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Grooming and Style for Older Men

Updated on October 7, 2017

Age is not just a number -- it's also an accomplishment

Men over 50 can be stylish, assured, and even sleek -- if they try. This guide offers some encouragement and some tried-and-true products for men like us who have a lot of living to do, and want to look like they're ready to make the most of it.

Grooming products and tips for older men
Grooming products and tips for older men

The Well-Groomed Older Man

Okay men -- and I do mean men, not boys -- it's time to face facts. We're getting up there, and it's time for a little straight talk. Once we're close enough to fifty for it not to matter how close we are to fifty, the rules of style and grooming change. It's not a sudden, overhaul-everything kind of change; more like the kind where you wake up, have a look in the mirror, and realize that you're not a "young" man anymore. Take a minute to weep and panic. Then get yourself together and think about how much you gain by letting go.

That face in the mirror may not be the smooth, boyish face it once was, but that's a GOOD thing. I think older men like us need to value our looks for what they show: experience, wisdom, and power. Laugh lines, a little weathering, some gray here and there (or even everywhere) -- it's all in the game, and a face with age and character tells people that you've played the game and come out better for it. We know things those young pups don't, and in my book that's something to be proud of.

This lens offers a few thoughts and products that will make it easier to value the shape we're in as older men. Grooming is more important than ever now that we've been around the block a few times. So let's have a look at some of the things we can do to tell the world that being an older man is one of the absolute best things you can be.

A Good Slim Fit Two-Button Suit

A Good Slim-Fit Suit

I like this suit. Once I dropped a few pounds, I wanted to show off my accomplishment without trying look like I thought I was a 20-something going to his first job interview. Azar's slim-fit suit looks sharp but also age-appropriate. It's got solid construction, is made of cotton, not wool for a less-stuffy vibe, and works in almost any situation. The best part -- it's eminently affordable, coming in at under a hundred bucks.

Features of this suit:

  • Single Breast, 2 Button, Notch Lapel, Double Vents, Fully Lined
  • Flat Front Pants, Zippered Fly With Buttoned Waist Tab
  • Unhemmed for altering ease
  • AZAR MAN tie Included

Note that the pants in this suit are unhemmed, as you will find with any quality suit. So if you don't already have a relationship with a good tailor (and if your over 50, then why don't you?), it's time to step up.

Life's a Journey -- Make Yours Interesting

Steve McQueen get's real
Steve McQueen get's real

You have some cool stuff inside that bean of yours. I'm not saying everyone will line up to hear you spout your tales of the old days, your death-defying stage dives at concerts or your triumphs on the gridiron, but there's absolutely no substitute for experience. Actually, to be more precise, there's no substitute for experiences. As long as you don't assume people care, you can drop the occasional reference to Iggy Pop or Don Shula and figure some people will bite. Sometimes you'll find yourself center stage, with a table of rapt younger folk listening to your hard-won stories of near-misses and direct hits, and when that happens be careful! Remember that the best stories involve some kind of self-debasement. Even though we're old and dignified, we can still tell a great story that doesn't necessarily end with us triumphant.

The great thing about being an older male is that people will generally expect us to be self-absorbed. Surprise everyone by being relaxed, self-effacing, and wry. Dignity is all well and good, but perspective is priceless. Just have a look at Mr. Steve McQueen here -- I don't know about you, but I would kill to be at the dinner table when Steve tells the story behind this photograph.

The unstoppable Karl Wallenda
The unstoppable Karl Wallenda | Source

Grooming for Older Men: Look Your Age, But Don't Necessarily Act It

This gentleman here is the legendary high-wire artist, Karl Wallenda. He was walking on wires high above the ground well into his eighties. A man of experience is a valuable thing -- the things we learn stay with us, men, and we know so much more than we did when we were young that it makes being older worth it. I would love to have the clean jaw-line and abundant hair I had as a 25-year-old, but there's no way on earth I would want to be 25 again. The things we've seen, the obstacles we've faced, everything we've been through -- it's priceless. It's also a wonder that some of survived long enough to even have gray hairs. But those scars and stories are our best feature, so let's let make sure that the way we look does credit to the life stories we've experienced.

Hair and How to Lose It - Yul Brynner has a message for us all: bald can be bad-ass.

Grooming products and tips for older men
Grooming products and tips for older men

Grooming for Older Men: Smooth Products for Smooth Domes

Listen, my friends. it really doesn't matter how bald we are or are not; what truly matters is how confident we are when we face the world. If us older men are freaked out by getting older and losing our hair, and we betray our insecurities to the people we encounter, then we're missing the point entirely.

I have known plenty of women, and not ONE cared how bald I was (or was not). What draws the opposite sex is this: self-confidence, experience, and good grooming. Prepare yourself for the world by having a good look in the mirror and seeing the power and experience that's conveyed by the weathered face that you show the world.

So let's say you're bald. So what? Older men like us are SUPPOSED to lose their hair. Relax and be who you are, and stop trying to recreate your 25-year-old self.


Fitness for Older Men

Let's DO This.

Now. Lose that gut. It's not that hard, men, and we know it. The hardest part, really, is going to the gym when you're not 25. I'll admit that being an older man in a health club takes a little getting used to. But there's one essential piece of gear that makes it all better: a baseball cap.

This simple accouterment not only covers whatever follicular lack may be bothering you; it also lets you check out the other males roaming the room, and the cap adds a level of focus to your workout. Get a cap you don't hate, and you'll find that working out et a health club isn't all that bad.

Another tip: don't go out and invest in a bunch of expensive workout clothes! All you need is a basic pair of shorts and a T-shirt and some shoes. No one is looking at you -- no one cares you're there. Get in and start sweating, and don't worry about anyone else, because they don't care that you're there. Seriously.

Grooming products and tips for older men
Grooming products and tips for older men | Source

Grooming for Older Man: Care for the Skin You're In

As we get older, our skin begins to lose collagen, which is the main binding protein in the skin of mammals. The result, as you probably have already seen, is skin changing from smooth and young to wrinkled and old. I know that sounds harsh, but there's really no getting around it. Our skin will gain wrinkles as we age, and it's simply a matter of nature. What matters, I think, is the way that we think about our skin. Do those wrinkles show character and wisdom? If so, then why would we go out into the world worried about them? Let your skin show everyone how much experience and power you've gained. And while you're at it, why not treat your skin as well as you possible can?

Grooming products and tips for older men
Grooming products and tips for older men

Those Pesky Little Hairs

You know what I'm talking about. It's those little nose and ear hairs that are suddenly reproducing out of control -- don't pretend they're not there! You need a few simple tools to take care of these icky little things.

Now that we're a little older, these little hairs are a permanent part of our existence. Let's agree that we're going to go after them with all vigor. Here are some good, basic products to help us stay clean, clear, and nose-hairless.


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