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Cool Gothic Canes

Updated on January 11, 2016

Canes are a very appropriate and cool accessory for the Gothic look, and there are many out there that look great.

There is no doubt the secret of a compelling cane is the design of the head or top of the cane. The rest of the cane is just something to place the head on to display it, although there is the additional benefit of walking with it, which also gives an extra quality to your overall look.

Although there are exceptions to the general rule, canes are normally worn with a top hat or something similar, creating a fashion statement from the 19th century and before.

As to the top of the cane, things like skulls, snakes, dragons and claws are among the favorites, generating a feel of confidence and power. They just look plain cool as well.

It's definitely something to consider when thinking of adding something to your ensemble.

Gothic Cane

You can see from this first photo that a cane definitely can enhance your overall look, as the Gothic woman climbs the stairs with her walking stick at her side. It's also a great photo, taking into account the obvious effort to create a Gothic theme. The stairway and walls add a great touch.

Gothic Woman with Cane

This model gives a totally different look you can have with a cane. The hat is great, and I really like the outfit.

A Different Gothic Look for a Woman with a Cane

Love this period pieces including the top hat and cane. These work just as good for men or women, and as you can see, are very compelling.

Gothic Man with Top Hat and Cane

These three Gothic canes give a good look at the types people are looking for, at least with the particular theme they represent. All three look good, with the teak skull and and detailed snake and dragon heads.

Gothic Canes

I included this art piece because of the very cool image of the Gothic skeleton holding the cane. There are tons of detail, but outside of the Gothic figure, that mist around its feet adds a great feel to the work.

As much as I enjoyed that first set of Gothic canes, to me this next batch take it to another level as to quality and fantastic look. Each one would be a great choice for a cane you may choose to use. The detail on each one is extraordinary.

Gothic Cane Tops

What a cool and cute look with this Gothic couple, each holding a cane. Note how the top hats work so well with the canes.

Gothic Couple with Canes

It never ceases to amaze me how these little details and accessories can add something really cool to the Gothic look. The can is one of them. Those handles or tops are the key to a great look, and as you can see, there are fantastic ones to choose from.


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