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Great Products to Moisturize and Maintain Dreadlocks

Updated on April 6, 2013

Are Your Dreadlocks Dry and Frizzy?

I've had my dreadlocks for over ten years now, and I've gone through periods when I didn't have the time nor the extra money to go to the salon for loc maintenance. I've tried a couple of great products that I think that anyone could use to keep their dreadlocks looking neat. I know that when my dreadlocks look neat, I want to try out new dreadlock styles in them more often.

If you have a dry, flaky scalp, read on. I've found a product that has worked very well to moisturize my extremely dry scalp. Now, that I am getting better results after styling my hair at home, I am not going to visit the stylist unless I want a dreadlock style that I simply can't complete at home. This information is coming from a person who rode a train for a couple of hours every so often to visit a hair stylist, working out of a tiny shop in Asia. I felt that I had to visit a stylist even when I was traveling. I worked abroad (outside of the U.S.) so that I could achieve that just-left-the-salon look.

My locs look salon fresh every day now! I styled my hair myself in the picture on the left, using the products that I mentioned. Yes. I purchased these products myself.

Eco Olive Oil Gel - Reduce Frizz and Maintain Your Dreadlocks

I started using the Eco Olive Oil Styling Gel in my dreadlocks after reading some reviews on YouTube. During the summer months it gets quite humid outside, and I know that when I take vacations or conduct work as a travel writer, I want my hair to look great. I was looking for a product that will hold my locs into place as I twisted (palm rolled) them. For most of the time that I've had my locs, I've had to go to visit a natural hair care salon, because I was unsuccessful in my attempts to make my locs look neat at home. I like for my parts to show in my hairstyles. I like the edges of my hair to lie flat, and I hate for my hair to look frizzy. The Eco Olive Oil Styling Gel was the best product that I've used so far. Most of the other products didn't hold my locs after I twisted them at the root. I'd do all of that work twisting them, and hours later, my hair would unravel, or worse, I'd have flakes in my hair! I thought that I just wasn't skilled in palm rolling and that something was wrong with my technique. Now, I think that the problem was that I was using the wrong product.

Eco Professional Styling Gel Olive Oil, 16 Ounce
Eco Professional Styling Gel Olive Oil, 16 Ounce

This gel keeps my locs tight after twisting them, and it keeps the frizz away for a couple of weeks!


How I Use the Eco Styler

1. I wash my hair

2. While my hair is still wet, I section it and add a dab of the gel to the base of the loc.

3. I twist my hair until it is fairly taunt at the root.

4. I usually use a metal clamp to hold my hair in place.

5. I sit under the dryer for about 40 minutes to an hour. This is a very important step, because when the product dries into my hair, it holds better. I haven't tried air drying it yet, and I'm not sure that I will!

Note: I have begun wrapping my hair in a satiny scarf to protect my dreadlocks at night and prevent flyaways between palm rolling (twisting it).

Moisturize Your Scalp and Your Locs

I've suffered from a dry scalp for most of my life (even when I drink enough water). I tried to fight it, gave up, and decided to battle it again. I gave the Organic Root Stimulator a try, because I figured that if I bought a product that smelled great and kept my scalp moisturized, I'd use it more consistently. I apply Organic Root Stimulator on my scalp about every other day. It has a nozzle, so I add a tiny bit directly onto my scalp when I'm twisting my dreadlocks, which I do not do every other day (of course). However, when my hair is styled, and add a bit of the product to my scalp, and it has been keeping my scalp from flaking. The product smells great. It has a sweet grape scent that I love. Someone I don't know complimented me on the scent within a week after I began applying it.

Organic Root Stimulator, Vital Oils for Hair & Scalp, 4.3 oz
Organic Root Stimulator, Vital Oils for Hair & Scalp, 4.3 oz

I love that this product keeps my scalp moisturized and my hair smelling great!


How I Use the HairRepair Oil

Moisturize Your Dreadlocks

I want to caution you not to apply too much of the HairRepair on your scalp or it will drip onto your face. See my hairstyle video for an example of that! I had a dab of oil on the side of my face in the video.

So, You just need a tiny dab of it in various areas of your scalp. If you find that your scalp is too oily, you can add your scarf on your hair to try to soak up the excess. You do not want to use a towel, or you'll risk getting lint into your locs. I also take some of the oil, rub it in my hands, and rub it through my hair. My dreadlocks soak the oil right up. I haven't had a problem with oil getting onto my pillow, but I do apply the oil in the morning.

Watch Me Style My Hair - A Braided Dreadlock Updo

After my dreadlocks were freshly twisted and my scalp was moisturized, I styled my hair in this elegant updo. This style will look great at work, while on a vacation to your favorite luxury travel destination, while you go to the prom, or while attending any other event. I feel comfortable wearing this style while attending professional events as a travel writer.

Products That Didn't Work

Not all products work for everyone

In the past, I've tried several different products to maintain my hair. I can't name them all, but I know that I started off with Taliah Waajid's Lock It Up. I used to go to her salon in Atlanta and get my hair done. It flaked in my hair, and I was not pleased. I tried Carol Daughter's loc butter, and I loved the way it smelled. It did a good job in moisturizing my scalp and my dreadlocks, but it didn't hold my hair in place after I palm rolled it. I'd use the product and a few hours later, my hair would unravel and look frizzy.

I tried Organic Root Stimulator's Lock and Twist Gel, and that held my hair okay, but it didn't give it didn't give it a tight hold. I think that it flaked, too. I was using this product while I was in Korea. I remember that I bought maybe four tubs of it to travel with me overseas. At the time, it was the best thing going for me, but I knew that my hair could be tighter and neater.

Pictures of Dreadlocks - Are you looking for some loc styles?

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Picture of an loc updo by Twanda BakerPicture of a dreadlock style by Twanda BakerDreadlocks style by Claudine WilliamsA beautiful dreadlock style of Claudine Williams
Picture of an loc updo by Twanda Baker
Picture of an loc updo by Twanda Baker
Picture of a dreadlock style by Twanda Baker
Picture of a dreadlock style by Twanda Baker
Dreadlocks style by Claudine Williams
Dreadlocks style by Claudine Williams
A beautiful dreadlock style of Claudine Williams
A beautiful dreadlock style of Claudine Williams

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