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Grateful Dead Shirt

Updated on March 19, 2011

Grateful Dead Shirt | Grateful Dead Shirts Online

Looking for a Grateful Dead Shirt?  You'll find a variety of shirts listed here from both Amazon and eBay.  These are also great places to search exactly what type of Grateful Dead shirts are out there.  There are hundreds of designs with hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from.

I also give a little history about the Grateful Dead artwork which has inspired the majority of Grateful Dead shirts for retail.  This will include the "Steal Your Face" skull, the dancing bears, the skull and roses image and the dancing terrapins.

"Steal Your Face" Skull

This is perhaps the most recognized symbol of the Grateful Dead. The artwork was the cover for the Grateful Dead album "Steal Your Face". This was designed by Owsley Stanley and Bob Thomas and was originally the logo that was on the band equipment.

***On a side note. I had a friend ask me about the "steal your face" skull ten years ago. At the time I had no clue what she was talking about and she was bragging to me about this wonderful gift she had gotten her husband that included it. I was embarrassed when she explained to me further what it was. I had been listening to the Grateful Dead for awhile, but had never realized it had a name. :P lol

The Grateful Dead Dancing Bears

The Dancing Bears are another Grateful Dead shirt favourite. These are the infamous dancing bears that are almost always in wild and funky colours. Bob Thomas drew the bears in an ode to Owsley "Bear" Stanley who had both recorded and produced the album "History of the Grateful Dead, Volume One (Bear's Choice)", also the album that adorned the dancing bears. Here you can see one depiction of the bears.

Grateful Dead in Concert

I wanted to share a Grateful Dead live show. =) I have set the search feature to random, so you will see different videos depending on the day that you visit.

With Or Without Brent?

Do you prefer the Dead with Brent Mydland or without?

Skull and Roses

Another popular design of the Grateful Dead are the skull and roses. The drawing was done in black in white by Edmond Joseph Sullivan in 1913 for something that was obviously unrelated to the Grateful Dead because of the year.

In 1966, Alton Kelley added the lettering to the logo and Stanley Mouse added the colouring. They completed the project and it was used as a poster for the September 16 & 17, 1966 show. It was later used as the cover of the album self titled "Grateful Dead". A smiling skeleton? Cool!

How Long Have You Listened to the Grateful Dead

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Dancing Terrapins

The last Grateful Dead iconic image I'm sharing today is the Terrapin Station album cover (1977). This was drawn by Alton Kelley and Stanley Mouse.

This was actually the 9th studio album by the Dead and the first produced under Arista Records. The actual song "Terrapin" was played just over 300 times during their live concerts. The first time it was sung was on Feb 26, 1977 with a beautiful crowd at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernadino, California.

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