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Green Pendants and Necklaces

Updated on December 30, 2013

Green Pendants - The Beauty of Green Jewelry

It's spring and all the world is turning green and it just so happened that I was looking for special gift of jewelry for a very special friend. I decided on a bright green pendant necklace to match her coloring, but also her calm and peaceful personality. It's said that green stones bring health and prosperity and I love the symbolism of green. This is how I began my search for the most beautiful and the very best - these are my favorites finds and I wish that I could buy them all.

Green pendants are great for those important celebrations and are perfect for certain celebration gifts. I found a wonderful selection of beautiful green heart pendants that would be lovely for Valentine's day. Faberge style egg pendants give a touch of vintage luxury and are lovely Spring or Easter gifts.

For anyone with a birthday in May or August there are green birthstone pendants made from Emerald or Peridod. I even designed some green pendants myself with shamrock motifs, that would be great for Saint Patrick's day. (The shamrock is real and was picked from my garden.)

These are just some of the hidden gems that I found to share with you, so why don't you take a little time to discover the meaning of green for yourself and even treat yourself or someone you love to one of these little green beauties?

Image courtesy of Amazon Buy from - Green Amethyst and Diamond Heart Pendant

Buy from Green Amethyst and Diamond Heart Pendant

This work by Barbara Walton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

Please note that all images, unless otherwise attributed, are the property of Barbara Walton

Green Amethyst and Diamond Heart Pendant - One of my favourite green pendants

But then it's so hard to choose!

The Meaning of Green

What does the color green mean?

Green is overwhelmingly a positive color when it comes to symbolism and tradition. Green is the colour of life, Spring, abundancy and nature. The colour of self-respect, balance, harmony and well-being. Because it symbolises Spring, growth and renewal it's also an ideal symbol for Easter and fertility.

Give Green Stones for Prosperity and Wealth Gifts of green stones are given to bring wealth and prosperity.

Green is the color of the birthstones for May and August, so is ideal for family and friends with birthdays in these months. It is also the color of Ireland - the Emerald Isle - the Irish and Saint Patrick. The colour green is worn on Saint Patrick's day so these green pendants make ideal St Patrick s Day gifts.

Green is thought of as a calm and restful colour and it is no matter of chance that it features as the colour of 'go' in our traffic lights - green is the colour of safety.

The association of green with fertility meant that at one time green was considered an unsuitable, or even unlucky color for wedding dresses. Green wedding dresses carried with them connotations of rolling in the grass and getting up to no good! Indeed, green clothing was even linked to loose morals and it's thought that the lady in the famous song 'Greensleeves' might have been a Tudor Belle de Jour.

But I can hear you thinking that the color green is also associated with jealousy and envy. "What about the 'green eyed monster'?" you are saying. Well, who wouldn't be green with envy when you see these beautiful pendants? Easily solved! There is such a range of styles and colors that everyone can have a beautiful green pendant necklace - no need to indulge the green-eyed monster!

Green Birthstones

Thoughtful birthday gifts for very special people

The May Birthstone - Emerald is the birthstone for May

May birthstones are a dark, rich green.

May and Spring go together so it's no coincidence that the color of Spring is green and the May birthstone is an emerald. The emerald was held as a symbol of fertility by the ancient Greeks and Romans, so an emerald green pendant would also be a great Easter gift.

The August Birthstone - Peridot

A light, yellow-green.

Early Egyptian priests drank a stimulating beverage called Soma from cups made of Peridot, believing this practice to draw them closer to Isis, the goddess of nature.

'Peridot' means gem and is taken from the Arabic word 'faridat.' Peridot has associations with light, nature and with sunshine. In ancient Egypt the stone was called "gem of the sun," and there was a belief that Peridot glowed with light even as darkness fell - the Peridot is sometimes called 'evening emerald.'

Tommaso Design Round 7mm Genuine Peridot Pendant Necklace 14 kt White Gold
Tommaso Design Round 7mm Genuine Peridot Pendant Necklace 14 kt White Gold

14k white gold setting with round diamond and a natural Peridot stone (minimum clarity 13)

Tommaso design Studio designer line

Chain included

Lifetime Warranty


Ever Heard of The Green Fairy? - Absinthe has a rich cultural history

Nothing like banning something to make it a legend, and that is exactly what happened to the famous bohemian drink Absinthe. When I came across this Absinthe sugar spoon green pendant necklace I just had to include it in my collection of green pendants.

