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Gorgeous Foot Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Updated on December 9, 2013

creative ideas for your next foot tattoo

Foot & ankle tattoos are allover lately, especially on women. Whether just on the foot, or integrated with the ankle & leg, there are so many wonderful & creative options for this area!

It's also an area that requires careful planning if you want your artwork to look it's best, and also to keep it from fading & wear over time.

If you are considering a foot tattoo for yourself be sure to consider your lifestyle---the more often your shoes & socks are rubbing on a foot tattoo the more damged it will become. Your typical footwear can greatly influence a design choice as well, someone who spends all year in sandals has more options in this case!

Taking care of your artwork is vital in this case, since feet receive more damage from the sun & elements than most body parts.

Tattoo byTim at StigmaTattoo, Liverpool

Gorgeous Peacock by Mark Brettrager
Gorgeous Peacock by Mark Brettrager

Color, Shading or Classic Black?

Choosing the best color combination for you

Feet are one of the most exposed body parts, more so in areas where sun & beach culture rule. In addition, sun and salt/chlorinated water are known to fade ink, so if you plan to be in these elements often a simple foot tattoo in basic black or with some shading is ideal since it is easy to touch up when it fades. Red, orange and yellow inks tend to fade the fastest, although it depends on the person as well as the ink.

Black and grey shading is a nice option---it can be easily darkened up if it fades, and looks good with a variety of wardrobe colors. Neutral pinks and soft reds blend well with the skin and look good with most wardrobe options as well, since already in the skin to varying degrees.

If you opt for a lot of color, such as this pretty peacock design; be sure you have an artist you can visit again for touch-ups; or that you know the type & colors of ink used so you can accurately match them if needed.

Sunscreen helps a lot, as does keeping your skin moisturized & hydrated. Some of the new tattoo aftercare products on the market are amazing & contain sunscreen as an added bonus.

Tattoo by Mark Brettrager of Sparky's Tattoo Shop, Newark NJ U.S.A

Creative Placements

Make your design stand out by placing it a little differently than usual

But there are plenty of great spots for a foot tattoo, including the top of the foot, instep, heel, toes and (if you are really tough!) the bottom of the foot. Around the back of the heel is a great spot for a small design, but keep in mind the natural creases in this area can impede detailed designs. The toes are often overlooked, but look great with a little ladybug, flower or perhaps a small symbol that is meaningful to you.

I think the instep is a wonderful place for some lettering since it is such a visible location, especially if you are a fan or strappy heels or mules.

Cute & Colorful

Bright & vibrant octopuses/octopii (I really don't know...) look great on both feet... choose a product with sunscreen (check my faves out below) to keep your tattoo bright, especially if you opt for vivid color like this piece!

Keep your ink bright & lovely!

Moisture & sun protection will go a long way in keeping your ink from fading, especially if your tattoos are colorful. I love the Color Guard Stick in the summer at the beach, plenty of protection from the sun & elements.

Tattoo Goo Color Guard Stick - SPF 30 .45 oz
Tattoo Goo Color Guard Stick - SPF 30 .45 oz

Perfect to protect color, especially if you live in a sunny climate

Tattoo Goo Healing and Sun Care Kit
Tattoo Goo Healing and Sun Care Kit

Perfect kit with Tattoo Goo's famous salve & a color-protection stick for sunny days!

Tat2 Butt'r Natural Vegan Tattoo Aftercare Salve
Tat2 Butt'r Natural Vegan Tattoo Aftercare Salve

...and even a cruelty-free Vegan option! This stuff is really nice & smells delicious too.


awesome looking spot for this mendhi design, but realistically not the bet placement long term. The soles of the feet take more abuse than almost anywhere, and keeping them looking this good long term is very unlikely!

Smooth, Sweeping Curves!

Finding a shape that flatters you

Combining lettering with a clean, elegant design is always a great combination. This memorial piece is beautifully designed to flow with the curves of the foot. Tattoo by Danise Wolf at Lucky 7 Tattoo in Libertyville, IL

Having a tattoo artist or designer who is able to draw something that flatters your body is essential. The person who does your tattoo may NOT be the best person to design it, quite often tattoo designers and graphic designers are more experienced than tattooists at how to put together a flattering design that is well laid out, any reputable tattooist will be readily able to make it into a tattoo, usually with a few adjustments.

Once you have your design drawn on, or stencil ready, take a look from as many angles as possible, have a friend take some photos if need be. It doesn't hurt to take a few pairs of shoes that you frequently wear, so you can see how your new tattoo will look with them.

Soft, lifelike flowers...

Incredible colors on these roses---brilliant color, shading & plenty of texture. If this is the style you're after, find an artist who specializes in it---not everyone can pull this off.

A piece with this level of detail takes time, so be prepared to sit for quite a while!

Done by 7 Ink Tattoo in California, click the pic to check them out!

Tattoo Flash & Lettering Books from Amazon

Lots of creative ideas for your next tattoo in some of these books.

National Pride

Why not display your heritage for all to see?

Flag tattoos are popular to display national pride for many people, but really not the most flattering shape for the foot, unless they are made to look like they are flying, or given some sort of movement. This little Union Jack Teapot is wonderful, it has a shape the suits the wearers foot and also something that is quite a symbol of the UK. Who doesn't think of tea when they imagine England?

