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Gothic Hairstyles

Updated on August 21, 2015

Gothic Hairstyles

Similar to the Gothic lifestyle, it's almost impossible to describe or present hairstyles that you could definitely say was Goth. It seems like the overall Gothic fashion, makeup and hairstyle together gives you the entire Gothic fashion picture and identification, so you really need to include all of it to be able to figure it all out.

Still, there are a couple of things that continue to stand out with Goth hairstyles, and the primary one is that Goth hairstyles tend to be black in color, although there are the occasional exceptions to that rule.

There can also be reddish or orangish highlights added to the dark hair, as well as other added styles like dreadlocks and spiked hair, etc. 

Gothic Hairstyles as different as individual Goths

So really, if someone wonders what a Goth hairstyle is, you would have to answer in a similar way that any woman or man would answer: it's the style that I like at the moment.

One thing we can be assured of, the Goth lifestyle demands that you look different than the mainstream, and so there will always be something that is extreme or out of the ordinary in hairstyles of Goths which will at least give the idea that you're either a Goth, or you're looking at one.

Another thing you sometimes find is the continuing influence of the punk era, which Goth was born out of. Some of those hairstyles continue to this day.

Identifying Gothic is looking at the whole fashion package

Again, the only way someone can truly identify a Goth on the outside is to put together the entire fashion package, as there are a number of non-Goth people that wear very radical hairstyles, but don't think of themselves as being Goth.

So taking into account the clothing, makeup, accessories and hairstyles will help to identify a Goth in the majority of cases. 

Black usually the color of Gothic hairstyle choice

By far the greatest uniformity among Gothic hairstyles is the color black, and like the photo below, it can be the foundation of additional colors and accessories as well. There are of course exceptions to this, but overall it's the rule rather than the exception.

Exception to the black Gothic hairstyle

As mentioned, there are plenty of exceptions to the black hairstyle rule, and here's one with the Gothic woman in the photo with pretty red hair and accessories.

Different Gothic hairstyles

Black is the basic foundation of Gothic hairstyles

Variety even with black Gothic hairstyles

Even with the predominant color of black with Gothic hairstyles, the ability to take that and shape into a seemingly endless number of styles is part of the Gothic culture, and as you can see here, a completely different look than the others.

Another unique Gothic hairstyle

This is probably my favorite Gothic hairstyle among the gallery included here. The red and dreadlocks on the one side really go good with her overall look, and is very unique as well as beautiful.

Gothic black hairstyle with different cut

Gothic black hair color with red highlights and dreadlocks

Red highlights on straight black Gothic hair

Here again with have the black hair foundation with the highlights added. For whatever reason, red does seem to work with most black hair, and so the ladies who like the two colors take it in that direction.

Straight black Gothic hair with red highlights

Asian Gothic Hairstyles

This is another interesting part of Gothic culture: Goths either from or living in other countries. Many times their hairstyles are very different than their American or Western counterparts, and in many cases with Asians, it's worn short similar to the Gothic woman in the photo below.

Short Gothic Hairstyle

More Gothic hairstyle exceptions

Here we have yet another exception to the usual black hair color of the majority of Goths, and this goes in the exact opposite direction with short, blond hair.

This reiterates the reality that Goth is really what people say and express it is, even though the there are many similarities.

Another Gothic hairstyle exception: short, blond hair

Short, straight, black Gothic hairstyle

This is a very cute cut to me, and the makeup really adds to the beauty and uniqueness of how she presents herself.

It continues to amaze me in the several photos in this Gothic hairstyle gallery with black hair how women can take it and completely make themselves different than the others. Very cool!

Gothic hairstyles are a lot of fun

Most Goths take their subculture very seriously, along with their specific look. Even so, let's face it, these hairstyles are a lot of fun, and it motivates you to try a lot of new things with the type of hair you have and how you want people to view you. As you can see, these Goths got it down.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I got blonde, blonde hair and did the best I could. I took my hair and stood it up on one side and made the other like mohawk kinds, its hard to explain, then died my hair lighter blonde white and black.

    • profile image

      Gothic Fairy 

      8 years ago

      Its so hard to do something edgy with blonde hair. I want to do something a bit different, but don't want to dye it black. (Did that before and was a disaster!) Great article, thanks.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks soo. Much for writing this because I just dyed my hAir bright red and I needed some help with a new style for it.

    • Model-Space profile image

      Rod Meier 

      9 years ago from Neu-Ulm, Germany

      Cool Article - Thanks.

      I am interested in this, because I wrote an article about Gothic Photography here on hubpages.

      It´s good to see what styling i can do for the next shooting - a good inspiration for my next Gothic Photoshooting.

      My Article:

      Rod Meier



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