Gorgeous Green Stones and Green Gems

These stones are used to make green jewelry

Alexandrite, amazonite, apatite, aventurine, bloodstone, cats eye tourmaline, chatoyancy, chrome diopside, chrome tourmaline, chrysocolla, chrysoprase, demantoid garnet, emerald, fluorite, gaspeite, idocrase, jadeite, malachite, maw-sit-sit, moldavite, moonstone, peridot, prehnite, quartz cat's eye, ruby-zoisite, seraphinite, serpentine, smithsonite, spodumene, tashmarine diopside, tourmaline, tsavorite garnet, turquoise, variscite, verdite

Find out more about these beautiful green stones

Green Pendants Shining in the Sun - Green pendants shimmer in a green plate

green pendant
green pendant

These pendants belong to my good friend Sue. One, the smaller of the two, was bought in New Zealand and the other was hand made specially for Sue here in the Limousin. The green bowl is also hand made in the Limousin region.

Green with envy? I bet!

Bohemia Cat's Eye Necklace Green - This pendant looks so romantically oriental somehow

Bohemian jewellery is so romantic. I love the retro feeling of this pendant. Just my sort of thing so I hope you'll like it too.

Scene® Retro Bohemia Cat's Eye Necklace Green
Scene® Retro Bohemia Cat's Eye Necklace Green

Don't you just love this retro green pendant - it has such substance.


Green Faberge Style Egg Pendants

Gloriously and suptuously luxurious

Faberge Egg Style Butterfly - A very vintage look

These eggs are popular in Russia as Easter and Christmas gifts.

Faberge Style Egg Pendant BUTTERFLY (03277GR)
Faberge Style Egg Pendant BUTTERFLY (03277GR)

At first this looks a bit like a four leaf colver or a shamrock but upon closer inspection you'll see that the four green 'leaves' are in fact the wings of a butterfly. The butterfly image is repeated on the other side, and together they form an egg shape. This egg-shaped pendant was made by a contemporary Russian jeweler who took his inspiration from the original Faberge eggs made by Carl Faberge.

It's made from brass, crystal and enamel and while it has a great vintage look it is brand new and in perfect condition. You are getting the best of both worlds here. The pendant is 1 3/8 inches in size, (or 35 mm)


Fabulous Faberge Style Egg Pendants

The Story of Faberge

Once upon a time, long ago (1885 to be precise) in the realm of Russia, there lived a Tsar and his wife. The Tsar was Tsar Alexander III and he loved his wife, the Empress Maria Fedorovna, very much.

Now, the couple were very, very rich and the Tsar wanted to give the Empress a very special Easter gift, but what do you give the woman who has everything? Well the Tsar put on his thinking cap and he found the best jewellers in Russia - Gustav Faberge and his son Carl Faberge who had set up the House of Faberge, and he comissioned the Russian jewellers to fabricate the most beautiful the most fabulously, richly decorated Easter egg for the love of his life. The gift of a Faberge Easter egg soon became a family tradition and a whole string of exquisite eggs were made. Now you probably won't be able to afford a real Faberge egg, but these eggs are in the same style so that you can enjoy a bit of the Faberge magic.

Russian Sterling Silver Gold Gilded Pin for Faberge Egg Pendant & Egg Pendant Set of 2 New! Easter Gift

Jade Necklace Jewelry Russian Faberge Style Egg Pendant 925 Sterling Silver 18kt Gold Gilding Enameled Swarovski Stones New!!!

Peridot Necklace Jewelry Amber Russian Faberge Style Egg Pendant 925 Sterling Silver 18kt Gold Gilding Enameled Swarovski Stones New!!!

Russian Egg Pendant Locket Egg with Angel Sterling Silver 925 Gold Plated Swarovsky Crystals Necklace

Would She Be Green With Envy?

Indulge the ones you love with these beautiful green pendant necklace gifts.

Green Angel Pendants - Your Guardian Angel will always be with you

Opulent, rich and exquisite. These are the words that come to mind when I think of Faberge eggs and all these pendants fit the description.