Tattoo By Rob Davenport of Rob's Under The Gun Tattoos; Hamilton, Canada.

Accent your ink with a little sparkle!

Nickel Free Barefoot Sandal, Slave Chain Bondage Anklet, in Silver Tone
Nickel Free Barefoot Sandal, Slave Chain Bondage Anklet, in Silver Tone

Perfect bit of silver to accent a black & grey foot tattoo!

5 Row Chain Anklet Medium in Silver Tone
5 Row Chain Anklet Medium in Silver Tone

Draping chains would look great with an ocean-inspired design!


bright and beautiful

Zodiac Symbols

Like to share your horoscope sign with the world? A zodiac foot tattoo is the perfect way to let your sign be least when you are wearing shoes that show it off. The placement of this little Gemini design is ideal for someone who wears a lot of sandals, flip-flops & generally open footwear.

It is a flattering placement, the little bits of swirls on the ends of the Gemini symbol add a little length to the design, which tends to look better than a short, wide design, especially if your feet are fairly small. If you favour a certain type of shoe, keep it in mind when you are considereing your tattoo. This one is up just high enough on the sides to make it visible with most closed toe shoes & would look great peeking out of some dainty ballet flats!

Gemini Tattoo by Rob Davenport of Rob's Under The Gun Tattoos in Hamilton, Canada

Perfect for Pisces!

If your zodiac sign features two parts (like Pisces or Gemini), consider using both feet for your tattoo.

What kind of tattoo would you get on your foot?

See results

Henna & Mendhi Style

Middle-Eastern influences create striking designs

One of the most interesting influences on modern-day tattooing is the Middle-Eastern arts of henna & mendhi. I'm not going into detail about about these practices (plenty out there on both if you are interested) I will say these are some of my personal favourites in terms of style. Typically done in black or another dark colored ink, and look very feminine and bold at the same time. Some are small & simple, others are elaborate pieces coverring most of the foot and even the toes.

With this style, you can try the design in henna before deciding if you want it as a tattoo! Lacey flowers, clean lines, dotwork & paisley are typical, but you can always add your own flair---I'm sure this look with increase in popularity in the next few years once ladies discover how pretty & versatile it is for everyday!

Mendhi-style tattoo by Alex at

Simple elegance

Shaded Middle-Eastern influenced piece on both feet, this is so pretty & striking shoes would become obsolete!

Silver Toe Rings

A little sparkle of silver makes a lovely accent for colorful ink, or add some color to your black & grey art with a brightly colored bit of jewelry!

Sterling Silver Toe Ring Celtic Wave One Size Fits All
Sterling Silver Toe Ring Celtic Wave One Size Fits All

Match a celtic foot tattoo or offset someting soft & shaded

Hawaiian Jewelry Sterling Silver Honu Turtle Toe Ring
Hawaiian Jewelry Sterling Silver Honu Turtle Toe Ring

Perfect for tropical theme foot tattoos!


storytelling images

Nothing accents a simple image like a meaningful quote! Since feet tend to be one of the more visible areas of the body, it's a great spot for something you want others to know about you right off the bat. Keep lettering simple in areas where shoe straps may rub, it's much simpler to have plain black lines touched up if need be.

This lovely quote and dandilion tattoo was done by Tattoo Artist Isaiah Negrete from Shamrock Social Club in LA.

One foot or both?

Or perhaps one design spread over both feet

If you are looking at getting a larger design, or just want something a little different, consider breaking a single design up over both feet. This is a great idea for flowing, organic pieces such as these lush looking cherry blossoms. It gives the impression of one piece when the feet are side by side. If you are cloosing this method, avoid using designs that look unfinished when the feet are apart, unless of course you are one of those people who enjoys explaining their tattoos to strangers. Design with opposing forces are also popular in this regard (such as angel/devil wings, sun/moon or opposing quotes)

World Traveller

Great idea for the perpetually-in-motion type, could even be marked with places visited!

A two-part idea like this rabbit & Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland is great for the feet, and the perfect way to share a favourite story! Opposing themes work well too, such as:

Love/Hate - Night/Day - Sink/Swim - Life/Death - Fire/Water - Light/Dark - Color/Black&Grey

Don't forget the toes!

Integrating with the toes adds flair so even the simplest design

Few places on the body allow for as much creativity as the feet when it comes to wrapping around the ankles or toes. In the case of the toe, you don't actually have to have the design wrap around the toe, simply fading it off on the underside to give the look of a wraparound is enough. This is a great effect if you are doing something with vines or free-flowing swirls, or just want to include the toes in a unique way.

This design is a simple little flower & swirls, made all the more interesting by having it drop between the toes. A bow could be used in the same way, with the ribon swirling between the toes, or any other type of flowing design.

Tattoo done at Star Tattoo, Albequerqe, NM, U.S.A

Lovely vines & swirls

Simple vines woven between the toes create a delicate, whimisical look. Clean lines like this are easy to have touched up over time, if wear & tear begins to fade your ink & the white accents make it stand out beautifully!

Another hopeless romantic...

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