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Classy Goth Jewelry | Gothic Jewellery

Updated on March 29, 2015
Alchemy Gothic Bracelet
Alchemy Gothic Bracelet | Source

Goth jewelry not only worn by Goths

Goth jewelry is popular among young people. You may think that it's part of the Goth culture, an identity associated with rebellion. In addition, images of vampires, the undead, and other supernatural or spooky things come to your mind when you hear the word "gothic." You might also associate it with black magic and dark arts.

It wasn't too long ago that gothic body jewelry, especially piercings, were linked with eccentricity or even bad behavior. Today however, many mainstream artists and celebrities embrace this fashion. As many of their fans look to them as role models, goth jewelry has also become more accepted by society, especially among the younger generation.

Yes, gothic jewellery is associated with "the dark side" if you would, but the beauty of it is that you don't have to be a Goth to wear it. There is even designer gothic jewelry that goes together with designer clothing, creating a sense of mystery and elegance. That's probably the reason goth jewelry is also popular with celebrities.

As far as being rebellious, don't we all have a rebellious side that wants to be free, to express ourselves, to be unique and have fun? Being a little mischievous doesn't preclude being classy. In fact, you can be both at the same time. Sort of like being naughty and nice, and that's what goth jewelry can portray.

About the item shown above:
Sister Zhivka's Rosary Bracelet - a replica of the 19th Century Balkan nun's bracelet worn as protection against the vampires she is said, by local tradition, to have destroyed in the region of her mountain village and convent. 100% Britannia pewter, hand made in England. It's one of my favorite Gothic jewelry items. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, it may not always be available.

Alchemy Of England Halloween Party Fashion Jewelry P630 Bed of Blood-Roses Necklace
Alchemy Of England Halloween Party Fashion Jewelry P630 Bed of Blood-Roses Necklace

Black roses flourish in the heart's blood. Give this romantic piece of jewelry to a Goth girl that you love, and you may capture her heart forever!


Gothic skull jewellery

Many people still associate skull and crossbones with death or evil. This is not always true, though. In ancient times a skull was used by many artists to symbolize the futility of live. In England you could see graves decorated with winged skulls to depict the souls ascending into heaven, signifying immortality.

Today skulls are part of gothic jewelry worn by those who want to create a tough or unique image. However, that doesn't mean you are a gang member or an evil person. It simply shows that you are a non-conformist and like to stand out from the crowd.

You can find a variety of skull jewelry rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and more. Try wearing a skull pendant with a silver chain, black string or leather rope. It looks fantastic!

Gothic men's jewelry

Jewelry has been a part of men's life since the beginning of time. However, today man's creativity has gone far beyond the regular jewelry items. Gothic Jewellery pieces bring the dark ages into modern society in the form of sterling silver gothic cross pendants, bands and cuff links with enhanced black diamonds, just to name a few.

They look so sinister and dark, yet so elegant and appealing.

Emerald Crystal Eyes Skull Cufflinks
Emerald Crystal Eyes Skull Cufflinks

Attend a Gothic party and show off these elegant shiny sterling silver cuff-links with engineered green emeralds mounted in the eyes. Perfect for when you can't show your tattoos.. Engravable up to 8 characters.


While some gothic jewellery items are indeed associated with the macabre, others represent arcane figures and symbols such as those found in ancient Egyptian mythology and used in Celtic or Pagan rites.

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Do you already have some, or looking to buy your first piece of gothic jewellery? I love to hear from my readers. Let me know you were here :)

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    • ringostar48 profile image

      ringostar48 4 years ago

      Cool definitely a lot of different Styles here...nice to see something different

    • profile image

      tiddlywings 6 years ago

      great lens =] i se we have something in common tho i do focus more on chokers =)

    • indigomoth profile image

      indigomoth 7 years ago from New Zealand

      Some beautiful pieces here.

    • ArdenBaird LM profile image

      ArdenBaird LM 7 years ago

      I like Sister Zhivka's Rosary Bracelet but it's a little too over the top for me. That's a problem I have with "Goth" jewelry, much of it is too ornate for my tastes. The skull cuff links are kind of cute...

    • CliveAnderson LM profile image

      CliveAnderson LM 7 years ago

      Great lens you have going here includes some very nice pieces. As a Goth and Vampire fan I find your lens very "COOL"... Thank You.

      Clive Anderson