in mind; are you allowed to have tattoos showing on the job?

  • What do you love? Again, it’s important that you love the ink you get, so think about all of the things you love and will likely love forever, whether it’s flowers, animals, dragons, stars, patriotic anything, angels,and so on.

  • The cost: If you’re the average person, then you only have so much money to spend on a tattoo. You can always break it up into several sessions if you’re looking to get something big, such as a sleeve or back piece. Whatever your budget, just keep it in mind.

  • Shop reputation: You get what you pay for. Shop around! Don’t just get a tattoo somewhere because they want to give you the cheapest price. Listen to word-of-mouth recommendations and look at tattoo artists’ portfolios to see if they are capable of what you want.

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Classic Tattoo Designs

There are many good tattoo ideas that people frequently get as their “firsts.” Take a look at this list and see if you can find your tattoo!

  • Bible verses
  • Crosses

  • Praying Hands

  • Quotes

  • Chinese Symbols

  • Loved one memorials

  • Tribal designs

  • Eagles

  • Skulls

  • Flowers

  • Butterflies

  • Stars


Cool Tattoo Locations

There are many places to get a tattoo, and you can literally get one anywhere on your body. Consult your artist regarding the locations you are thinking about and they will be able to give their professional opinion, pain level information and so on. Here are the common locations for tattoos:

  • Rib cage
  • Forearm

  • Back of Neck

  • Wrist

  • Calf

  • Chest

  • Shoulderblades

  • Top of foot

  • Pelvic area

  • Sleeve (quarter, half or full)

The Tattoo Don'ts!

Tattoos are permanent, and if you didn’t know this, then you should not even be thinking about inking. You don’t want to end up regretting something that is permanently on your skin. With this being said, there are tattoos you should probably avoid, and here is a list for you!

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  • Girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse name: Some artists will flat out refuse to tattoo a name if you tell them that this name is of a lover or spouse; some might even refuse to do names all together. You should avoid getting your significant other’s name tattooed on you because, well, you never really know what will happen down the road.

  • Any tattoo fad: Unless you have truly always liked the tattoos that just came into style, we recommend waiting until this fad fades away, to determine if you really want such a tattoo.

  • Cartoon characters: Wait, you are old enough to get a tattoo, right? I’m going to need to see some I.D.

  • Tattoos across your lower back: “Tramp stamp,” enough said.

  • Obscene anything: Unless you never plan on having kids, which will likely multiply to grandkids.

  • Tattoos on the inside of your lower lip: Seriously, you’ll look like a moron trying to show people your new tattoo.

So now that you are pumped full of knowledge on good tattoo ideas, and the ones you should definitely avoid, it’s now time to consult a professional tattoo artist for their opinion. Beware, tattoos are very addicting and you may walk out looking like Reptile Man! (Google, anyone?)

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