Everbling Angel Teardrop Green Crystal Pendant Necklace 18"
Everbling Angel Teardrop Green Crystal Pendant Necklace 18"

Swarovski crystals are as beautiful as diamonds. A tear from an angel.


Green Heart Pendants

For Valentine's Day or just to say "I love you".

Green Heart Pendant Necklaces

The language of love

Every gift says "I love you", and these lovely green hearts make that expression unmistakable. These are so delicate too. I love these designs. They are ideal Christmas, Eastr or birthday gifts, perfect for Valentine's Day and great for St Patrick's Day.

Beautiful Heart and Bow Crystal Adorned "Kate" Pendant Necklace in Emerald Green

Sterling Silver Green Amethyst and Diamond Heart Pendant

(4 cttw)

Valentines Day Gifts Pugster Heart August Birthstone Peridot Green Swarovski Crystal Pendant Necklace For Women

Sterling Silver Green Jade Heart Pendant

1/2" x 1"


Bid for Green Heart Pendants on eBay - Take potluck ....

.. and I'm sure you will be lucky. eBay is such a rich site there are always surprises and discoveries. These green heart pendant necklaces will change contantly but I've loved nearly all of them.

Why not try your luck and bid for your lucky pendant here?

Your Favourites So Far - Breen Faberge Egg Pendants or Green Heart Pendants

I really can't choose. I love the intricate and rich designs of the Faberge egg pendants, but I also love the clean designs and sweet simplicity of the little green hearts. Are you more decisive?

Which is your favourite? Faberge egg pendants or heart shaped pendants?

See results

Green Pendants For Saint Patrick's Day

Green pendant necklaces are great St Patrick s Day gifts

Saint Patrick's Day and The Wearing of the Green - This traditional folk song explains the meaning behind "the wearing of the green".

Green Shamrock Design Pendants

By Les Trois Chenes

Designs from a real shamrock leaf plucked from the gardens of Les Trois Chenes, our B&B in S W France! These original designs can all be made more special by personalizing them - add a special message, your loved-one's name perhaps, or share a special thought or wish.

I put good engergy and lots of thought and love into these shamrock images, I know they'll bring you good luck and love too.

Shamrock pour le jour de Patrick de saint Bijouterie Personnalisée PAR LesTroisChenes
Chercher d'autres Shamrock Colliers

They are all in French because I live in France (sometimes computers just get above themselves, don't they!). This single shamrock leaf design is elegant and simple. I love the proportions of the leaf and stalk.

Shamrock pour le jour de St Patrick Pendentif PAR LesTroisChenes
voir une autre Shamrock Colliers

This one is great because beneath the simple silver disc with a single white 'gem' there lies the green shamrock image. A nice surprise.

Bid for Green Pendants on eBay - Put a twinkle in someone's eye!

There are some absolute green stunners on eBay and I love to bid for a bargain. Ever-changing, there have been some cracking green pendants here that I'd give my eye teeth for! I just had to include them here. Here you'll find jade pendants, peridot, amethyst, (sometimes misspelled amethist), emerald pendants and all manner of gorgeous green pendant necklaces.

Bon chance - or good luck with your bidding!

Did you find your ideal green pendant gift?

Did You Find Your Ideal Green Pendant? - Or will you be continuing the search?

Have you found the green pendant necklace of your dreams?

See results

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I live in Limousin, in South West France and run a B&B, holiday cottage and painting holidays. Why not get in touch with me for more information if you fancy a relaxing but fascinating break in this forgotten part of rural France? You can contact me on, take a look at our website on or phone us on France 05 55 48 29 84


get directions

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Have You Fallen In Love With One of These Green Pendants? - I'd love to hear from you

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    • SheGetsCreative profile image

      Angela F 

      4 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Lovely selection - pinned to my Stylish Stuff pinterest board

    • CrossCreations profile image

      Carolan Ross 

      4 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      All of this green jewelry is just STUNNING! Like the jade best. Beautiful work here, kudos!

    • RaintreeAnnie profile image


      5 years ago from UK

      Beautiful page with some really lovely choices. I Love emeralds :) My birthday is in May and I am part Irish as well!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I am a sincere lover of green jewelry.. particularly emeralds and peridot! .. :) And, green gemstones have a powerful healing benefit too! :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I love all of the Swarovski crystal necklaces, they're gorgeous! Very tasteful selection of jewelry.


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