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Top 5 Grooming Mistakes for Men

Updated on March 11, 2018
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Greenmind has written extensively about men's fashion and lifestyle accessories, especially shoes and grooming products.

The 5 Worst Grooming Mistakes Men Make

It's a shame, really -- a man can be intelligent, funny, successful, and even good-looking, and it can all be undone by a few untrimmed hairs. How you look, especially as you age, is essential for the places you want to go in life. And it's really not that hard. With a few basic grooming products and gadgets we can step up our game. There's a lot of competition out there, and at this very moment they're cutting their nose hairs and getting their beard trimmed. Let's not give up before the race has even started!

From gray pony tails to dirty fingernails, this lens lists the worst style offenses that men make every day, and helps with easy fixes to make everything okay. We can do better, gentlemen, and this lens will help.

images: wikimedia commons


1. Thinning Hair Grown Long

Okay, so maybe Riff Raff here, from the cast of the great cult movie Rocky Horror Picture Show, is an extreme example. But virtually all men's style writers and blogs agree: long hair on older men is highly risky. Even if you're one of the lucky ones with a full head of hair heading into your later years, everyone from GQ to Esquire recommends keeping it short. And if your hairline is in retreat, then by all means get thee to a barber for a nice, easy-to-manage buzz cut. There is noting at all wrong with an older man having less hair than he once had -- women, among others, expect it and are rarely bothered. But what does look weird and wrong is thinning hair grown long. It signals to the world a man trying to pass himself off as someone he obviously is not.

2. Wild Nose Hairs

Apologies for making you look up this guy's nose, but this is important. So often you see men who are otherwise well-groomed and clearly fashion-conscious walking about with long nose hairs sticking out of each nostril. Gross, right? Nostrils are an unfortunate necessity, and they're not general all that lovely. Especially the nose-hole of a man over fifty. Gross nose hairs can undo all of our hard work in pretty much all other areas. Get rid of those icky visible nose hairs by giving them a regular trim -- like every time you shave. You can get in there with a little pair of cosmetic scissors (just don't let your wife or girlfriend catch you with her scissors up your nose), but it's easier and a lot less painful to get rid of nose hairs with an affordable, quality clipper.

3. Wild Eyebrows and Unibrows

I'm not sure, but this looks to me like the former premier of the USSR, Leonid Brezhnev, the world leader with the most impressive brow fringe of the 20th century. No matter what you may think of him as a statesman, we can almost certainly agree that we'd like to keep our own eyebrows a little more under control.

The simplest and most effective way to groom your eyebrows is to, very carefully, trim them straight across with a pair of very sharp scissors. It may take a nip or two after that, but that first pass will surprise you in how efficiently it trims your brows to a nice neat look.

Please notice that we said "very carefully." Those are sharp scissors, and those are your eyes. They should never come that close, so be really really careful.

4. Untrimmed Facial Hair and Wild Beards

I know, I know, it's a good look right now. But there are beards and there are beards. A lumberjack, or a fan of a band you've never heard of, are allowed to have a big heavy beard because, well, just because. It's part of the uniform (although the lumberjack has been wearing that uniform for a long time, and we suspect will be earing it for a long time after the other dude shaves his off).

But other beards... well, we have an issue. This is Alan Cox, a true genius and the man behind Linux. Certainly a lot more brilliant than you or me. But there's one way in which we can feel superior, and that's by trimming our beard and facial hair. Unless you truly don't care or have been lost at sea for six months, there's really reason to let things get this out of hand. So be smart and keep those stray facial hairs in check with a basic and affordable men's grooming device or two.

5. Dry and Flaky Facial Skin

This is a big one, men. Even though the vast majority of "aging skin" related research and reporting is aimed at women, men have similar issues keeping skin healthy as we age. The problem is declining stores of When you’re young, your skin has an abundance of collagen that keeps it looking young, and glycosaminoglycans, or GAGs, which keep your skin hydrated. The result is dry skin that starts to lose its youthful glow after the age of about thirty-five.

So what to do? It's really pretty simple (fortunately for most men). First, drink more water. Nearly all men don't drink enough water, and that's bad for your whole system, not just your skin. Second, find a quality moisturizer and apply it every morning. That's it! Get in some sweet new habits and you'll be taking care of the largest organ your body has. That's your skin, wise guy.

Choosing a quality skin support product is essential if we want to look like we care about how we look. I really like this Kyoku skin protection line. It provides the hydration and healing that men's skin so desperately needs.

Finally, As If We Had to Tell You: Brush Your Teeth!

While research shows that the majority of men actually do brush their teeth at least twice a day, similar studies reveal that when it comes to going to the dentist, we're not quite as reliable. Get to the dentist, men -- you and I both know that things are only going to get worse the longer we wait.

One thing that may be holding us older men back from being to the smile doctor is the fact that dentistry, when we were young, was a lot more traumatic that it is now. Things have changed! Dentistry in this day and age is virtually pain-free. You really don't have that much to fear, but if you're among the approximately 23% of us who are legitimately dentist-phobic, then get yourself a Xanax or two and sail into the appointment without a care in the world.


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