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Gravity Defyer Shoes Are The Most Comfortable Shoes

Updated on April 10, 2013

Find The Most Comfortable Shoes When You Find Gravity Defyer Shoes

The Gravity Defyer Shoes are Super Comfortable and I have bad feet so I feel like an expert when it comes to comfort footware. I have had a terrible time find the most comfortable shoe. I have flat feet and that's not an absolutely horrible thing, but it isn't ideal. The arches on my feet are non-existant. I leave a big flat footprint in the sand when I walk instead of the perfect looking foot marks left by those cute perky arched feet! I have always wanted a footprint like! oh well, the footprint isn't the worst part of my arch problem. The foot pain that I have to deal with is. My feet hurt and the more I walk the more they hurt. I just wanted comfy shoes, and then I found them. Thank You Gravity Defyers! These wonderful, comfortable shoes come in different widths for different shaped feet.

Gravity Defyer Shoes And Why They Make My Feet Feel Good

Gravity Defyer shoes are the latest in footwear that are actually good for your feet and your whole body. They not only support better than any other shoes, but they can reduce fatigue, help you exercise more, and have more energy. They are one of the most comfortable shoes I own.

Innovative Technologies Are Used To Make Your Feet Feel Better

Gravity Defyer shoes use innovative technologies to help your feet feel good and eliminate foot, leg, or back pain. Read on to find out about foot problems that cause pain and suffering to those that have them. And to find out more about how innovative technologies used in the shoe making process can help stop foot pain and give you the relief you want and need for your feet.

Here are some of the usual suspects when we are talking about foot problems that can cause painful feet and legs. Find out how Gravity Defyer footware can help stop the pain with:

  • Achilles Tendon
  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes
  • Heel Spurs
  • Plantar Facitis
  • Back Pain
  • Over-pronation (FLAT FEET)

Flat Feet Are Also Called Over-pronation

Flat Feet have several other common names so if you hear about someone having one of these..they have flat feet!

Over-pronationFallen Arches

Flat Feet

I Want To Start With Flat Feet Because I Have Them

Flat feet...what are they? When you stand the arch of your foot should be arched and off the floor. If your arch does touch the floor you have what's called flat feet. I've read many things about this foot problem and agree with some of it, but disagree with other statements. I have read that flat feet don't hurt...I beg to differ on that point. I have flat feet and they hurt! That's why I was so thrilled to find Gravity Defyer Shoes...I have searched for the most comfortable shoe for years...and finally found this comfort footware brand. Other things associated with flat feet are:

  • pain in the lower legs
  • pain in the inside of your ankle
  • swollen ankles
  • hip paing
  • back pain
What ever I have read on the subject really doesn't matter...I have flat feet and lots of things hurt because of them.

The Achilles Tendon

Get Shoes That Reduce The Impact And Stress On Your Feet

What and where is the Achilles tendon? The Achilles tendon attaches the muscle in your heel to the muscle in your calf and it supports your full body weight as you walk or run. It is subject to inflammation that can cause pain and stiffness. Over use is the most common cause of theis painful foot problem. Walkers, runners and jumpers are prone to this kind of foot injury. Gravity Defyer shoes reduce the impact and stress on this tendon.


Bunions Are Caused By Ill-fitting Shoes

What are Bunions? Bunions are bones. When the big toe moves towards the center of the foot a bunion is formed on the side of the big toe and can be painful and swollen. Bunions are caused by ill fitting shoes. Wearing the correct size shoe that has plenty of room for your foot will help prevent this painful foot problem. The Gravity Defyer shoes have plenty of room for the big toe...finally, a shoe with lots of toe room, and has plenty of support in the arch of the foot.


These Comfortable Shoes Give Your Toes The Room They Need

What Are Hammertoes? Hammertoes are when the toes bend in an abnormal way so that pressure is exerted on them when wearing shoes. Hammer toes can look like claws because of the position they are in. What can cause Hammer toes? Wearing tight shoes can contribute greatly to this painful foot problem. Gravity Defyers reduce the amount of compression to your toes with a roomy toe box.

Heel Spurs

You Need Shoes With Coils To Absorb The Shock

What is a Heel Spur? A Heel Spur is a growth on the heel caused by a calcium deposit and it can cause heel pain. What can cause Heel Spurs? Flat feet or plantar fasciitis are the usual causes of this over growth of the heel bone. These shoes have an ample amount of cushioning and coils that absorb the shock from the impact of walking or running.

Plantar Fasciitis

Get Comfortable Shoes With The Extra Cushioning You Need

Plantar Fasciitis is tearing and swelling of the plantar fascia, a ligametn, that runs along the arch of the foot. When this ligament stretches it begins to tear and it is these tiny tears in the plantar fascia ligament cause inflamation. Inflamation causes pain. What causes this type of ligament problem? A few causes are flat feet, being over weight, high arches, and standing for a long time. The extra cushioning and shock absorbers of Gravity Defyers can help ease this pain.

Back Pain Caused By Foot Problems

Gravity Defyer Shoes Can Help!

Back pain: Almost everyone has back pain from time to time which is usually cause by muscle strain. These shoes are constructed to support the spinal cord so back pain will be reduced or eliminated altogether.

Duel Debate Module

Do You Have Foot Pain? What Kind Of Shoes Do You Wear? Give Us A Shoe Review And Let Us Know How Your Shoes Make Your Feet Feel.

How are Gravity Defyers Constructed?

Get The VersoShock Trampoline Heel Membrane

Learn how Gravity Defyer shoes are constructed and begin to understand how they can help you with foot pain and leg pain. The VersoShock Trampoline Heel Membrane is one of the ways these shoes defy gravity. It absorbs the energy from impact, stores it for a short time, and then releases it. In the heel is a spring that acts like a shock absorber and this combines with the membrane to give that trampoline effect. The heel also has twin stabilizer coils to add stability and to support the heel.

The midsole of the shoe is made of Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate and protects the bones in your foot. The shoe also has a comfortable insole that can be removed and a ventilation system to keep your feet cool and reduce odors. Sweet smelling pain free feet...that's a big job for a pair of shoes, but you will find that the Gravity Defyer shoes can handle a big job where feet are concerned.

What Do Gravity Defyers Look Like

Sneakers, Dress Shoes, Casual Shoes, Work Shoes

Have you noticed the cute shoes on this page? They are all Gravity Defyers and they are cute as can be. You can pick out your favorite shoe, boot or sandal, flats or even dress shoes since the Gravity Defyer folks design all of those types of shoes. And every one of these smartly designed shoes will help your aching feet.

Money Back Guarantee With Gravity Defyers

Try Gravity Defyer Shoes For 30 Days Free

Save 15% off your entire order at Gravity Defyer! Use coupon code CJ15

You can find a 30 day money back guarantee when you buy your Gravity Defyer shoes here. Take a look at the link below or click on any of the links on this page with the Gravity Defyer photo. Find the perfect shoes for your aching feet when you find these most comfortable shoes.

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    • mihgasper profile image

      Miha Gasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

      This is great information. Good shoes are priceless. Now I only need some gravity defyer trousers to take care of my tummy...


    • profile image

      martibarkman 5 years ago

      Learn something new everyday!

    • HalloweenRecipes profile image

      HalloweenRecipes 6 years ago

      @Scotties-Rock: These might be a comfortable fit for her. I have flat feet and my feet hurt in most shoes, but these are pretty comfy! Thanks

    • Scotties-Rock profile image

      Clairissa 6 years ago from OREFIELD, PA

      I have never heard of these. Interesting. My daughter has flat feet. :)