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Intense Gothic Eye Makeup

Updated on June 25, 2014

Gothic Lifestyle Expressed Through Eye Makeup

In the past we've talked about Gothic makeup in general, looking at a variety of overall ways it can be applied to achieve how you want to look.

With this article we'll focus mostly on generating an intense Gothic look through the use of eye makeup, along with several examples of how it is done and the end results.

As usual with Gothic topics, it has to be understood from a Goth point of view, there is no specific way of doing things, although there are some underlying practices that have become a recognizable part of the lifestyle, and that includes eye makeup and makeup in general.

You can't separate makeup into categories realistically, as everything adds to the overall look. But in the case of Gothic makeup, usually (not always) there is a light-colored base applied, which sets the stage for how everything else will look. That definitely applies to Gothic eye makeup, as you'll see below.

White Gothic Makeup Foundation

Although not all Gothic makeup is vampire in nature, there is the sense of that in most of it, as it applies to applying a white foundation as a base.

As mentioned above, that sets the stage for how the rest of your face will look, not matter what type of eye makeup you decide to apply.

The basis behind the white makeup is to display a type of otherworldly purity that is highly desirable among those practicing the Gothic lifestyle, and those wanting to look as they do.

Other Gothic Makeup Base Options

If using a white base is a little too much for your tastes or maybe complexion, alternatives could include powders with a natural tone to them.

They would also help to cover up any natural flaws you have and help to determine your Gothic eye makeup choice. It's that spotless, smooth look we're usually looking for to work from.

Gothic Eye Makeup Tips

To create that otherworldly look that is so desired, it's normally best to start with a nice tone with your eyeliner, creating a thick dark line to begin with. Quality solid or liquid eyeliners are usually the best choices.

Add your eye shadow now, which under most circumstances is best to apply darker tones around your eyes. If you really want to have people notice you, include some glitter in the mix to give that awesome and noticeable effect.

You can also have fun adding some other hues to your eyes, blending darker blues and purples in with the black shadow.

Finishing Gothic Eye Makeup Highlights

When you finish up your eye liner and shadow, then you can really have some fun if you're bold enough, by now doing some artwork around your eyes.

You can touch up the lower part of your eyes by tracing the shape with your eyeliner. Another great idea that works well is to place some interesting designs out from your eyes; things like rings, drips and swirls, which really draw attention.

Gothic Eye Makeup with Scrolls

I thought it would be a good idea to start off with Gothic eye makeup done by a normal person, as sometimes it can be intimidating when someone is advanced, as we think the look is unattainable.

It's interesting to see the eye makeup choices in the first photo, as it includes the scrolling straight out of the side of the eye, as well as the lines dropping down underneath. I think it would have looked better if she had the more curly scrolls on the lines dropping down, but a nice look overall.

Also note the decision not to go so white with her base. You'll be able to contrast that against some of the following women who were more white with their foundation.

Gothic Glitter and Scroll Eye Makeup

Here we have a great example of the inclusion of glitter and scrolling which is more subtle in its length. The straight lines going down and the slightly curved lines going up look great.

Also look at the little bit thicker shadow on the outer part of each eye. It works well. In this case her foundation base is much lighter in color than the woman's above.

Black and Blue Gothic Eye Makeup

The Gothic eye makeup of this woman is not shy in any way. From the high pointy brows, moving to light blue and them dark black, with the emphasis on the lower and outer part of the eye. Very cool.

What takes away from it, to me, is her hair and lipstick choices. I say that because those stand out more than the eyes, losing the effects of the eye makeup, in my opinion; especially with the lipstick color and application.

There's of course nothing wrong with that if that's what someone wants. It's just that the eyes were pretty cool and lost in the overall face she created.


Video - Smokey Eye Makeup with Gothic Twist

Large, Dark Black Gothic Eye Makeup

Talk about intense, extreme Gothic eye makeup! It great how it blends together with the dark, fake eyelashes, and spreads out across and below the eye. Very bold, standing out from the light-colored base.

Video Dark Gothic Makeup Tutorial

Red, Black Gothic Eye Makeup

We've had a combination of Gothic blue and black eye makeup, now we'll look at how red and black go together.

Of course the color of hair and other factors play in the decision of eye makeup, and in this case the red hair up front was the obvious deciding factor in the red shadow and black liner. I like the way the eyebrows are positioned with the shadow and dark liner around the eyes. It creates a compelling look and effect to me.

Video Red Gothic Eye Makup

Fun Gothic Clown Eye Makeup

This is a really fun Gothic clown eye makeup choice by this woman, with her entire ensemble, hair and face blending into a wonderful image.

As for the eyes, it shows how you can work from there to create just about any type of persona you choose. If you only looked at the eyes without the mouth and hair, it would be hard to know exactly what it was that was being portrayed, although those cute little dots under each eye would offer a hint. Very nice!

Compelling Gothic Eye Makeup

As can be seen from the variety of Gothic eye makeup looks above, it is really enjoyable and playful to work with this as your makeup choice. You have the variety of lines, colors, scrolls and shadow to generate an amazing array of designs that are pleasing to the eye, and in some cases, way out there.

Gothic eye makeup is one way to stand out in a compelling and noticeable way from the crowd.


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    • SopranoRocks profile image


      6 years ago from Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA

      I love the tips and photos here. I have always been a huge fan of all things gothic. When I was in college, I would dress up to the hilt and go to an underground goth club in Detroit - open until 4am! My friends were never into it so I usually went alone. Oh I miss that. I love the goth look for rock concerts, especially goth and hard rock of course. Do you know of any good online shopping sites for Gothic Fashion and Beauty? I would go nuts if I found one (which may or may not be a good thing but who cares lol). Would love to see more Hubs like this - about goth lifestyle, music, and fashion.

    • Anath profile image


      6 years ago

      I like the look

    • Angelique Loux profile image

      Angelique Loux 

      6 years ago from Ohio


    • Angelique Loux profile image

      Angelique Loux 

      6 years ago from Ohio

      I love the gothic eye makeup. I where a lot of black on my eyes also. Great hub voted up!


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