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Wall Clocks

Updated on February 2, 2012

Wall clocks are used as a decorative way to display time around the home. Removing the need to sit a clock on a table, desk, or shelf. Wall clocks are mounted on the wall by use of a nail or special mounting methods. The wall clock comes in many different sizes, from large wall clocks, to small wall clocks. Styles include retro, neon, antique, pendulum, atomic, chiming and even musical wall clocks. Wall clocks run on a battery so there is never a need for a power cable.

Retro Clocks

Retro clocks are wall clocks that have been designed with a set year in mind. Many retro clocks show style the 50's 60's and 70's and are most common. Some are very cool and abstract and can sometimes be even silly like many novelty clocks.

Novelty Clocks

Like retro clocks, novelty clocks are made with something in mind, but instead of a set year in mind, novelty clocks have a set theme in mind. The theme can be almost anything, and usually is. Examples would be cat clocks, dog clocks, cartoon clocks, car clocks, bar clocks, Coca~cola, and Pepsi clocks. When picking a novelty clock, it is best to pick one with a theme that goes with the theme of the room. Getting good deals on novelty clocks is not hard, since a novelty clock that is out of theme normally looks silly and has to be removed and possibly gotten rid of, unless your theme is silly. Many novelty clocks are also neon.

Neon Clocks

Neon clocks get there name from the neon lights that glow on the clock. Most common in bars and clubs, and are used to attract attention like neon signs, as well as brighten up the place. Neon clocks are normally considered novelty clocks and some well known designs are also retro.

Antique Clocks

Unlike retro cocks, antique clocks have a “timeless” appearance. They are normally very old, usually lasting through the ages. Usually made of a stained wood, these clocks are sturdy enough to last almost forever and have a beauty that cheap plastic clocks just do not have. Depending on the time the clock was made, it may feature a pendulum. Well known antique clocks are grandfather “long case” and a little less well known grandmother “short case” clocks normally display the pendulum as a design element. Prices for antique clocks very greatly by dealer or collector, but usually depending on condition and age of the clock, meaning the price for a well taken care of old clock will be very high.

Pendulum Clocks

A pendulum clock means it has a weight system to spin the hands of the clock instead of using power of electricity, the pendulum, or the swinging weight, keeps the time by counting the seconds by swinging back and forth, letting the other weights fall down only a little each second. Like wind up clocks, they must be reset often in order to keep time. The most well known pendulum clock is the grandfather clock.

Desk Clocks

Desk clocks, also can be called table clocks, are clocks that do not mount on a wall, instead, they have a base that can be placed on a flat surface and will stand on it. These types of clocks are great for shelves and other surfaces and can be placed and moved anywhere. Many desk and table clocks are powered by a chord, but some also run on battery power. Some use both, using a chord as its main power and uses a battery for backup, just in case the clock needs to be removed from the wall to be moved, or the power goes out. This means the clock will not lose its correct time settings. Many desk clocks are also alarm clocks.

Alarm Clocks

Alarm clocks are desk clocks that have been made to sound an alarm, chime, or music if it has a radio built in, at the set time. They follow many basic features of a desk clock, such as chord powered, and it is hard to find one without battery backup. Radio lets them play music stations, if they are built in.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Husband found Kit Cat Klock at his Grandmother's house while he was cleaning it out. it has Seattle, Wa on the back and it has no Bowtie. From your info. I am thiinnkg it is from the mid to late 50 s. I love it and it still works. I just plugged it in and the eyes are moving, the tail is working and it is keeping time. They don't make thing like this anymore. Is it from the 50 s? Thanks

    • profile image

      Wall Clocks Large 

      8 years ago

      I love how you explained the use and sense behind of clocks. I definitely think that they have both a decorating and also vision purpose. Choosing a clock that suits your flavor and indoor decoration is key.


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